At least 43 more migrants drown in shipwreck off Tunis, says Red Crescent Eng /Esp

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At least 43 migrants drowned in a shipwreck off Tunis while trying to cross the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy, while 84 others were rescued, the Tunisian Red Crescent told Reuters on Saturday.

The ship had set sail from Zuwara, on Libya’s northwest coast, carrying migrants from Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea and Bangladesh, the humanitarian organization said.

In recent months, there have been several drowning incidents off the coast of Tunisia, with an increase in the frequency of attempts to cross into Europe from Tunisia and Libya into Italy as the weather has improved.

a group of people standing around a table: 43 migrants drown while trying to cross Mediterranean

“The navy rescued 84 migrants and another 43 drowned on a ship that left Zuwara in Libya for Europe,” said Mongi Slim, a Red Crescent official.

Hundreds of thousands of people have made the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean in recent years, many of them fleeing conflict and poverty in Africa and the Middle East.

Arrivals in Italy, one of the main migrant routes to Europe, had declined in recent years, but the numbers rose again in 2021.

Almost 19,800 immigrants have arrived since the beginning of the year compared to just over 6,700 in the same period last year, figures from the Italian Interior Ministry show.

Al menos 43 migrantes se ahogan en un naufragio frente a Túnez, dice la Media Luna Roja

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Al menos 43 migrantes se ahogaron en un naufragio frente a Túnez cuando intentaban cruzar el Mediterráneo desde Libia a Italia, mientras que otros 84 fueron rescatados, dijo el sábado la Media Luna Roja tunecina a Reuters.

El barco había zarpado de Zuwara, en la costa noroeste de Libia, transportando migrantes de Egipto, Sudán, Eritrea y Bangladesh, dijo la organización humanitaria.

En los últimos meses, se han producido varios incidentes de ahogamiento frente a la costa de Túnez, con un aumento en la frecuencia de intentos de cruzar a Europa desde Túnez y Libia hacia Italia a medida que el clima ha mejorado.

«La marina rescató a 84 migrantes y otros 43 se ahogaron en un barco que partió de Zuwara en Libia hacia Europa», dijo Mongi Slim, funcionario de la Media Luna Roja.

A group of Tunisian migrants arrive on a rubber boat after being rescued by the Tunisian coast guard off the coast of Bizerte, Tunisia, on October 12, 2017. REUTERS/Zoubeir Souissi

Cientos de miles de personas han realizado la peligrosa travesía del Mediterráneo en los últimos años, muchas de ellas huyendo de los conflictos y la pobreza en África y Oriente Medio.

Las llegadas a Italia, una de las principales rutas de inmigrantes a Europa, habían disminuido en los últimos años, pero las cifras volvieron a aumentar en 2021.

Casi 19.800 inmigrantes han llegado desde principios de año frente a poco más de 6.700 en el mismo período del año pasado, según muestran las cifras del Ministerio del Interior italiano.


Pola Roupa gets life plus 25 years jail accused of blowing up Greek Central Bank without victims.

Pola Roupa, a member of Greek urban guerrila group Revolutionary Struggle, has been sentenced to life and 25 years imprisonment over the bomb attack on the Greek National Bank and the offices of the IMF in Athens in April 2014.

The attack destroyed the front of the National Bank. Nobody was hurt, as people who conducted the attack took precautions and informed the authorities before the blast, allowing enough time for evacuation.

According to the prosecution, the attack could have been much more damaging if not for the security guard who managed to lower the metal shutters at the Greek National Bank before the evacuation, hence preventing the total collapse of the building. Should the building have collapsed it would likely have  resulted in the destruction of Greek banking system and massively damaged the Greek economy. Continue reading “Pola Roupa gets life plus 25 years jail accused of blowing up Greek Central Bank without victims.”

Greece: Update on anarchist hunger striker Konstantinos (25/02/2018)

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24/02, early in the morning, a group of police special forces (EKAM) entered Korydallos prison and abducted comrade Konstantinos Giagtzoglou (who is on hunger strike since 21/02 demanding his permanent transfer in Korydallos prison, located in Athens) in order to transfer him to Larisa prison.

The comrade fought back which resulted in him being injured by the pigs. He wasn’t allowed to take any of his stuff, not even his medicine. As an immediate response, the rest of the prisoners rose up and captured all prison wings, demanding a meeting with a representative of the Justice Department. They demand the immediate return of Konstantinos in Korydallos prison.As a result of the massive mobilization in Korydallos, Malandrino and Chania prisons, a representative of the Justice Department has met with representatives of the prisoners in Korydallos prison (the whole prison was occupied by the prisoners for 5 hours) and has promised them that there will be a new council in session in Monday to examine our comrade’s demand.

The prisoners ended the occupation warning him that they will take action again if the comrade’s demand is not met.
Ntinos is now in Larisa prison and announced that he will escalate his hunger strike to thirst strike starting from Sunday, 25/02/2018. He has also published a letter about his struggle.

