Turkey strikes UN children’s center in Syria, kills group of Kurdish teenagers playing volleyball

In English and partly in Catalan..from KurdisCat:/ ANF/ Medya/ El Salto /thefreeonline/ Sept 1st, 2022

Turkey attacked a UN-sponsored girls’ education center with a combat drone on August 18. Four girls died and another eleven were injured, some seriously, in the attack on the facility in Rojava, NE Syria
A woman mourns the death of five fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces
Atrocity in Rojava as Turkish drone slaughters four girls playing volleyball at UN-funded centre

Combined US Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) division commander general John Brennan condemned the attack as a “violation of the laws of armed conflict,” without even mentioning Turkey.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has recently renewed threats of a broad operation against the Kurds in northern Syria but is thought to have failed to secure a green light from Iran and Russia, the two other key foreign brokers in the area.

The cynical US statement promised no aid against NATO’s Turkey, just a ritual complaint, saying..: “On the night of August 18, an armed unmanned aerial system struck a group of teenagers playing volleyball who were active in a United Nations educational outreach program located between Tell Temir and Hesekê/Hasakah..

“Initial reports indicate that the attack killed four and injured several others, on behalf of CJTF-OIR, I condemn this attack and any others that kill and injure civilians”.

Woman and child martyred and 15 injured in Turkish shelling on Zargan district Aug 18 2022

“These acts are contrary to the laws of armed conflict, which require the protection of civilians We extend our condolences to the families of the dead and our condolences to the injured.

The escalation of military hostilities in northern Syria is creating chaos in a fragile region where the threat of the Islamic State remains present.

We call for an immediate de-escalation by all parties and an end to activities that put at risk the significant battlefield gains the Coalition has made against IS.”

SDF accuses US of turning blind eye to Turkish aggressio The Kurdish militia has demanded that Washington take a firmer stance against Ankara’s strikes against their forces. In mid-August, the SDF suspended their anti.ISIS operations with the US coalition in protest of continued drone strikes in northeast Syria by Turkey, who has recently stepped up its operations against Kurdish militants.

Meanwhile, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan accused the United States and the coalition, as always, of supporting terrorism in Syria.

Kurds call on the UN to stop daily Turkish attacks across Kurdistan.A vigil by the Democratic Kurdish Community in Switzerland has been taking place in front of the UN headquarters in Geneva since 25 January 2021

NATO had disgracefully okayed the planned Turkish genocide of 170K trapped Afrin refugees in Tell Rifaat/Shebha enclave in part exchange for Turkey letting Finland and Sweden join NATO. However despite fierce blackmail Russia refused to give Turkey the key permission to bomb using Syrian air space (which it gave in the Afrin invasion) except apparently for drones. Erdogan replied with an ongoing drone war, slaughtering people and claiming them as Kurdish terrorists. Neither Russia nor the US will provide anti drone defences.

AANES urges the International Coalition to uphold responsibilities against Turkey’s atrocitiesThe Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) released a statement and called for the international community to break their silence and to confront the atrocities of the Turkish st… ANF News

Erdogan told reporters on Friday after his return from Ukraine: “In all the steps we are currently taking in Syria, especially in northern Syria, east and west of the Euphrates in the Mediterranean, the work what we’ve done with the Russians has been a fight against terrorism”.

“Our phrase “we might come suddenly one night” is not in vain. That will happen at the right time. But let me also say this: nobody should ask Turkey if it is ready for something like that. We are prepared for all these things. “

Because we are prepared, we have the power to do whatever is necessary at a moment’s notice. At this time, unfortunately, the United States in particular is stockpiling thousands of weapons loads , ammunition, vehicles and equipment there. to whom all this is piling up ? Completely for terrorist organizations.

Women in Syria protest the murders of defense volunteers by Turkish attacks and invasions

Erdogan said this issue had also been discussed with Russian President Putin in Sochi.

He announced a political dialogue with Assad and said they were in contact with Russia about preparations for the operation in northern and eastern Syria: “We are in contact with Russia, our security forces, intelligence and defense ministry at every step we take in Syria.”

The Turkish attacks on children in NE Syria and their toll after the Tehran and Sochi talks are as follows:
Turkish drone attacks kill three more civilians in Syria 23 Aug 2022

*A teenager named Fehîma Reşo (17), who was seriously injured on July 26 in an attack on the town of Til Rifet, died on August 2.

* On August 2, Turkish drones bombed Til Rifet district centre which left 9 people, 6 of whom were children, injured. The names of the injured children are as follows: “Dîna Osman (6), Mehmûd Xerîb Mamo (6), Hisên Cemal Qasim (7), Sebah Henan Hemo (10), Avrîn Ebdurehman Heyder (13), Orîvan Mihemed Ebdo (15).”

* On August 9, the village of Sêgirka was bombed by heavy weapons. Children named Mihemed Salih (12), Mîrah Selah (12), Îlan Selah (5) and Bilind Mihemed Şemsedin (16) were injured in the Turkish bombing.

* On August 16, Turkish drones struck the Sinaa District of Qamishlo, killing 4 people, 2 of whom were children, named Ehmed Elî Hisên and Aheng Ekrem Hisên.

Neither Russia nor the US will control the airspace or share anti drone defence material..

