Glossary and References


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Glossary ( and References below)

( * denotes -‘Only in this book, but may exist’-.. Let’s do it!)

Air Tech.

  Climate Meltdown has caused constant gale force winds which are used to fill

gas bottles with compressed air. You need lots, but they’re cheap and eco-friendly.

All manner of devices are powered by pneumatics, new pre-heat technology and added catalysts make it more efficient,

powering Air-Tools, guns and even the Eagle suits’ wings.

The Air Factory adapts a quarrying belt to compress air using gravity.


 It’s powdered charcoal. Any organic material burned without oxygen.

Makes a good CO2-negative fertilizer that lasts forever, on our scale.

You could convert your own dead body into Biochar. Check it out in Wiki, in real life!

Brother Hood

Far right vigilantes who also create and finance fascist youth groups, playing on

reactionary parental fears of Youth Social Revolution.

Receive lavish funding from section of the church and CIA.

Maxie and Jerry are death listed due to their ridiculing of Killian Bate,

a rising Supremo in the Hoods. Groomed as a nucleus of counter revolutionary army.

CleanAirCars..(Ammonia NH3 CO2-free ‘hydrofuel’)

For powering buses, trains, trucks and planes. 

Made from air, water and renewable electricity,

Ammonia is ideal because it’s CO2-free, produces no air pollution,

is cheap and easy to produce, also on a small local scale,and is much less hazardous .

In real life this emission-free fuel has always existed

but been systematically boycotted by Capitalism..

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CoOp Pool*

  A combined consumers and producers cooperative, 

including a voluntary pooling of resources and skill sharing.

Typically the CoOp Pools provide a ration of goods and services Money Free,

but do measure their value, in Wurts,

which includes a variable supply/demand percentage plus ecology cost,

and a part for social desirability factors.

Coppice Farm

  Coppicing is an ancient efficient method of woodland management.

Trees are cut back to near ground level, every 7 years or so,

planted in sections or strips to have a yearly harvest.

Very eco-friendly, depending on the mix of species.

Plus if you convert the wood to Bio-Char and use as fertilizer

it’s a ‘best land use’ for mitigating Climate Meltdown. See refs.


Originally stands for Communal Autonomous Networks.

The CLANs start as street gangs,

supplied and backed by CoOp Pools as local militias.

Linked with the De-Schools and the Free-Uni they develop

into diverse cultural groupings, with distinct ideas and customs.

  In these chronicles we meet Clan Orca the mariners,

Clan Eagle the pacifists who can fly,

Clan Sunshine from the SW with the sexiest clothes,

Clan Yeti from the mountains,Clan Warrior,

and Clan Earth, who are the majority in Ragwort, of course. etc.


  The secondary schools are closing down or have

at least 100 per class due to economic meltdown.

 De-School projects are action learning often based on CLAN groups

and pre-Free-Uni online self education.

In practice they are often organized with Explainers (ex-teachers)

and share ex school buildings with the Pools. See Refs.

CLAN Fashions*

  We include here the prevalent hot climate body art.

Stick-Ons are removable tattoos which tend to replace clothes

in CLAN crazes and belonging symbolism.

  Various fashions include; Functioning Air-Tails and Crests

that mimic birds and animals.

Peek-suits and pants, made of leather strips hung from belts.

Spoon Bras, now the norm, leave nipples free, with health benefits.

Current Clan Earth gear in Ragwort includes pocket belts, cut-off tights,

and short waistcoats over shredded denims.

  Plus the famous pneumatic Peeny-belts which present and

regulate the size of male and female parts, prevalent in Clan Sunshine.

Body-stockings and net jumpsuits are also popular,

but every CLAN has it’s own distinct and changing style and fashion.

Free Credit Cards*

  Introduced even before the uprising they are popular everywhere.

You don’t have to pay for Pools goods or services

but the Wurt Value is recorded,with bar codes etc, in your account,

so you know the social, economic and environmental value

put on what you use, for controlling abuse and for rationing where necessary.

You could lose status on your Personal Levels by excessive consumption.

Gay Rescue

..See ‘Women’s Rescue’. If you’re oppressed in any way for being gay

you can get and give help discreetly online.

A vital resource in countries where being homosexual is persecuted

or classed as illegal.

