Blogtheme 8, mass mutiny…Smash The criminal State!

Blogtheme 8,mass mutiny…Smash The criminal State from ‘The Free’. P261

help Tunisian and Egyptian activuists (collage)

new illustration collage for Tunisian and Egyptian activists

The Free Unions have taken over Dockland. The police and army are arriving at dawn, to clear a big citizen crowd in front of the barricades.

Barney narrating

……………………… -‘Now each one of you has an important choice to make this morning, Are you listening now? Will you obey the wishes of the corrupt and bankrupt government. Or the wishes of the people. Who in fact you were hired to serve and defend?’-

The front of the column was in full view. Two old tanks and a water cannon. Led incongruously by dented and paint splattered police vans. The three tanks clanked slowly to a halt. Across the big wide intersection.

While the lorries and Armoured Personnel Carriers began unloading behind them.

The people chanting and waving their flags and banners.

-‘Welcome friends.’- Barney persevered. –‘It’s almost time to decide now. If you all refuse to fire they can’t punish you all. And don’t believe that bullshit by the way, about double pay and bringing back pensions. If they had money they would’ve paid you for last month.’-

The soldiers and riot police were being led out and lined up in front of the tanks.

-‘If you follow orders you’re gonna massacre your own families.

It’s not on lads and you know it. I know it’s a terrible hard thing to do. Now see this passage on your left. Make for the red flags, through a tunnel to safety.

I repeat, go with the reception groups with the flags and red hats.

Breakfast is that way okay. Good good I’m told a lot of you have armbands.

Now here’s Maggie Bellows with the requests. ‘-

Barney knew he was doing really well, the sound system was excellent, the crowd were buzzing support. The police and army seemed unprepared to counter an appeal, but the soldiers were still mechanically following orders.

-‘Come on Maggie.’- he whispered as she began. -‘See if you can wake them up!’-


Anthony Burns was confused and afraid, trooping out with all the others from behind the water-cannon and tanks. [ref. See Preface }

But more than anything he was irritated. He was afraid his anger would overcome his fear.. Could he just run across? But he had no armband. Some woman had started to read out names, ludicrous! His own brother and sister were probably here.

Anthony moved forward to the megaphone orders from behind, line after line, lining up sheepishly to do their duty.

And now he was shaking with frustration.

It was impossibly wrong, but he couldn’t break ranks.

Then Tony did a simple brilliant thing.

He lifted his arm from his gun, and began to wave.

Immediately his wave was answered, dozens, then hundreds of people were waving, and the soldiers. Yes, they were starting to wave back!

There were shouts, then laughter, and broad city voices, cheering and jeering, then everyone was waving and laughing on both sides.

The tension had snapped, the crowd was edging forwards, clambering over straw bales.

A meter. Five meters.

At the front a big gang of women, pulling off their helmets, darting and lunging forward. The reception groups with red flags, throwing down sticks and shields.

Maxie and Macker were following through the opening gap.

Then they found themselves cowering, suddenly flat on the tarmac.


Barney narrating

-‘Okay fantastic that’s it just come on over!’-

At one moment I heard my own laugh. Echoing above the tumult. In the next loud bangs. Some soldiers or officers fired rubber bullets.

And everyone started diving behind the strawbales or holding up their shields.

And in the same chaotic moments the Special Commandos by the river took the opportunity to open fire.. a laser guided anti tank grenade.. at what they took to be the command post. The ‘bunker’ where me and Maggie were speaking from.

They had received an order to silence the subversive speakers at all costs.

In reality the rubber bullets had stopped because rebels in red armbands had trained their guns on the perpetrators.

A historic mass mutiny was happening and I was an important part of it.

While in fact I saw nothing at all, I was injured and buried under the straw and blocks!

Just then Brian’s voice came on the backup PA. From up on the containers.

My part was finished. What a relief.

But on cue I felt a unbearable rush of pain surging through me..

-‘Excellent stuff that’s great now all you fellas move to your left.’- Brian was saying. -‘Where you’ll meet your welcome groups and pass through the tunnels..That’s it quick as you can, all you guys behind the tank can start moving forward.. .Let’s just forget about shooting and murder and go for breakfast instead.. I heard they’re doing eggs on toast for ten thousand back there..’-………………

………………I could hear wild cheering as the crowds merged. I’d managed to get into a semi crouch. But I couldn’t push up. Panicking now. Groaning and crying out. As I realized I was terribly hurt.

-‘Help me Maggie, Maggie I’m buried.’-

I was bleeding to death. Drifting off, panting and crying..

Just trying to pump blood round and stay alive. I heard Maxie yelling and wailing.

Then I was out. They were pulling me out.

Out to a bright white nightmare……………………….


 To check out the concepts behind this scene you can check the references HERE, …fascism, un-schooling. CLANs, gay, etc  … and click to the links for various books in the Anarchist Library.


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