Rage, fear in India’s Azamgarh over State land robbery for airport

from thefreeonline on 8th Feb 2023 by Astha Savyasachi at Al Jazeera shared with thanks

Months-old protest becomes a ‘fight for survival’ as mainly marginalised residents of eight villages resist government’s move.

India Azamgarh
Villagers holding a protest march on January 26, India’s Republic Day [Astha Savyasachi/Al Jazeera]

Azamgarh, India – Cradling her toddler in one arm, Arti Sharma adjusts her saree with another as she picks up the placard that says: “Zameen nahi denge, jaan bhi nahi denge [We will neither give our land nor our lives].”

It is a placard her husband Deepak Sharma had made, days before he succumbed to a heart attack at 31.

Key land acquisition law comes into forcc..New law on land acquisition replaces a 119-year-old statute promulgated during British colonial rule.

Oblivious to the reality, the toddler tries to wipe his mother’s tears as she marches to Khiria Bagh in Uttar Pradesh state’s Azamgarh district, where a protest against the acquisition of land for expansion of an airport has been going on for months.

Arti clutches the placard close to her chest. “It keeps our struggle warm with his memories,” she tells Al Jazeera.

India Azamgarh
Arti, wife of late Deepak Sharma, with her son holding a placard [Astha Savyasachi/Al Jazeera]

Tens of thousands of people residing in eight villages of Azamgarh call their protest a “fight for survival” and it looks like one. On January 26, as India celebrated its 74th Republic Day which marks the adoption of its constitution in 1950, hundreds of villagers were protesting at Khiria Bagh park.

A 90-year-old man, his frail legs shivering with cold, held a small tricolour – the national flag – in his hand as he declared, “We will fight till our last breath. We won’t move until they bring the bulldozer and run it over us.”

There was an air of desperation at the park. A man in his 30s dragged his wheelchair with a tricolour tied to its handle. A woman held a placard as she ran barefoot on the damp mud. A handful of coins clunk to the walls of the rusty tin box meant to collect donations for the protest – meagre savings from meals skipped to feed the movement.

Children had skipped school, women left their chores half-done, daily wage workers who had not earned for months, farmers forced to postpone weeding of their crops – all stood under the sea of tricolours waving over their heads, protesting against the land acquisition for the proposed international airport at Azamgarh.

India Azamgarh
A 90-year-old man joins the protest at Khiria Bagh park [Astha Savyasachi/Al Jazeera]

‘Which caste are you from?’

In 2004, an airstrip was built in this eastern district of Uttar Pradesh. It was not used until November 2018 when state Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath announced its expansion and building of an international airport under an ambitious scheme aimed at upgrading India’s underserved air routes.

A budget of nearly $2.4m was allocated the following year for the proposed airport. According to the statements by Vishal Bharadwaj, the district magistrate of Azamgarh, about 270 hectares (670 acres) of land were meant to be acquired from eight villages – Gadanpur, Hichchanpatti, Jigna Karmanpur, Jamua Hariram, Jamua Jolha, Hasanpur, Kadipur Harikesh, Jehra Pipri, Manduri, and Baldev Manduri – for the project.

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Gangs, cholera and political turmoil leave half Haiti’s children relying on aid

Stigmatis News

Triple threat sees Caribbean country in worst crisis since 2010 earthquake, with young people bearing the brunt, warns Unicef

Global development | By Luke Taylor

An escalation of gang violence, political instability and a deadly cholera outbreak in Haiti has left half its children relying on humanitarian aid to survive, Unicef says.

Children sleep on the floor of a Port-au-Prince school that was turned into a shelter after they were forced by gang violence to leave their homes. Photograph: Odelyn Joseph/AP

At least 2.6 million are expected to need immediate lifesaving assistance this year as the overlapping crises leave Haiti’s children in the worst position since the earthquake of 2010, Unicef’s Haiti representative, Bruno Maes, told the Guardian.

