US media ignore their sponsored 50 Year old war against the Colombian people

Just looking at the stories on the prestigious US news site AFP and thought to check out their take on the month long General Strike against the murderous neo fascist hierarchy in Colombia.

A little surprised to find nothing at all on their neighbour’s continuing chaos and bloodshed in their 50 top stories. But hey, we’ve all heard stories about north Americans not knowing where Mexico is.

Oh well, I skip to World News. Here I expect to find detailed reporting. Millions on the streets, ports and motorways blocked. Death squads massacring and ‘disappearing’ hundreds. US cocaine exports blocked..

But again I draw a complete blank in the 50 top stories. The news bandwagon has moved on. Forget Colombia. Forget Palestine. There’s a new ‘fact free’ intel report saying China started Covid!!

For over 50 years the US has armed, financed and trained the mercenaries and army of a small ruling class that, empowered by long lasting impunity, now controls most land and business, and constantly exploits, evicts, guns down, ‘disappears’, rapes, imprisons, tortures and maligns the workers and indigenous majority.

Demonstrators confront police in Bogotá as protests over tax reform entered a fourth day on Saturday.

Impunity, the ‘might is right’ to do as they please, may be at the root of the colonial settler mentality in the US, Colombian and Israeli elites, mixed perhaps with the ‘post truth narratives’ made commonplace by the last Trump regime.

Check out

Colombia: U.S. Client-State which exploits and kills peasants, workers, women and indigenous people

“Instead, We Became Millions” Inside Colombia’s Ongoing General Strike

Colombian General Strike victory.. Reports on slaughter and repression.. Ongoing Revolt.. Eng/Esp

Colombian General Strike Day 5 .. Up to 20 dead as police and army attack.. Bloodbath in curfewed Cali.. Duque backing down! Eng/Esp

COLOMBIA: Abolish the State, Constitute the Assemblies ! We are still on strike and we have proposals”

Police/army kill maim and detain in national strike on April 28/29 in Colombia. Eng /Esp

He tried to save a rare parrot. It cost him his life.

Month long General strike and paralysis of the Colombian economy

by Fernando Rubio 26/05/21 at shared with thanks. translation thefreeonline

For the first time in the nation’s history, a general political strike focuses on paralyzing the economy and is no longer just a protest phenomenon

For this Tuesday, May 25, the powerful Colombian business world had called [without much success] events and parades in several cities of the country to pressure the lifting of the strike or general political strike that on May 28 completes a month of mobilizations, blockades of roads, urban takeovers, agrarian marches, indigenous Mingas, constitution of autonomous Assemblies and configuration of spaces of resistance (Cali, Bogotá).

The Cali situation is apocalyptic and Dantesque given the degree of brutality used by the ESMAD [anti-riot] death squad, in league with the neo-paramilitary groups of the drug mafias, which have used all kinds of bloody procedures to crush the uprising. social such as the cold-blooded murder of young people, destroying houses, disappearances, torture.

Procedures that have had the support of the Éxito chain of stores and the city’s Mayor’s Office (led by a renowned Petrist charlatan), whose facilities, warehouses and parking lots have been converted into spaces for shooting, torture and dismemberment of dozens of people who are later thrown into the Cauca River or the clandestine graves of Buga, Yumbo, Tuluá and Candelaria.
Comité Nacional del Paro en Colombia aseguró que no ...

The same happens in Bogotá, the nation’s capital, in which the police have had the complicity of the Mayor, a partner of Gavirista and Peñalosista neoliberalism, which has led to the terrifying bleeding of Esmad and the Metropolitan Police against the popular Assemblies in the Portal of the Resistance and in Bosa, to favor the businesses of the owners of Transmilenio and of the contractors handpicked by Senator Angélica Lozano, the other “mayor” in the shadows, given her marital ties with Mrs. Claudia López.

14 major store chains, Arturo Calle and even the mafiasin multiple front businesses , who constitute the cream of the country’s economic elite, had arranged to promote the mobilizations that seek to break the powerful and historic Colombian popular uprising. But the uprising does not give in and is radicalized, demanding fundamental solutions to the deep social, health and economic crisis that holds in misery more than 25 million human beings, most of them young, the bulk of the vibrant national uprising.

Paro nacional en Colombia de indígenas y sindicatos contra ...
The explanation for the desperate and hysterical business action lies in the overwhelming impacts of the ongoing general political strike that has meant the daily drop in production by 700 billion pesos (200 million dollars), the losses of the sugarcane producers of the Valley del Cauca and other lines of production in a figure close to 3 trillion pesos (one billion dollars) and the paralysis of the Port of Buenaventura, where 80% of Colombian international trade enters and leaves.

The shipping companies have chosen not to approach the port, to avoid greater evils with the desperate protesters who demand food, employment, health, housing and other rights denied by the “globalist” caste and the corrupt rosca that runs the Port mayor’s office, in the hands of a recognized enemy of the citizens (Víctor Vidal), despite having been one of the leaders of the civic strike of 2017, but who today is an ally of Uribismo and the Bustamante mafias to loot the city.

For the first in the history of the nation, a general political strike focuses on paralyzing the economy and ceases to be a marginal phenomenon of protest, to challenge and strike the central nucleus of oligarchic domination.

This process places the working class and the rest of the mass of workers in a strategic space, who, allied with the youth, the indigenous Minga, the middle classes and the peasant masses, have focused the current movement in the terrain of the dispute for the power to dislodge the oligarchic clique that appropriates wealth from the vital points of the regime of national domination.

This is what now opposes the government of Iván Duque, the puppet of Uribe Velez and Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo, the leader of the financial conglomerate.

Colombia: U.S. Client-State which exploits and kills peasants, workers, women and indigenous people

COLOMBIA: US backed Terrorists Continue Vile Murder Campaign

“Instead, We Became Millions” Inside Colombia’s Ongoing General STRIKE

May 20, 2021

Colombia’s Insurgency Resumes: Why Segunda Marquetalia, a Wing of the Farc, Have Returned to War

Colombia. The Mobilization and Popular Struggle Continues: this May 5, a new Day of Protests

Colombia to Ban Monsanto’s Glyphosate.. World Campaign Takes Off

The Colombian exiles seeking refuge in Spain

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