* On August 16, Kobanê’s downtown and rural areas were bombed. Ebid Mihemed Heci (12) was killed in a shelling of the Zorava village, west of Kobanê, while a child named Xelîl Cîhad Şêxo (2) was injured in the attack on Kobanê’s downtown.

* On August 16, a child named Temîm Feysel Hemed (11) was injured in a Turkish shelling by heavy weapons that targeted Zirgan district centre.

* On August 16, a child named Ehmed Îmad Îbiş (15) was injured in the head and leg following a Turkish bombing on the Bênê village in the Sherawa district of Afrin Canton.

* On August 18, a Turkish drone struck an UN-sponsored education centre for girls in the Şemoka village located on the Hesekê-Til Temir Road. The attack killed 4 children and injured 11 others.

Spain is also an Accomplice in Turkish Mass Murder

Of course, Spain also plays its part, reiterating its support for Turkey’s operations and exercising the compadre they showed during the NATO summit in Madrid. But the support is not only symbolic, but material. Turkey continues to be a major client for Spanish made armaments.

Also there is a Spanish contingent deployed at the NATO/Turkish Incirlik air base, from where many of the drone murders originate.

By the way, the Spanish contingent had a change of personnel in June and assumed the continuity of the operation. The Spanish army operation ‘Support Turkey’ is part of the mission that “protects Turkey from possible ballistic missile attacks from neighboring Syria”.

Not surprisingly, the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, has reiterated his appreciation for Spain’s “friendship”, since in the words of Pedro Sánchez the two countries are “strategic partners and allies within NATO”, partners and complicit in skewing and slaughtering Kurdish, Arab and Assyrian lives in North and East Syria.” (from El Salto )

August 16 2022..At-least-one-child-killed-by-turkish-shelling-in-Kobane/


Turquia ataca un centre per a menors de l’ONU a Síria i mata un grup d’adolescents kurdes que jugaven a voleibol

a divendres, d’agost 19, 2022

Turquia va atacar un centre d’educació per a nenes patrocinat per l’ONU amb un avió no tripulat de combat dijous 18 d’agost. Quatre nenes van morir i unes altres onze van resultar ferides, algunes de gravetat, en l’atac a la instal·lació ubicada entre Tell Temir i Hesekê/Hasakah.

El comandant general de divisió de la Força de Tasca Conjunta Combinada – Operació Resolució Inherent (CJTF-OIR) John Brennan va condemnar l’atac com una “violació de les lleis dels conflictes armats”, sense esmentar Turquia. La declaració deia: “La nit del 18 d’agost, un sistema aeri no tripulat armat va colpejar un grup d’adolescents que jugaven voleibol que estaven actives en un programa d’abast educatiu de les Nacions Unides a Hasakah.

Els informes inicials indiquen que el atac en va matar quatre i en va ferir diversos més, en nom de CJTF-OIR, condemno aquest atac i qualsevol altre que mati i fereixi civils. “Aquests actes són contraris a les lleis dels conflictes armats, que requereixen la protecció dels civils. Estenem els nostres condols a les famílies dels morts i els nostres condols als ferits.

L’augment de les hostilitats militars al nord de Síria està creant caos en una regió fràgil on l’amenaça d’Estat Islàmic segueix present. Demanem una desescalada immediata de totes les parts i la fi de les activitats que posen en risc els importants èxits al camp de batalla que la Coalició ha aconseguit contra IS”.

Mentrestant, el president turc, Tayyip Erdogan, va acusar els Estats Units i la coalició de recolzar el terrorisme a Síria. Erdogan va dir als periodistes divendres després del seu retorn d’Ucraïna: “En tots els passos que estem fent actualment a Síria, especialment al nord de Síria, a l’est i a l’oest de l’Eufrates a la Mediterrània, la feina que hem fet amb els russos ha estat una lluita contra el terrorisme.

Continuem junts la nostra lluita contra el terrorisme aquí. Estem duent a terme part d’ella juntament amb els russos, i una altra part amb els nostres propis soldats i forces de seguretat. (…)

Turkish Drone murder in Kobani

La nostra frase ” podríem venir de sobte una nit” no és en va. Això passarà en el moment oportú. Però permetin-me dir també això: ningú hauria de preguntar a Turquia si està preparada per alguna cosa com això. Estem preparats per a totes aquestes coses. Com que estem preparats , tenim el poder de fer el que calgui d’un moment a un altre.

En aquest moment, malauradament, els Estats Units en particular estan acumulant milers de càrregues d’armes, municions, vehicles i equips allà. a qui s’està acumulant tot això? Completament per a organitzacions terroristes. Els Estats Units no poden dir això: no he alimentat el terrorisme. Són els Estats Units i les forces de la coalició els que han alimentat el terrorisme a Síria en primer lloc; ho han fet sense descans i ho segueixen fent”.

Erdogan va dir que aquest tema també havia estat discutit amb el president rus Putin a Sotxi. Va anunciar un diàleg polític amb Assad i va dir que estaven en contacte amb Rússia sobre els preparatius per a l’operació al nord i l’est de Síria: “Estem en contacte amb Rússia, les nostres forces de seguretat, intel·ligència i ministeri de defensa a cada pas que donem a Síria”.

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