“Haitian children don’t just face challenges accessing food and potable water while the health system collapses around them,” Maes said. “There is also a lack of protection. Children are being abused, young…

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Blogtheme 9.- Women’s Rescue.. Lucia would dynamite Patriarchy

collage against all anti women violence, for The Free

by thefreeonline (reblogging this old post as it’s disappeared)

Ninth in the extracts to promote the ideas behind ‘The Free’, the e-book is a Free download here on the blog, read book online at blog HERE

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…………I woke up thinking I was on a long long swing. We had a nice view of a wide grey sea, but the cabin was high up and swayed like crazy…

Between the weather, the price of diesel, and the tragedy of the year before, the ferry company was bankrupt. Now it was a workers Coop.. it’s creditors had been paid something by the Credit Union, who had socialized it. So we got the star treatment from the happy staff…

Doctor Lucia is fun to travel with, and now I was in fine form, we went out on deck that evening, exhilarated by the wind and spray, and ate our sandwiches. Maxie’a support group had given Lucy a good portable with satellite net access. We could watch Pools TV, or a billion other possibilities, and chat with our families and friends…………

An alarm woke us at three am. So she could take part in an Asian Net TV show for ‘Women’s Rescue’. (See Glossary. p444)

Lucy is a therapist or a sort of healer, as well as an expert in deconstructing institutions. And this was more than an online agony aunt show for Freenet TVs. I managed to shine two lights on her, adjust the little camera on her face and position the mike securely.

She had come prepared, and dressed in a spectacular yellow and scarlet cloth, like a sari shirt. With a violet headband that hid her lack of hair.

She was on this show every week. It was mid morning in Karachi or Mumbai, a popular time, with husbands and keepers and children out of the house.

Millions of women now have the chance, open or clandestine, of watching or copying Free-Net TVs. Including this show. Real life solutions to common misogynist horrors. Physical, money, cultural and religious semi slavery… [refs.11. p454]

I had taped the camera down, and she tried to sit relatively straight. Though they might see her leaning strangely into the awful swell. I even adjusted the mike to cut wind noise.

She had me massaging her head and neck, while we watched the first part. My hands shook a little, thinking how she’s the same age as my dead mama.

Her skin is smooth and dark chocolate brown. Awesome and slippery as warm silk.

We heard newsclips from Women’s Rescue groups all over. They do have money and lawyers, and I never knew that Doctor Lucy was so famous. She was sipping from the flask of maté tea, to perk herself up. Massaging herself under her flowing robe, shuddering with the ship, while I fiddled with the settings. Then she was being connected.

Lucia was a smash hit. They loved her. And I’m sure she saved one woman’s life. Guessing the root of her persecution straight away, and persuading her to seek refuge.

It was a dowry dispute over ownership of herself. With an unproven accusation of attempted adultery, and her husband’s clan honour bound to kill her!

They had her answering problems where they really could help.

Her voice infiltrated vibrations of healing.

A sister link.. I’m vulnerable like you.

A shared assumption..Of course I’m safe here and they help me.

And an assertion implied but convincing, that..:

In my real world, outside the nightmares you’re trapped in,

of course we share and are cared for. We won that battle.

I’m already in that real world.

My friends are waiting for you

Here are the keys!

All with a few odd words, inflections, tones, intimate female body language, touching and reaching. All mixed into her answers on the show.

And more I didn’t get…I’m a clown, and I know about the acting in public, but I could learn a lot from Lucia. She’s an ace.

I heard a million voices saying ‘thank you Lucy’. Sure it was lack of sleep and the wind.

I imagined secret copies of the show.

Discs or tapes or memory sticks, swapping hands and multiplying,

invisible and powerful, through the immense thronging markets of Asia.

I saw, that dawn, on the yawing ferry.. that those women would dynamite patriarchy. Really undermine and replace horrible outdated customs and laws. Slavery and brutality and unfair privilege. And not just to benefit some State or God or Corporation.

They had a small studio audience who applauded like crazy.

Then they were gone.. I was clapping and getting hugged, a public of one.

Our ship let a mighty blast, real close.

We ducked in shock and laughed,. She kissed my cheeks.

The sea was calmer now, we must be arriving.

-‘Let’s hope we find Maxie fast.’- I said. Peeping out the porthole.

We were gliding safely into the harbour.


note.. the theme of Womens Rescue runs through  The Free, but it’s hard to select pages as it’s woven in the story.

..here’s the Glossary entry

Womens Rescue*Starts as a resource for getting and giving help and advice online. Anonymously if necessary.  Develops with strong volunteer local and international groups. Harnessing online potential. Seeks to undermine physical, cultural, economic, religious and sexual semi-slavery of hundreds of millions of women.Lucia stars in popular advice and healing sessions on Free-Net TV stations, Offshoot of the self-help immigration Soli-Fest network..

and references in back of book.

11.Feminist anarchism. Anti patriarchy  pages 37 138 etc

11a  http://theanarchistlibrary.org/HTML/Emma_Goldman__Living_My_Life.html

11b    Socialism, Anarchism And Feminism by Carol Ehrlich


11c    No Authority But Oneself: The Anarchist Feminist Philosophy of Autonomy and Freedom


To further check out the concepts behind this scene you can check the complete references HERE, …fascism, un-schooling. CLANs, gay, etc  … and click to the links for various books in the Anarchist Library.

