✨Global Covid SCAM Collapsing FASTER and FASTER: CPN Roundup to Sept 4th ✨

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The COVID narrative everyone should be talking about! 🥳

Global Covid Narrative Collapsing:

1) Social distancing was supposed to be forever but failed (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1335).

2) Unreasonable for Toronto to dismiss firefighters (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1348)over vaccines.

3) Journal publishes Covid vaccine trial data (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1360)with excess adverse events.

4) Study finds unvaccinated healthy but unjustly discriminated against (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1351).

5) Former UK chancellor tells MSM (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1353) lockdowns were never scientific.

6) Australia’s lockdown and vaccine narrative has fallen apart (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1359).

Growing Movement for Freedom:

7) As lockdown scandal enters MSM, Bob Moran publishes inside info (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1357).

8) Australian doctor says farewell (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1349) to fascist OZ health practitioner agency.

9) Sue the U.S. county board of supervisors (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1350) if/when masks return.

10) NZ filmmakers counteract Fire of Fury film (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1362) by making River of Freedom.

Inspirational Covid-related Media:

11) Dr. Suneel says we should never have listened (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1352) to ‘pandemic experts.’

12) Two checklists (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1355) for immunity, health and happiness:

13) Health and happiness boosting activities (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1342) poll.

14) Immunity boosting activities (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1337) poll.

Healing & Community is Strength:

15) Declare the fear pandemic over by developing full natural immunity (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1336).

16) Interacting and connecting with animals (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1361) to boost natural immunity.

17) CPN member Lia: We have the light to fight the shadows (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1356).

Parallel Better World Debate:

18) Democrats and Republicans unite (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1364) for medical freedom/parental rights.

19) Upcoming Better Way Conference in Vienna (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1363) is announced.

How you feel reading this news? Nurturing a Positive focus optimises our ability to think, feel, heal and act (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1107).

A glass-half full mindset is also the key (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1122)to co-creating a better world (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1318).

We’ve reached 26.6K members.

We are the ones we are waiting for. Our strength and power is our focus. What we focus on expands.

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source👇 (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1364)

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