Sunday Roundup 17th April: This Week’s Covid Positive News ✨

🌍🔆 @covidpositivenews:

The Covid-related story everyone should be talking about! 🥳

( Covid Narrative Collapsing:

1) Local news tells public ivermectin works ( for treating Covid in Florida.

2) Covid vaccination damage goes live ( on Sunday Footy Show in OZ.

3) Announced on TV the police have lost the trust and respect ( of OZ.

4) The WHO shows us ( how little the system really cares about us.

5) Greece returns freedoms for the summer (, expecting us to be grateful.

6) Chile opens borders and returns freedoms (, expecting us to be grateful.

Growing Movement for Freedom:

7) Defeat the Mandates in LA live ( link in the comments).

8) CPN is seen as a threat to the system ( as some try to disrupt us.

9) Wellington NZ Freedom Convoy is an example of how we need to be (

Inspirational Covid-related Media:

10) Imagine the system is an abusive partner. What do you do?

( Vaccine/TV poll gives us insights ( on how to create a new reality.

Community in Covid Times:

12) FREE session: ‘the power of Art to create a new reality (’ in Covid times.

13) 2 FREE sessions: ‘finding your guide for change (’ in Covid times.

14) Integral Health and Life Coach for finding your purpose (, Denver joins us.

Creating a Positive New Reality:

15) CPN demographic poll ( to plan events and create the new reality.

16) CPN Mentor Network event time slots ( so you know when to tune in.

17) CPN announces here ( and here ( CPN Mentor Network ready to go live!

18) Ready to create a new reality? ( “Do not join CPN – never ever,” the WHO (

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