Yemen: Arms sales pass $3 billion as daily Massacres continue. Spanish Firefighter halts Arms Loading and is Punished    A Spanish firefighter could receive up to four years of suspension from his job after he refused to approve a weapons and explosives-laden shipment from the port city of Bilbao to Saudi Arabia for potential use in Yemen.

Speaking from the town of Getxo, on Friday, Biscayan firefighter Inazio Robles said he refused to supervise the 26-countainer shipment after his superiors confirmed its contents and destination.

4,000 tons of explosives, bombs and detonators, .. used to kill civilians in the invasion of Yemen.

A firefighter who on 13 March refused to hold a check in a shipment of arms in the port of Bilbao will be sanctioned. The weapons, 4,000 tons of explosives, bombs and detonators, were directed to Saudi Arabia and were to be used to kill civilians in the invasion of Yemen.

An intervention that adds more than 10,000 civilians killed and 3 million displaced since its inception in 2015, and that as it supports the western imperialism is not carried in its media terminals.

In this regard, we recall that the European Parliament pointed to SPAIN, UK, France and Germany as countries that sell arms to Saudi Arabia, and focused on Madrid and London for having “significantly increased” the supply of arms to this country.

The action of the firefighter can bring serious professional problems that through the collection of signatures is trying to avoid.

The Diputación Foral de Bizkaia, responsible for the service, has opened a DISCIPLINARY FILE to this firefighter for “breach of duties”.

The firefighter faces between two and four years of suspension of employment and salary for his initiative, since, although conscientious objection is a right of every worker, experts warn that in the case of firefighters or police officers Obey the order of a superior.

Therefore, the possible punishment depends on the person who handles the file.

“When I knew what I had called the base and said that for reasons of conscience could not participate in that and I kept waiting for instructions,” he explained Thursday in Cadena Ser.

“I read the newspapers, I listen to the radio and I know what is happening in Yemen. Just the day before I saw a video of a maternity ward, I remembered the nurses crying, taking the babies out of the incubators in the dust of the bombs, possibly made in Spain.

Code Pink Demo simulates a Yemen massacre by Saudis with US and British bombs

I saw the containers and saw that I could not participate in that, “he said. Podemos and EH Bildu will bring the issue to Parliament to request the support of the House.

An unidentified victim of the worst massacre so far.140 Yemenis were burned alive and more than 600 were wounded in the attack,

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