You will not find us there: on Gender Violence and Collective Management

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We write this communication in order to share our concern and irritation due to many situations that we have known or experienced directly in recent times in relation to the definition of gender violence and its management in social and libertarian movements.

We start from the idea that gender violence is the product of a heteronormative model that imposes a unique form of existence in terms of what our body, our identity, our gender expression, our sexuality and our relationships are. All those people who do not comply with this norm  can be exposed to violence, as punishment for transgressions and non-compliance with the hetero-norm.

And those agressions that happen in the spaces that should be of support and solidarity make the lives and militancy of those who fight untenable, and for that we strongly oppose them. All of us who signed this communique have spent years fighting against the heteropatriarchy, as well as for the liberation of all.

A Greve Feminista é uma proposta feita pelo movimento feminista internacional, que convoca uma greve de mulheres como forma de protesto e revolta face às situações de precariedade e violência que invadem as nossas vidas. É o maior movimento mundial de mulheres de paralisação social das últimas décadas, acontece no dia 8 de Março, Dia Internacional da Mulher.

Now that our position is clarified, it is essential to share a reflection on how the hegemonic feminist discourse is defining violence and, by default, how the so-called aggressions are being managed.

The first issue that is problematic is the way in which gender violence is being framed, conceptualized and considered. From certain feminisms it is named with this term structural or symbolic gender inequalities, causing the concept of violence to take on too great a spectrum of meanings. Continue reading “You will not find us there: on Gender Violence and Collective Management”

Short Story~Burning Woman~ I Choose to be a Teacher


I Choose to be a Teacher

~Burning Woman~

[a short story by Sha’Tara]

No answer.
“Yes ma…”
“What are you doing up there, sleeping?”
“Finishing the boys’ room ma.”
“Leave that, come down. I need you to go to the Bellamy’s and get me fresh produce. We’ll have payin’ guests tonight.”
A pretty young woman of about fifteen, with thick auburn hair adorned with a couple of ribbons, comes down. Her heavy footsteps indicate how reluctant she is to obey her mother. Continue reading “Short Story~Burning Woman~ I Choose to be a Teacher”

The Idea is the Thing . How to Make Revolution ..Alexander Berkman (read,Download)

Alexander Berkman: The Idea is the Thing

Here is a thoughtful piece on social change by Alexander Berkman. A version of this essay formed part of Berkman’s classic introduction to anarchism, Now and After: The ABC of Anarchist Communism. Informed by a lifetime of struggle and involvement in the international anarchist movement, and having witnessed the triumph of the Marxist dictatorship in Russia and the rise of fascism in Italy, Berkman was well situated to comment on the problem of achieving far-reaching social transformation in the face of reaction.

Continue reading “The Idea is the Thing . How to Make Revolution ..Alexander Berkman (read,Download)”

Road to Revolution: The Barcelona Rent Strike of 1931.

A look at how the Barcelona rent strike of 1931 prepared the ground for the revolution of 1936. 

by Dermot Sreenan    The Barcelona Rent Strike of 1931 not only served to reduce rent costs for working class families but was also an education in self-organisation for thousands of workers. It, along with other struggles in those years, created an organised working class that in 1936 made the most successful attempt yet to overthrow capitalism and create libertarian communism.

“1931 mass arrests in Barcelona due to the Rent Strike  (Foto 👉 Ateneu Enciclopèdic Popular) …

The CNT was an illegal organisation during the 1920’s and thus many members had been reduced to the role of passive spectators as dedicated militants battled with the police and pistoleros. The dictator, Primo de Rivera, had fallen in 1930 and the new government (who declared a republic in ’31) let the CNT re-emerge.

As anarchists, the CNT wished to widen the union into a real participatory social movement. To do this they had to broaden its realm of influence. They knew that only via mass organisation, participation and struggle could the foundations be laid so that people would acquire the skills to construct a new society. Continue reading “Road to Revolution: The Barcelona Rent Strike of 1931.”

Radical Cities and Social Revolution: An Interview with Janet Biehl

Activist and prolific writer Janet Biehl has famously taken up the theory and practice of Municipal Anarchism, as theorized by her companion Murray Bookchin in his lifetime. Recently the ideas have been taken up by the Kurdish leader Ocalan and enthusiastically implemented in the Rojava Revolution and Nth Kurdistan. biehl

Radical Cities and Social Revolution:
An Interview with Janet Biehl

The abstractness and programmatic emptiness so characteristic of contemporary radical theory indicates a severe crisis in the left. It suggests a retreat from the belief that the ideal of a cooperative, egalitarian society can be made concrete and thus realized in actual social relationships. It is as though – in a period of change and demobilization – many radicals have ceded the right and the capacity to transform society to CEO’s and heads of state.

Janet Biehl’s new book, The Politics of Social Ecology: Libertarian Municipalism, is an affront to this. It challenges the politically resigned with a detailed, historically situated anti-statist and anti-capitalist politics for today.

