NATO conducting nuclear air sorties near Belarusian, Russian borders: Security Council chief

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NATO practices nuclear missile sorties near Union State borders – Belarus’ security chief

The NATO Air Force is practicing sorties with cruise missiles, including with nuclear warheads, near the borders of the Russia-Belarus Union State, State Secretary of the Belarusian Security Council Alexander Volfovich said on Friday.

“The head of state drew attention to intensified flights by US strategic bombers near the borders of the Union State,” the BelTA news agency quoted Volfovich as saying.

“In our assessments, this means that the NATO Air Force is practicing employing cruise missiles, including those with nuclear warheads,” he said.

Not a single area has remained in international and regional security where there is no tension, Volfovich said, emphasizing that a need was being substantiated under the guise of mythical “threats from the East” for constant military build-up on neighboring territories.

About 30,000 troops have been deployed to areas in Poland and the…

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