New Yankee Nuclear Bombs come to Europe in ‎May‎- to Poland, Germany, Baltics etc. – for F35 bombers

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Despite declarations about the end of the nuclear race, the US begins in May to place its new B61-12 nuclear bombs in the bases it already has in Europe


In May, within 4 months, the US will begin large-scale production of its new B61-12 atomic bomb. This was announced by the NNSA, that is, the Nuclear Energy Administration of the US Department of Energy (U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Administration).

Entire Nuclear Arms Industry is 'Based Upon Fear ...

Entire Nuclear Arms Industry is ‘Based Upon Terror …


The evil and genocidal renewal is due to the new US fantasy doctrine of LIMITED NUCLEAR WAR which allows unlimited nuclear expansion and more trillions in disappearing budgets fpr the War Industry

2nd test flight of B61-12 nuclear bombs nuclear bomb ...

What could possibly go wrong?

The fatal fantasy fallacy is that they can now use “LIMITED” nukes to enforce their hegemony and global blackmail.. Just another mindblowing doublethink based on their ‘exceptionalist’ psychosis.

Both China and Russia have very limited conventional forces (just one aircraft carrier and one or 2 overseas bases each, for example, the US has 750 such bases, bristling with missiles.) .

Therefore an attack or incursion by the USA can only be encountered by immediately going nuclear, i.e. the end of the world for humans.

750 US military bases remain around the planet …


As they leave the factory, the new US nuclear bombs will be delivered to the US Air Force, which in turn will send them to their bases in various European countries to replace the B61s already deployed there. .

The new US atomic bomb B61-12 is a multipurpose nuclear weapon that replaces three variants of its predecessor. It has a nuclear warhead with 4 different options of destructive power, selectable according to the target you want to destroy.

The new US nuclear bomb is not dropped vertically like the B61 but is fired from a distance from the target and directed towards it by a satellite targeting system.

It can penetrate the subsoil and explode deep to destroy the bunkers of the command centers and thus “decapitate” the enemy country with the first nuclear strike (first strike).

For that first atomic strike, the US Air Force also has the fourth variant of the B61 bomb: the B61-11 penetrating bomb, modernized in 2011.

The NNSA confirms that the B61-12 nuclear bomb can be used from the B-2A stealth bomber and from the future B-21 Raider bomber or by combat aircraft such as the American F-16C/D based in Aviano (Italy) and the PA-200 Tornado based in Ghedi (also in Italy).

However, the most suitable for the nuclear attack would be the F-35A, already operational in the Italian air force.

An F-35A Dropped An Inert B61-12 Nuclear Bomb During ...

An F-35A Dropped An Inert B61-12 Nuclear Bomb During …

The NNSA reports that “all necessary production” of B61-12 nuclear bombs will be completed during fiscal year 2026. The program calls for the manufacture of 500 bombs, which will cost about $10 billion each – which is double of what they would cost if they were made of gold.

However, the actual number of bombs they are going to make is a secret, as is most of the information about the geographical deployment of said nuclear bombs.

In fact, geographic deployment is considered a determining factor in the offensive capability of US B-61-12 nuclear bombs. If they were all deployed on US territory, ready to be used from strategic bombers, that would not substantially change the current strategic situation.

“But what did Russia do to deserve all this War preparation and hysteria, now gaining its own momentum and nearly unstoppable??
Nothing new has happened. Not even confirmation that Russia has ‘moved its troops’.”

But the B61-12 bombs will be deployed in other countries, especially in countries geographically close to Russia, from which they will be used to arm the aforementioned fighter planes, such as the F-35.

In Italy, the Aviano and Ghedi bases have been restructured to receive F-35 fighter jets armed with new nuclear bombs. At Ghedi, 30 Italian F-35 fighter jets would be deployed, ready for attack, by US order, with 60 B61-12 nuclear bombs.

It is not excluded that, in addition to their deployment in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, the American B61 12 nuclear bombs will also be deployed in Poland – a country whose air force has participated for years in the nuclear war maneuvers organized by NATO – as well as in other Eastern European countries.

NATO fighter jets deployed in the Baltic republics, on the edge of the Russian border, can also be armed with US B-61-12 nuclear bombs.

The newly upgraded B61-12 nuclear gravity bomb was ...

The newly upgraded B61-12 nuclear gravity bomb was …

Nor is it excluded that the new US nuclear bombs will also be deployed in Asia and the Middle East against China and Iran.

Despite being classified as “non-strategic nuclear weapons”, such bombs, deployed at points close to targets, would have offensive capabilities similar to those of strategic weapons – such as the nuclear warheads of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

For that reason, they are destabilizing weapons that are going to provoke an accelerating reaction in the arms race in terms of nuclear weapons.

The 5 nuclear powers that are permanent members of the UN Security Council – the USA, Russia, China, France and the United Kingdom – affirm, in a joint declaration issued on January 3, that “a nuclear war cannot be won and should never be carried out”. ». They also state in that joint statement that:

"We remain determined [to] continue in good faith negotiations on effective measures relating to cessation of the nuclear arms race at an early date and nuclear disarmament"

If this were really the case, the US would have to commit not to deploy in other countries -or better still not to manufacture- the new B61-12 nuclear bombs.

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US puts nuke bombers on Russian border to “deter Aggression”. Russia has 2 foreign military bases. USA has hundreds.

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