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“Covid Vaccine” fraud has been directed by US ‘Dept of Defence’ all along. – PROOF

from thefreeonline by RHODA WILSON  on 7th Feb 2923 at Tales from the Conspiratum ..

Passing the Buck … “[Pfizer] did not defraud the government. We delivered the fraud that the government ordered.”  Sasha Latypova used these words to describe the basis on which Pfizer has requested the dismissal of a False Claims Act case brought against them for their covid “vaccines.”

“You maybe heard about Brooke Jackson’s case in the US. She’s suing Pfizer under False Claims Act that they defrauded the government.

Well, Pfizer already filed a motion to dismiss – the case hasn’t been dismissed yet – but Pfizer already in court stated that: ‘Please dismiss this case, Judge.  We did not defraud the government. We delivered the fraud that the government ordered.”

Listen to the article:https://trinitymedia.ai/player/trinity-player.ph

The US Department of Defence ordered “demonstrations” from pharmaceutical companies using the same secretive framework they use to order weapons. 

While telling us they were pharmaceutical products, for legal reasons they described them as emergency use authorised “countermeasures.”

  No pharmaceutical regulation applies to countermeasures.

“They were claiming that they’re producing pharmaceutical products to the good manufacturing standards when they perfectly well knew, I assure you, they were all aware of this.

They perfectly well knew that no pharmaceutical regulations apply to these things, countermeasures … They’re just lying to you that these are pharmaceuticals. They’re actually not,” Latypova explained.

Defense.govCoronavirus: DOD Response

Coronavirus: DOD Response

The international conference ‘Pandemic Strategies: Lessons and Consequences’ held at the Stockholm Waterfront on 21-22 January 2023 gathered 15 leading doctors, researchers and lawyers from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel, Ukraine and Norway, along with 7 Swedes.

Presentations and panel discussions are being released in the order that they appeared on the program at a rate of 3 per day.

Alexandra “Sasha” Latypova was one of those who gave a presentation.  She holds an MBA degree and is a former Pharmaceutical R&D Executive.

Latypova has spent approximately 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry and has owned and managed several contract research organisations – conducting clinical trials for over 60 pharmaceutical clients worldwide.


She became concerned about the irregularities, cover-up and apparent fraud relating to the extremely high number of deaths and injuries associated with the covid injection rollout.

In her presentation, she explained that her initial investigation was to look into the so-called covid vaccines’ compliance with good manufacturing practices.

It is the practice required to conform to quality guidelines recommended by regulatory agencies and applies to drugs, food and other mass-produced products that are consumed.

It is to ensure, for example, that if you buy your favourite beer today and then you go to the to buy it again a week from now or a month from now, your experience is the same.

The same goes for medicines like Aspirin that you buy in a pharmacy. You don’t expect a product to be a thousand times different a week from now versus today.

“As a highly regulated industry, pharmaceutical manufacturers are supposed to comply with [good manufacturing practice]. And this means that the product that they claim that they make, with the ingredients that they claim that they make, is supposed to be in every vial, every shot, every pill, over and over and over again, and they should be almost identical to each other,” Latypova said.

In the first few months of her investigation, Latypova found evidence of “very bad manufacturing practices” in relation to the mRNA injections. “When I looked at the [ ] graph [of serious adverse events and deaths recorded in VAERS] for mRNA injections for the US, I found [the below]”

“[I’m] only looking at serious adverse events and deaths. There were almost no adverse events reported in some lots, and some lots had thousands and they had hundreds of deaths. And so, this is not a good manufacturing practice-compliant product at all,” said Latypova. 

“I’m not endorsing flu vaccines or any vaccines anymore, because until this is investigated fully, nobody should be taking anything. That’s my professional opinion.”

The above graph shows Johnson & Johnson (Janssen), Moderna and Pfizer.  Below is a graph for Moderna. The blue colour represents serious adverse events and the orange represents death post-vaccination. “A well-manufactured product should not look like this at all,” Latypova explained.

Explaining the significance of the lot labelled in the graph above, Latypova said:

You can watch Latypova’s full presentation above… https://rumble.com/embed/v25mv4v/?pub=4#?secret=LPY11zYJDCLakaruppropet: Covid-19 countermeasures: Evidence for an intent to harm, Alexandra Latypova (25 mins)

“On January 18, Orange County, California Health Department flagged this particular lot of Moderna for what they called ‘excessive number of allergic reactions’. Nothing was done about it. The injections were not stopped. In fact, this lot was being sold all over the United States until it ran out in late March.

