Western censorship about Ukraine: A blatant Lie Machine

by Nicolas Cinquini, Steve Sweeney and Eva Bartlett 30th Nov 2022 via thefreeonline

senior intelligence analyst in the field of security risk management, I am a former lieutenant detective and intelligence officer within French State agencies

Thanks to journalists Steve Sweeney and Eva Bartlett for the report of this splendid illustration of censorship spirit about Ukraine in the West. On July 22, Sweeney has received a mail from Jeanne Cavelier, head of the eastern Europe and central Asia desk of RSF (Reporters sans frontières, Reporters Without Borders, a NGO which is safeguarding the right to freedom of information).

Here is from Bartlett, her article and interview of Sweeney


Are you kidding ? In the name of freedom of expression and information, RSF is demanding that satellite operator Eutelsat and the French State (20% of shares) censor the Russian media.

Russian war crimes and propaganda ? Through my remote analysis of known facts, I have detected no single Russian war crime since February 24, beginning of the Russian special military operation in Donbass and Ukraine, but a string of Ukrainian PSYOPs and even false flag crimes, in Mariupol, Bucha, Kramatorsk, Kremenchug, Chasov Yar, Vinnitsa.

Incitation of hate ? While French Nazi militants are fighting in the Ukrainian ranks, but most Western media are enforcing since February 24 a gag order about Nazism in Ukraine ?

Moreover, most Western media, like their governments, are broadcasting the Ukrainian propaganda as reliable information, without the most elementary checking.

I will document in this chronicle the most shameful facts of Western disinformation and censorship of free expression, in the context of the Russian special military operation in Donbass and Ukraine.

  • March 16, 2022

Not censorship, maybe worse, the coarse hijack of information, a despicable disinformation, Italian newspaper la Stampa publishes on its cover a cruel photo, which is showing the aftermath of a Ukrainian shelling in Donetsk, capital of a separatist republic in Donbass, on March 14. 23 civilians have been killed. Ukraine is deliberately shelling civilians in Donbass for eight years

But the text is a narrative about the situation in Kiev. The wizardry of Western media turns civilian victims of a Ukrainian attack into the result of an alleged Russian strike.

  • April 12, 2022

Twitter permanently bans Scott Ritter, former intelligence officer within the US marine corps, former UN inspector in Iraq, who has always said that no weapons of mass destruction (WMD) were there

His crime ? He has suggested as an expert that the mass murder in Bucha was a Ukrainian false flag. It was.

  • April 20, 2022

Graham Phillips is a British journalist and according to Boris Johnson before the parliament, a war criminal

His crime ? His interview on April 18 of Aiden Aslin, a British mercenary who has surrendered in Mariupol on April 12 and has asked for the interview. YouTube will later censor the video.

  • June 2, 2022

Ukraine foreign affairs minister, Dmitro Kuleba, writes to Josep Borrell, his counterpart in the European Union, demands the censorship of European media about the Ukrainian defeat and prisoners of war (POWs) in Mariupol

(Mash, a Russian media)

The télégraphistes should deny that Azov regiment is a Nazi formation and has committed war crimes. As supremacists, its members are regarding the Russian-speaking separatist fighters or civilians as Untermenschen. The disclosure of these facts makes the Ukrainian authorities nervous.

  • June 9, 2022

Who has not been censored nowadays in the West is not a true analyst or journalist, not a real professional. As a former lieutenant detective in criminal cases and intelligence officer within French State agencies, I am proud to be a professional analyst, not a stooge. The case is minor but so typical of the censorship on US social networks.

I am usually publishing on Medium, have shared there on June 4 an article about the death of a French Nazi militant in Ukraine, have enriched my long chronicle about the Western operatives in Mariupol, quote on June 9 UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and comment that the legitimacy of Donetsk People’s Republic is precisely the point, that Truss supports badly the defendants [British mercenaries], that the British arrogance must be slapped.

In the evening, my Medium account appears under investigation or was found in violation of Medium rules. No indication of what could be incriminated. For my readers, Medium responds Error 410, indicates that access to the target resource is no longer available at the origin server and that this condition is likely to be permanent


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