Lula Wins but Oligarchy and Corporations, Bots and Churches, plus US PR Campaign Promote Election Buzz for Neo-Lib Criminal Bolsonaro

Lula just won the first round of Presidential Elections by over 6 million votes.

But the MSM buzz is that he’s losing big time and will crash out in the second round. Never mind that the Workers Party swept the board in the poor north east, the largely black coast and nearly all the indigenous Amazon. Never mind that women and blacks support Lula to stop sexist and racist discrimination.

President Bolsonaro ‘jokes at a rally ” We’re going to shoot dead Workers Party supporters” –Bolsonaro avisa em comício: “Vamos fuzilar petistas”

In 2018 Bolsonaro grabbed power with a hysterical media campaign, planned by top US PR agencies, aided by the far right Evangelicals with their 24 hour TV stations plus an army of internet bots, mainly Twitter and WhatsApp.

All it takes is to find a few Lula supporters, among tens of millions, and pay them to admit the worst crimes imaginable and flood the media with their stories 24/7.. and BINGO.. 4 more years on the Gravy Train and a new bonanza to ‘extract’ Brazil’s resources for US corporations, enslave the workers, annihilate the Amazon, and impose forever a fascist militarized political system.

Presidential Election Results

The President is elected based on majority vote through a two-turn system

LulaPT 57,173,187 48.4 %

Jair BolsonaroPL 51,051,226 43.2

Simone TebetMDB 4,913,757 4.2%

Ciro GomesPDT 3,597,503 3.0% etc

These results are based on a total of 118,117,989 valid votes. With 99.89% of vote sections accounted for


Will Brazil Face a Military Coup? US supports Brazil’s March Towards Fascism

NO NO Bolsonaro.. Ele NAO


Brazilian demo against new laws further restricting abortion and women’s rights

Bolsonaro Trashes the Planet

Paulo Paulino Guajajara, a young member of the Indigenous Guajajara community, one of Brazil’s largest, was shot dead by illegal loggers on 3 November 2019. According to data from the Pastoral Land Commission, violence against indigenous people reached its highest level in 11 years in 2019. Photo: © Patrick Raynaud / Midia NINJAMarinalva Manoel, indigenous leader demanding land rights, was murdered and dumped by the highway..
Nesta manhã foi encontrada o corpo da liderança indígena Marinalva Manoel de 38 anos, jogada a beira da rodovia 163 em Dourados. Ela foi assassinada com pelo menos 35 facadas e com indícios de estupro. Marinalva era uma das lideranças indígenas que vinha lutando pela Terra Indígena Nhū Verá. Na foto ela aparece com a camiseta branca ao centro.
Dinho, Claudio and Maria.. Amazon defenders murdered!. Now forest criminals to be amnestied and land grabbers legalized!
Smoke from fires in the state of Pará. NGO Imazon estimated MP 910 could lead to the deforestation of an additional 16,000 square kilometers by 2027. Photo: Fábio Nascimento / Greenpeace

Brazil> Creando Clamor para reeleccion del Criminal NeoLiberal Bolsonaro


Bolsonaro and Sons in Brazilian Death Squads March 19, 2019

Landless MST Camps resisting neo-fascist Bolsonaro Regime 

Indigenous peoples to Bolsonaro: "We Refuse to be Treated as Inferior beings"

Indigenous peoples to Bolsonaro: “We Refuse to be Treated as Inferior beings”

Sobre o cerco policial aos anarquistas: o caso do Rio Grande do Sul

Brazilians Revolt: Post-Coup Politicos to pass ‘Social Massacre’ Package and block Anti-Corruption

Brazil State Terrorism: Eviction, Repression of 600 families in Rondônia.. and the RE-OCCUPATION!

Brazil: URGENT! Cowardly Military Police Surround Tiago dos Santos Camp

see also: Roll up! Capitalist Looters! Come and exploit the Amazon rainforest!

Brazil: Police Evict 5000 Occupiers.. At Gunpoint..Americas, Brazil   At 4 am on Friday, 1,500 BOPE killer cops took under siege a building, in northern Rio

Brazil police repress protests against Bolsonaro’s policies

Landless MST Camps resisting neo-fascist Bolsonaro Regime


Brazil’s Indigenous Women Protest Against Bolsonaro Policies

Bolsonaro involvement in Marielle Franco murder

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