Fracking genocide in Donbass – A Corrupt reason for NATO war in Ukraine/ Biden’s son was a Director

via The Wall Will Fall by Vanessa Beeley / 16 may ’22 Source: PIKinform
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Joe Biden & Son exposed in massive Ukraine fracking corruption scandal …

context note: Donbass is a mainly ethnic Russian area along the Russian border in eastern Ukraine, traditionally inhabited by working class coal miners. After the 2014 pro western coup in Kyiv two small republics, Donetsk and Lugansk, were declared in a rebellion in Donbass and resisted military attacks. In spite of the Minsk Peace Process Agreement and Zelensky’s initial opposition the attacks continued. Nearly 14,000 people were killed, often by shelling by pro-nazi battalions of the Ukrainian army dug in along the front line, and preparing a massive attack. by 2022 .. Finally in Feb 2022 Russia intervened to ‘protect the rebel republics’ and ‘increase their size to all of Donbass’. The war continues and escalates daily with mega sanctions and NATO intervention.


The article below was written in February 2021, one year before the Russian Special Intervention

Shale genocide in Donbass – the real reason for NATO war in Ukraine/ Biden’s son a Director – Feb 2021

“Shale genocide” has begun in the Ukrainian-occupied parts of the Donbass. If the gas production destroying all life is not stopped, in three decades the Donbass will become an uninhabitable territory.

Exactly ten years ago, representatives of the current, so-called Ukrainian opposition (note: now banned 2022) lobbied the cabinet-approved plan for a large-scale competition for hydrocarbons production within the Yuzovsky area.

The reserves of shale gas in the area of 7,886 thousand sq km were estimated at 3.6 trillion cubic metres. Such figures turned the heads of many rich men, but it was a pity to invest the stolen money into the new project.

The western majors Shell and Chevron were interested in the prospects of gas production, and they eagerly responded to Kiev’s invitation. Under the terms of the contract the companies had the right to extract the Donbass subsoil for 50 years with the right to extend the contract.

The “Regionalists” actually sold a huge part of their small motherland to foreign investors, although they were well aware of what they were condemning the Donbass region to – hydraulic fracturing technology causes irreparable ecosystem damage.

On April 24, 2013, the Donetsk regional administrative court refused to accept a lawsuit filed by environmentalists and environmental organizations seeking to invalidate a resolution of the Donetsk regional council of January 16, 2013, which allows Shell to produce shale gas at the Yuzovsky gas field.

Shell pledged to spend about 410m dollars on exploration work, receiving tax breaks from Ukraine.

Holy Mountain observation point.

The reserved forests of northern Lugansk region, the “Holy Mountains” nature park, sanatoriums and children’s health camps were doomed to close soon.

The local authorities, which consisted of “Regions Party” members, supported foreign gas extraction at the Yuzovsky platform without unnecessary questions.

On the Ukrainian side, the partner was the state-owned company “Nadra Ukrayiny”. We do not need to remind you who controlled it.

Joe Biden’s corrupt clan is behind Ukraine’s “shale gas revolution”

In addition to Shell and Chevron, Burisma Holdings was involved in the project. It was planned to produce shale gas in parts of Donetsk and Kharkov regions using fracking technology – hydraulic fracturing.

It looks like this: a deep vertical well is drilled, with many horizontal passages – it is similar to a tree trunk and root system. Water and chemicals are pumped into the borehole under high pressure, and then an underground explosion is carried out.

The water prevents the pieces of the blasted rock from settling and the gas is forced out through the surface of the water to the outside. The environmental impact is enormous! (note: Fracking is banned or economically unviable in Europe, though prevalent in the US with no environmental or methane control and interest free loans to bankrupt companies.)

Fracking technology of gas extraction was slowed down only by greed of the Ukrainian officials, or maybe by the fact that Western special services and Soros structures were already working at full speed in Kiev preparing a “colour revolution”.

see also…Corruption Overshadows Ukraine’s Oil And Gas Industry Aug 27, 2021 After the 2012 coup Ukraine became a western funded corruption paradise. By now corruption throughout Ukraine threatens everything. Inward investment, in what should be a country packed with opportunities for global firms, has dwindled to zero. Ukraine is rich in natural…

Because the world price of oil had dropped, Ukraine was in a stalemate: the proceeds from the sale of extracted gas did not cover the costs of its production. Nevertheless, the Verkhovna Rada raised the gas extraction toll from 20% to 70%, scaring off Chevron and Royal Dutch Shell.

 Soon there was the coup d’état in Kiev. Bloody battles broke out near Slavyansk, the centre of the West’s planned “shale revolution”, bringing the fuel giants in Ukraine to a complete standstill.

