How to DUMP Fossil Fuels… Alex Lightman.. CO2-free fuel

At last a major ‘tech guru’ is in favour of green-NH3, the non-fossil aand CO2-free fuel that has always existed, suppressed by the fossil fuel industry. (See Ted Talk below). We’ve been saying it for years with zero impact. all combustion motors can be run on green NH3, cutting climate destroying gases by 30% and abolishing air pollution, saving millions from an agonizing death.

Ammonia Energy System

Alex Lightman has challenged the oil giants, with

Its a huge advance for green-NH3 (ie.  ammonia from renewables) and comes hard on the heels of Toyota’s CO2-free ammonia prototype sportscar..  and the proposal to convert part of Sth Korea’s fleet Korean ammonia NH3 car to Slash CO2 and Toxic Air.

Lightman is another ‘Mr Fix It’ reformist, albeit a brilliant and powerful one. He wants to destroy the oil giants to fix capitalism, so that it can escape its current blind alley and the USA can still rule the world. However if the alternative is climate chaos and the extinction of millions of species, including our children,  his reformism is more than welcome, as a respite while real grass roots revolution can develop.


Whether his recipe can win is another matter. the fossil fuel energy has half the politicians on earth bought and paid for, receiving trillions in still increasing ‘subsidies’. One example, in Spain the moment solar panels became economic the successful industry was destroyed by proposing a huge tax on using the sun, proposing fines of millions of euros for not registering, and similarily the excellent wind sector was stopped in its tracks by revoking contracts and abolishing subsidies retrospectively. Many corrupt Spanish politicians get honorary board memberships of fossil fuel companies, with huge salaries. The British Government has announced a curb on solar farms ” because they are ugly”.. etc etc.

Alex Lightman is proving that a Green Revolution is technically possible. Whether it happens depends on the mobilisation, or not, of people power to confront the ‘Death Corporations’ and their political stooges.

 Alex Lightman is the author of the forthcoming book advocating the transition to green NH3, “The Infinite Feast: Food Security via Clean Energy” and in July 2014 brought international attention to key role of green NH3 in the clean energy transition via his TEDx talk, How To Rid The US of Fossil Fuels by 2030.

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