The comrade’s letter: Continue reading “Greece: Update on anarchist hunger striker Konstantinos (25/02/2018)”



Via Perseus999   Help translate this video

These images were leaked out of Moria refugee camp in the island of Lesbos in Greece, exposing the dreadful and inhumane conditions that migrants are being forced to endure in order to survive in – 5°C / 23° F, sleeping in tents, on the frozen ground, under heavy snowfall. The severe weather conditions had been foreseen and expected for many days before, and yet hundreds of people that sacrificed everything to escape to “civilized” Europe have been left to their own demise.

The footage itself was captured on January 7, 2017 by an anonymous refugee, as a desperate message to the world about the appalling conditions they face. These images contradict the January 5, 2017 statement of Greek Migration Minister, Yiannis Mouzalas, when he stated “there are no refugees or migrants living in the cold anymore. Continue reading “REFUGEES FORCED TO LIVE IN SNOW IN TENTS”

Community self-defense Athens Style

from on Vimeo.

We continue to be in awe, of the spirit of direct action by our anarchist comrades in Greece.

The fascist political party L.E.P.E.N. was gearing up to open its doors on September 18th, the same day that Antifa rapper Killah P was murdered by neo-nazis. A large crew of Antifa comrades went to the new L.E.P.E.N. HQ and demolished it.

This was followed up, by a clean-up of Exarhia Square. Comrades crewed up and kicked out drug dealers, out of this historically anarchist neighborhood.

Some more context on the situation –

Video Ninjas –   Perseus 999   Mavra Mesanyxta   Music by Killah P

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Greece: Anarchist Refugee Collectives Displace state Detention Centres


While the world’s media is suitably distracted by the Olympic Games in Brazil, the war in Syria and beyond continues to see thousands of people – men, women and children – killed each week and many more attempting the perilous journey as refugees to seek safety.

from  nfo  with thanls

Meanwhile in the last two months there has been a deafening silence in the media about the plight of the thousands of refugees still stuck in Greece. Only 2500 refugees have so far been granted asylum status – the process is excruciatingly slow and most of those granted this status have yet to be relocated.

A report by the Greek Centre for Disease Control recommended all 16 of the refugee detention centres it inspected be closed due to unsanitary conditions and poor water supply. But while the Greek authorities seem unable to move forward, grassroots activists – anarchists – have yet again taken matters into their own hands and are providing shelter and food to those in need. However, this is not charity, or the result of a philanthropic endeavour, but direct democracy in practice.cbglyagumaas_qq

Anarchists in Greece have been providing squatted accommodation – abandoned schools, hotels etc – for refugees – since the current conflicts in Syria began. And as soon as the Greek authorities organised evictions of these premises, more buildings have been squatted. Continue reading “Greece: Anarchist Refugee Collectives Displace state Detention Centres”

Protests as 3 Refugee Occupations evicted in Greece

UPDATE:   see the GOOD NEWS:   Greece: Refugee solidarity anarchists Found Innocent by Court

As explained by the Marea  Refugees Support Collective, thirty people have been expelled to other “unspecified” camps and there have been some 50 arrests.
thessaloniki evictions

translated from  with thanks

Three houses where dozens of refugees were staying in Thessaloniki have been vacated by order of the government of Tsipras , according to reports from support collectives on the scene.

old photo of the evicted Orphanage
old photo of the evicted Orphanage

One building, a former orphanage, is being demolished. As they explained to La Marea, 32 refugees have been transferred to other  “unspecified” camps and there have been around fifty arrests.

In protest, support groups, refugees have occupied the headquarters of Syriza: “In quick response to government action to evict the squatters for refugees, have occupied the headquarters of Syriza in Thessaloniki, demanding the release of our colleagues and halt the demolition of Orfanotrofio, because within it has been a lot of material necessary for the daily life of refugees (clothing, food, medicines …) “they say. Continue reading “Protests as 3 Refugee Occupations evicted in Greece”

40 Anarchists confront 5000 right wing protesters. Video (Greece)

 SYNTAGMA RIOT40 Anarchists infiltrate and confront 5000 right wing protesters in favour of austerity (Greece)

On Monday 22 June 2015, 40 anarchists of anarchist collective “Rouviconas” in Athens, defied the so called majority in the streets, infiltrated at the center of a right wing protest of approximately 5.000 protesters demonstrating in favour of EU and IMF austerity measures in front of the Greek parliament in Syntagma square and burned several European Union flags shocking the ultra conservative crowd. Continue reading “40 Anarchists confront 5000 right wing protesters. Video (Greece)”

Stamp-scrip anti-money could Save Greece..Sabotage Capitalism

 If we accept that our predator capitalism is  rushing into financial and environmental disaster we need an equally vigorous and attractive alternative that people can turn to as things get worse.destroy the banksOne possibility is local ‘stamp-scrip’ (freemoney), which gradually loses its value if not spent, so people spend it immediately and the local economy booms. There’s no use hoarding capital in this scheme.

Continue reading “Stamp-scrip anti-money could Save Greece..Sabotage Capitalism”

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