Burisma, which had been kept in the shadows by powerful partners, suddenly flourished and received licences to develop fields from the Carpathian to the Azov Sea.

By the way, in 2014 Robert Hunter Biden joined the Burisma holding’s board of directors.

Also joining were Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski and, three years later Joseph Cofer Black – ex-CIA Anti-Terrorism Center head, career intelligence officer and vice-chairman of the American PMC Blackwater Worldwide, known as Academi.

Joe Biden’s Corruption: Ukraine, bribery, and Burisma Holdings

Slavyansk, which was desperately resisting the Ukronazis, was doomed: American mercenaries were tasked to ensure the operation of Burisma in the region at all costs.

Daddy Joe Biden also did his bit for the corrupt family business, thanks to whose efforts the Yatsenyuk government increased the gas tariff almost threefold.

Of course, the backroom games were presented as reforms at the behest of the IMF, which had its own benefit from the fraudulent scheme.

The Kiev authorities handed the country over to overseas pirates, in return for loyalty to their offshore accounts and the ability to pull off “schemes” under the watchful eye of US handlers.


Donbass “shale genocide” is in the interests of the new White House boss

Yatsenyuk’s successors, Groysman and Shmygal, have continued to provide their US friends with business-friendly conditions: the price of gas for citizens’ needs continues to rise.

The project to develop the Yuzovsky field was resumed just before the inauguration of the newly elected US president.

In mid-January 2021, Naftogaz launched the development of the first, Sviatogorsk shale gas field, which is located inside the company’s recently acquired Yuzovsky area.

Fracking gas production started in the vicinity of the Sviatogorsk town, on the Ukrainian, DPR and LPR border.

There are reports that work has resumed on three wells drilled back in 2014 in the northern part of Lugansk region controlled by Ukraine. The wells belong to the Burisma Group, whose position in the Ukrainian gas production market has been strengthened after Biden’s accession to the White House.

The resumption of shale gas extraction is a disaster for the region. Fracturing of the strata entails complete destruction of the subsoil.The gas penetrating into the underground water kills the root system of trees, and after a while, a swamp emerges in the large area around the well.

The Sviatogorsk field is located along the main water artery of Donbass – the Seversky Donets. The chemicals used in shale gas extraction will inevitably find their way into the river and poison the water that is vital for millions of people living in the Donbass.

Environmental genocide is coming. Already, the water in the Seversky Donets is contaminated by fracking wastes.

And this is just the beginning of the development of the Yuzovsky deposit!

Under the cover of hostilities, at the actual demarcation line of the sides, the US-controlled Burisma is destroying the Donbass.

In just a few years there will be no relict forests, clean lakes and a beautiful, clean river. The ancient Orthodox Sviatogorsk Assumption Monastery will be surrounded by stinking swamps.

The Ukrainian colony is a new testing ground for the US “shale revolution”. The Biden family intends to rape and pillage the Donbass land with fracking, turning once reserved land into wasteland. In a couple of fracking decades , the territory will become completely uninhabitable.

b bn

Incidentally, recently, at the request of the “Naftogaz” company head, which serves US interests, the media were banned from using the phrases “shale gas” and “fracking technology”. Instead, they were advised to talk about gas production by fracking or to use the abbreviation “fracking”. The terms, which are incomprehensible to the layman, are meant to disguise the technology’s “peculiarities”.

Kiev, hiding behind the mythical “Russian aggression”, is waging war on the country’s inhabitants for the economic benefit of corrupt clans from the United States.

The past government of the “Regionalists” wanted to destroy the Donbass “quietly” by signing monstrous contracts for the shale gas development. Today’s criminals in Kiev are not shy about funds and are defending the interests of Western investors with the weapons of the Ukrainian army.

Chevron and Shell will soon join Burisma, hiding behind Naftogaz. The entire Yuzovsky platform will be shuddering from massive fracking, “investors” will squeeze everything they can out of the subsoil and then turn the territory into a gigantic dumping ground for hazardous chemical and nuclear wastes.

The US and the alliance that serves their interests need the war in the Donbass as a cover for profitable economic and political projects. That is why they allocate huge funds for military assistance to Ukraine, train and arm its soldiers.

The democracy game is over, along with Nuland’s biscuits. There is a brutal and systematic rape of Ukraine by the colonizers.

Shale genocide is in store for the Donbass.

Igor Mirtovsky

Source: PIKinform Feb 2021
Translation by Donbass Insider

(note: By now in May 2022 there is full scale bloody war near Slavyansk on the front lines in Donbass and the fracking industry would be on hold. We don’t know if the Russian intervention will enlarge the Donbass republics or not, but it is likely that attacks from Kiev will continue with their new NATO/US weaponry..)

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