Looted Targets and Trillionaires: Solidarity With the Rebels in Minneapolis.. May 28

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The following editorial looks at the recent revolt in Minneapolis in the context of both the COVID-19 pandemic and the overall social war in the so-called US.

Endlessly, we hear “why are they looting and burning their own community?” As if by geographic proximity, the Targets and Autozones and McDonalds and even the sacred small businesses have ever belonged to the workers and poor who now light them ablaze.

At a time where historic unemployment and disparity meets skyrocketing corporate profits and the advent of the first ‘trillionaire,’ we hear the scolds and defenders of the present order mobilizing to shame those who are reclaiming their time, their labor and their lives.

They remind us that there is a ‘correct’ way of doing things, that there are channels and representatives we must go through to seek justice. Meanwhile, the stores are burning, people are pushing police into retreat, and dancing in the streets.

George Floyd’s life was stolen by the Minneapolis Police Department. Another name on a long list of black lives that have been cut short by police violence. Oscar Grant, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, Philando Castile, Marcus David Peters, Breonna Taylor…every city has its list.


Yet it keeps happening. The script runs on repeat every time, wearing people down, retraumatizing families and communities, and ultimately leaving the institutions and police forces who perpetuate it in place – with minor reforms, at best.

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CO2-FREE FUEL REVOLUTION .. by Alex Lightman.. Ted-Talk

After 21 Conferences to ‘Fix The Climate’ we still see CO2 emissions rising and new fossil fuel prospection surging ahead. With the whole biosphere now teetering on the edge of collapse we need every tool possible to postpone disaster

Ammonia Energy SystemAlex Lightman has challenged the oil giants, with: 

  • his brilliant Ted-talk ‘How To Rid The US of Fossil Fuels by 2030′ see below. ,
  • slideshow (see below)
  • his presentation at the NH3 Fuel Conference :  NH3, Food Security, and The Transition to Fossil Fuel Free
  • and his coming book “The Infinite Feast: Food Security via Clean Energy”

  • NH3 part starts at  minute 13.00

At last a major US  ‘tech guru’ is in favour of green-NH3, the non-fossil and CO2-free fuel that has always existed, suppressed by the fossil fuel industry.  We’ve been saying it for years with zero impact. all combustion motors can be run on green NH3, cutting climate destroying gases by 30% and minimizing air pollution,  and saving millions of us from an agonizing death.

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Volkswagon ‘has killed up to 10,000 people just in UK’.

Volkswagon ‘killed up to 10,000 people just in UK’ and left tens of thousands permanently disabled.poison-air

This is the simple conclusion from official figures now available.

For the first time figures for poison NO2 and Particulates 2.5 have been included in British figures, adding 30,000 a year to the estimated deaths, nearly all from diesel emissions.

There are about 13 million Diesel vehicles in Britain, with 1.2 m Volkswagon produced cars (about 10%)  emitting up to 30 times the legal limit we can safely estimate at least 2,000 deaths a year from these vehicles, and this has been going on since 2009.

So a total of up to 10,000 of us murdered for their profit, plus tens of thousands suffering chronic diseases or slowly dying. Continue reading “Volkswagon ‘has killed up to 10,000 people just in UK’.”

How to DUMP Fossil Fuels… Alex Lightman.. CO2-free fuel

At last a major ‘tech guru’ is in favour of green-NH3, the non-fossil aand CO2-free fuel that has always existed, suppressed by the fossil fuel industry. (See Ted Talk below). We’ve been saying it for years with zero impact. all combustion motors can be run on green NH3, cutting climate destroying gases by 30% and abolishing air pollution, saving millions from an agonizing death.

Ammonia Energy System

Alex Lightman has challenged the oil giants, with

Its a huge advance for green-NH3 (ie.  ammonia from renewables) and comes hard on the heels of Toyota’s CO2-free ammonia prototype sportscar..  and the proposal to convert part of Sth Korea’s fleet Korean ammonia NH3 car to Slash CO2 and Toxic Air.

Lightman is another ‘Mr Fix It’ reformist, albeit a brilliant and powerful one. He wants to destroy the oil giants to fix capitalism, so that it can escape its current blind alley and the USA can still rule the world. However if the alternative is climate chaos and the extinction of millions of species, including our children,  his reformism is more than welcome, as a respite while real grass roots revolution can develop.
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Korean ammonia NH3 car could Slash CO2 and Toxic Air

The AmVeh – an ammonia fueled car from South Korea

South Korean researchers have successfully road-tested a dual fuel passenger car that runs on a mixture of ammonia and gasoline. It is called the AmVeh and was developed by members of the Ammonia Research Group at the Korean Institute forEnergy Research (KIER

Ammonia-gasoline dual fuel, and pure ammonia engines

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A simple solution to Climate Change.. suppressed!


There’s a simple answer to climate change that’s been available all along. Really? You don’t believe me?

The answer is to switch to a proven, cheaper, safer, CO2-free fuel that is also non toxic when used and would have saved, according to the WHO, seven million air pollution deaths last year.

All internal combustion motors can be converted easily to run on NH3 fuel, which with new tech can be made anywhere from solar energy, wind and water.

see here http://co2freefuelexistsnow.wordpress.com/

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Clean car fuel video/ CO2-free ‘green gasoline’ gains Momentum

Disclose.tvHydrofuel NH3 (ammonia) Car

NH3 green gasoline finally Gaining Momentum

The fossil fuel companies get grants and subsidies of over 500,000,000,000 dollars of public money a year, on top of their already obscene profits, while paying ZERO for the destruction of the earth and oceans, climate chaos and millions of air pollution deaths every year.

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Grab ammonia from Air for CO2-Free Fuel of future: New Scientist

   natures-hydrogen-tank Grab ammonia out of thin air for fuel of the future

31 July 2013 by Hal Hodson  New Scientist Magazine issue 2928.
”AS VITAL chemicals go, it’s hard to beat ammonia. Industrial production began in the early 20th century, and it played a key role in the second world war and in two Nobel prizes. It brought about a global revolution in agriculture – today, crops grown using ammonia-based fertilisers feed no less than 48 per cent of the planet. Continue reading “Grab ammonia from Air for CO2-Free Fuel of future: New Scientist”

Ammonia FAQs: fossil fools use fossil fuels!




see the blog HERE:  http://co2freefuelexistsnow.wordpress.com/


Q: What is ammonia?

A: Ammonia is simply Hydrogen and Nitrogen (NH3). Notice there is no carbon (C) in “NH3”. That means when you burn ammonia, it cannot release carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or other greenhouse pollutants…. Continue reading “Ammonia FAQs: fossil fools use fossil fuels!”

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