blogtheme 3. How to FIRE your boss.

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omg!! that’s his car!

How to FIRE your Boss

Mr Princk is closing his rip-off company. He thinks he’s shipped the assets to a tax haven, and celebrates by forcing sex on Gloria, his tyrannical off1ce manager. But his ex Financial team, Merri and Dolli, have stung a double sting.

…….-‘Where the hell is she? Let’s just go, she’s just a horrible bitch anyway.’-

Merri and Dolli were getting bored waiting. Reclining back in the cool leather seats of the big black curtained air and gas car, watching the rainwater run rivulets down the tinted windscreen.

-‘That’s true. But I thought we were gonna try and recycle her.’– Merri was rolling a number.
-‘Yeah well. I wouldn’t bet a cat’s fart on that one.’-
-‘Anyway I want to see Princk getting shamed.’-
-‘Look here she comes.’- Merri tooted and she turned. It was Gloria, their office supervisor, almost unrecognizable.
Red eyed with her makeup off, and no umbrella.
-‘Want a lift?’- Dolli swung open the rear door.
-‘Okay where you going? This isn’t your car, is it? It’s brand new.’- But she jumped straight in the back.
-‘We’re going to an Inipi Party. Spring Solstice and far out furry hippies. Wanna come?’-
-‘You got the rest of the day off, and your kid in religious boarding school.’-
-‘The rest of my life off I think. But what is an Inipi?’-
-‘Kind of do-it-yourself sauna. Hey you look cool without makeup.’-
-‘I just lost my job and got er, sexually menaced, with a ridiculous rubber rocket. I got zero prospects, zero compensation, a fourteen year old boy and a mortgage.’-
-‘Happiness Level zero point zero.’-
-‘Well, I really fancy you without makeup. How about a batwoman stick-on over each eye?’- Merri giggled.
-‘Look here, he’s coming out! Let’s stay and watch it!’-
-‘Just watch what happens Gory baby!’-
-‘My name is Gloria, please girls!’-
-‘Shit-on you sister, no girls here.-‘

Princk’s red Mercedes was emerging from the automatic garage door for the last time, they got a glimpse of his ecstatic face.

‘He thinks he’s stashed the assets. Ha ha ha!’-

His dorky eyes were gawking, his mouth was hanging loose.

-‘He just refused to lend me the bus fare..-‘You know I don’t carry small change darling.’- After all these years the refused to give me the fecking bus fare!’-
-‘She used a bad word, Dolli.’-
-‘Just shut up Gory and peel your peepers.’-

Dolli turned up the music, inhaled, stretching ecstatically and passed Merri the spliff.
Princk was gunning his huge motor.
Two women with a big old pram were waiting at the zebra crossing.
Waiting but not crossing, waiting but..

His foot hit the gas.
The woman pushed her pram under his front wheel.
There was a  grinding crunch as the car stopped.
Bits of a pram. A woman screeching.

A man was filming. Another smashing the side window with a hammer.
Two more were pulling out Princk. Everyone from the bus stop was  running over.

-‘Shit on me shit on me. Shame on you…’
Shit on me shit on me. Shame on you..’-  ..The chant began.

-‘Now he’s killed a baby!’- Gloria was scandalized.
-‘No no.. No way you’ll see.. That’s just for shock. That pram was really full of concrete blocks!’-
They were dancing round Michael P. Princk, manic in a circle.
The crowd had multiplied. The chants were angry shouts.
Princk was horror struck. Shouting obscenities, hands on his head.
-‘All those people are Clan friends of the temps and the sales staff.’-
Thick black smoke was pouring from the side window of the red Mercedes.

-‘Uh oh..Time to go ladies.’-
-‘Bye bye super boss.’- Merri murmured, gliding quietly off. -‘Have a magnificent holiday.’-……..

note. In ‘The Free’ the workers and ‘Coop Pools’ take over as Capitalism and the State falls apart. To see at a glance how this happens read’Christo joins The Free’ chapter 8, Occupied Shoes Ch 19, and the chapters on the Revolution, chs 27 to 29

 To check out the concepts behind this scene you can check the references HERE, …fascism, un-schooling. CLANs, gay, etc  … and click to the links for various books in the Anarchist Library.

here’s some maybe relevant glossary and reference entries

CoOp Pool*

  A combined consumers and producers cooperative,  including a voluntary pooling of resources and skill sharing. Typically the CoOp Pools provide a ration of goods and services Money Free, but do measure their value, in Wurts, which includes a variable supply/demand percentage plus ecology cost, and a part for social desirability factors.

3.Anti Authoritarian Classics

3a   An Anarchist FAQ by The Anarchist FAQ Editorial Collective

3b   Notes on Anarchism by Noam Chomsky

21c   The Coming Insurrection by comité invisible

27.Spanish Revolution  page 158 etc

27a   The Spanish Civil War: Anarchism in Action by Edward Conlon

27b   Life in Revolutionary Barcelona by Manolo Gonzalez

28.Youth Revolution  page 158 etc

28a   The Black Bloc Papers

Friends of ‘The Free’

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