I asked Biehl about her new work in the fall of 1997 by email. ~ Chuck Morse

Your book is essentially programmatic: you set libertarian municipalism in a historical context and offer concrete suggestions for practice. What political circumstances made it seem especially important to produce this book now?facebook_event_173832189658154

As the political dimension of social ecology – the body of ideas developed by Murray Bookchin since the 1950s – libertarian municipalism is a libertarian politics of political and social revolution. It constitutes both a theory and a practice for building a revolutionary movement whose ultimate aim is to achieve an equal, just, and free society. My book is intended as a simple articulation of these ideas, which Bookchin himself has expounded elsewhere Continue reading “Radical Cities and Social Revolution: An Interview with Janet Biehl”

#NuitDebout occupies Paris. March 51 marks 20th day of mass protest siege.

By Eric Verlo   NOT MY TRIBE – 4/19/2016

NUIT DEBOUT started as a protest against the weakening of labor protections. It’s grown since March 31 into a pan European movement driven by students who resume daily protests every night at six.

What’s being lauded as a Paris Spring is also being likened to Occupy Wall Street because the assemblies have no leaders nor do they make any demands. They do present an ultimatum. The month of April will not begin until economic policies are reformulated.

Until then the Nuitdeboutistes are counting successive days against March, not April, so today is March 51. If you think mainstream media is ignoring #DemocracySpring it’s unanimously mum about this spontaneous uprising spreading across French cities and European capitols.

Spreading ‘nuit debout’ Occupations demand Revolution Now

Nuit debout protesters occupy French cities in revolutionary call for change

from The Guardian   For more than a week, vast nocturnal gatherings have spread across France in a citizen-led movement that has rattled the government4899018_6_bbfc_des-manifestants-discutent-entre-eux-le-8_ff15974e6ec4ff1e198a3632ed7a6511 in Paris     As night fell over Paris, thousands of people sat cross-legged in the vast square at Place de la République, taking turns to pass round a microphone and denounce everything from the dominance of Google to tax evasion or inequality on housing estates.

update here.. International Call for Nuit Debout Solidarity

Vive la révolution: demonstrators gather in Place de la République for a nocturnal sit-in. Photograph: Ian Langsdon/EPA
Vive la révolution: demonstrators gather in Place de la République for a nocturnal sit-in. Photograph: Ian Langsdon/EPA

The debating continued into the early hours of the morning, with soup and sandwiches on hand in the canteen tent and a protest choir singing revolutionary songs.

One of the demands is the repeal of the Jobs Law approved last week
One of the demands is the repeal of the Jobs Law imposed  last week

A handful of protesters in tents then bedded down to “occupy” the square for the night before being asked to move on by police just before dawn. But the next morning they returned to set up their protest camp again.

Spanish 15M groups are occupying across the country in support of the ‘outraged’ French…Dozens of people have camped at the gates of the City of Valencia after a busy demonstration for the Nuit Debout Paris. Continue reading “Spreading ‘nuit debout’ Occupations demand Revolution Now”

Chief Theresa brings Social Revolution to Girls and Women

Malawi’s fearsome chief, terminator of child marriages
Chief Kachindamoto has broken up 850 child marriages in three years, and banned the sexual initiations of young girls.

by Hannah McNeish  Al Jazeera 

b54f8a77d1aa479399009a503e27fc6a_18 (1) Theresa Kachindamoto was the youngest of 12 children born into a family of chiefs [Hannah McNeish/  

Mtakataka, Malawi – The mild-mannered woman who zips around a farmhouse packed with knick-knacks and insists her guests eat a meal before any introductions, presents a character at odds with her fearsome reputation of being Malawi’s top marriage terminator.

Thirteen years ago, Theresa Kachindamoto could not have conceived of ever leaving her job of 27 years as a secretary at a city college in Zomba, another district in Southern Malawi.

Chief annuls child marriages so that girls in Malawi can go to school
Chief annuls child marriages so that girls in Malawi can go to school

She had no desire to return home to Monkey Bay, a stunning cluster of mountains in Dedza District around Lake Malawi. Although she had the blood of chiefs – Malawi’s traditional authority figures – running through her veins, as the youngest of 12 siblings, a woman, and a mother of five, Kachindamoto never expected to become a senior chief to the more than 100,000 people. Continue reading “Chief Theresa brings Social Revolution to Girls and Women”

Tiger Women.. Proud of our Stretch Marks

tiger woman stretch marks
tiger woman stretch marks

translated from     In southern Europe it’s starting to get warm already and soon we ladies will face the dreaded # operaciónbikini. What’s better than a gallery of stretch marks to give us a boost of self-esteem when we need it? Lots of ‘Fridas’ pose proudly for naturalizing what nobody dares to make visible.

proud to be hairy

Last year we set out to face the warm weather by making our hair visible ,woman’s hair, body hair that appears from all our corners and often seems that it should not be there. Continue reading “Tiger Women.. Proud of our Stretch Marks”

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