Personal Levels*

  This practice is partly introduced in advanced Pools like Ragwort

by the end of the book, on a voluntary basis.

Groups or households calculate their Personal Levels by averaging various indexes.

 eg…. Production Level 6, Lover Level 2, House Level 5, Spend/Save Level 4,

 Education Level 7, Combined Level  6.3. Housework and Childcare

are included in Production, which in some Pools counts double.

  The idea is that Levels give an idea of personal worth that is

 NOT based on how much cash you happen to control.

  (Fans note. Levels do exist in computer games where millions use the system,

 e.g. Runescape, though Combat Levels tend to predominate.)


  -‘Don’t get silly and hysterical my little darling’-.

A Shit-On is an attempt to control or intimidate using unfair authority or power,

 usually sexist or racist.

They are denounced in a public Campaign.

Organized groups perform surprise ‘shaming attacks’, usually on public figures

who abuse their authority by committing ‘Shit-Ons’. Bosses, teachers, politicians…

  Maxie’s attempted rape video is used in the Spot A Shit-On Campaign and becomes a model for other places.  See Ch.16.

Michael Prink suffers a shaming attack by his sacked temporary workers.

(Fans, what a scandal that such campaigns aren’t extended worldwide!) 


  A network of autonomous direct action groups.

Stands for ‘Shit On Fascists And Sexists’.

Many great real life groups exist, and have often succeeded in

blocking fascist expansion,

using tactics like those in The Free.

Wise-Mass (Collective Wisdom surveys)*

  Online votes and surveys, weekly or more frequently,

using a simple password system.

If you can read the information summaries you can vote on it.

  In ‘The Free’ Wise-Mass takes away powers given to

corruptible politicians and officials at all levels.

 Votes are organized by Pools or Free-Uni technical groups

who monitor implementation.

Wise-Mass multiplies benefits in sound decisions and community participation.

  (Note. Of course online voting and collective wisdom surveys exist in real life,

but don’t yet replace politicos, alas!)

Womens Rescue*

..Starts as a resource for getting and giving help and advice online.

Anonymously if necessary. 

Develops with strong volunteer local and international groups.

Harnessing online potential.

Seeks to undermine physical, cultural, economic, religious

and sexual semi-slavery of hundreds of millions of women.

 Lucia stars in popular advice and healing sessions on Free-Net TV stations.

Offshoot of the self-help immigration Soli-Fest network.


  A way to calculate the value of free goods.

The wurt value of something in the shop includes variable

eco-cost, use-value, and desirability cost, as well as scarcity value.

The wurt is decided automatically by a computer program.

But people argue and vote on the variables that calculate it.

..Curiously you can have a negative wurt.. e.g. you had a glut of apples.

  But you can’t spend a wurt, It’s a measure.

There appears to be a danger of wurts turning back into money.

The concept takes a bit of getting used to but beats calculating everything

on absurd values of a capitalist market..

Wurt values are calculated by a dedicated Program and algorithm,

with surveys and weekly online voting.

 (Fans note. Sadly we only know of wurts  existing in the last chapters of these chronicles.




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20.Permaculture. Save the Biosphere

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22.Sexuality,  Gender  page 37  etc

22a  Sexuality and LGTB rights

22b   Anarchism, Sexual Liberation and Bisexuality.

22c   Let’s Talk About Sex by The Class War Federation

23.Seizing The Airwaves,a Free Radio Handbook edited by RonSaklsky

24.Skill and Resource Exchanges  p 135

24a  .LETS scheme with ‘eco’ anti money

24b    Just for The Love of it. The FreeEconomy Community  online skill ans resource sharing


25.Squat the Lot  page 91 page 109 etc

25a   Housing and Squatting by Workers’ Solidarity Federation

26.Smash prisons, alternatives in Social Revolution

26a   Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist by Alexander Berkman

27.Spanish Revolution  page 158 etc

27a   The Spanish Civil War: Anarchism in Action by Edward Conlon

27b   Life in Revolutionary Barcelona by Manolo Gonzalez

28.Youth Revolution  page 158 etc

28a   The Black Bloc Papers

28b   The End of Arrogance: Decentralization and Anarchist Organizing by Curious George Brigade

29 Zeitgeist  page 204 etc

29a   The and great..

29b   The Problem with “Zeitgeist” by Anonymous


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