Saturday Surprise — For The Birds!

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Well, folks, it’s Saturday and time to give our brains a brief respite, to relax and find something enjoyable to focus on.  In that vein, I have discovered a wildlife photographer, Tim Flach, who has done some truly amazing work.  He has photographed endangered species, does commissions to photograph family pets, but the collection I want to share with you today is … birds!  Not just any ol’ birds, mind you, but some very unique birds that Flach has captured to perfection. 

For more about Tim and his other works, including his two books, Endangered and More Than Human, visit his website

Meanwhile … take a look at these gorgeous birds!

The Himalayan Monal is the national bird of Nepal.
Blue Tits are a common sight at bird tables in the U.K. Researchers found that the British put double the food in bird feeders than our European neighbours, which…

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