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When will Pentagon finally Dump corrupt Zelensky? How did he get his billion $$ and villa in Miami?

Key Billionaire backer Kolomoysky Raided by police as Zelensky nearly toppled

from thefreeonline on 6th feb 2023 original text by Jim W. Dean and Gordon Duff at Veterans Today ..

Where’s the Money, Zelensky? Dutch Party Asks Ukraine’s Prez to Account .“Zelensky has a fortune: various estimates put his wealth at around $850 million. He amassed most of it after taking office as president. Where does the money come from? And more importantly, where is it going?” the Forum for Democracy asked in posts on its Twitter and Telegram accounts on Monday.

18,495 views 1 Feb 2023 Ukrainian officials searched the home of billionaire Ihor Kolomoyskyy on Wednesday, according to multiple outlets, making the one-time backer of President Volodymyr Zelensky the latest target of a weeks-long crackdown on corruption in Ukraine. READ MORE: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tylerrou…

By Jim W. Dean and Gordon Duff original info in March 2, 2022

Ukraine’s ‘Midnight Cowboy’ president exposed for being a billionaire Israeli oligarch… More than a billion dollars are held in Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s accounts abroad. This was announced by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the Opposition Platform – Party For Life Ilya Kiva.

According to him, Zelensky has accumulated $1.2 billion in the Dresdner Bank Lateinamerika in Costa Rica during the two and a half years of his presidency. This money was transferred to the president by Ukrainian oligarchs, such as Rinat Akhmetov, Viktor Pinchuk, Igor Kolomoisky. As Kiva noted, replenishment is done regularly, in tranches of $12 million to $35 million.

And they go through banks like First Union Bank, Deutsche Bank, Banque Nationale de Paris. According to the deputy, the movement of such funds would be impossible without the control of the authorities of Germany and France.

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Eminent Pathologist confirms COVID Vaccination causes giant Blood Clots, Cancer & Infertility

Covid injections’ toxic lipid nanoparticles and mRNA induce the body to make hazardous spike proteins, which then distribute themselves throughout the entire body increasing the risk of inflammation, micro blood clots and fibrous blood clots.

from thefreeonline By The Exposé on Comments ..

Covid vaccine trials.. All the Animals Died

Unfortunately, according to the same experienced pathologist, who has carried out studies to prove this, Covid injections also have the ability to cause cancer and infertility.

Dr. Ryan Cole is an Idaho pathologist who is no stranger to controversy.

His claims of horrific side effects from mRNA vaccines and his recommendations of alternative treatments for Covid launched medical board investigations in multiple states, prompting the doctor to defend his license.

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Putin vows Response to Suicidal Escalation against Russia – Read Shocking Discussion here –

“Unbelievable, but true – we are once again threatened with German Leopard tanks, with crosses on their hull. And once again seeking to battle Russia in Ukraine with the help of Hitler’s followers, the Banderites,” Putin said.

from thefreeonline via Tolstoy Comments at Banned News Agency


Nothing Deleted / Here is a taster of opinions OUTSIDE the West’s Propaganda Bubble.

See all comments + Replies/Likes..HERE (you may need a VPN)

cold Water

“We have something to respond with…”. What? Respond already. Germany is sending tanks and weapons of war to kill Russians NOW. Stop being coy and ACT!


Vladimir Putin looks both strong and healthy.
But according to the Western media, he was dying of cancer.


Magnesium4M, Yes and he actually looks younger than he did a few months ago.

Joseph Ryan

The West is Depopulating Ukraine to advance the theft of the whole country. They will seal the deal when there’s no fighting age men left to stop them. For the West, messing with Russia and killing Russians is a bonus. Sick MFKR’s rule us.

12 hr

Qasim K

I wonder if the Russians have their own version of MOAB (Mother of all bombs) and if they do they could use it to take out the whole tank fleet as it enters from EU into Ukraine!

Paul Thomson

Qasim K, They have the “Father of all bombs”, not kidding lol

Pavithra Pavithra

US did use limited power nuclear rounds in Iraq to face Saddam Hossain’s army. The sites where US bombed with depleted uranium bombs in Iraq are still radioactive. Now, Abrams tanks US supplies to Ukraine too, exclusively use depleted uranium rounds. (though US says these Abrams tanks shipped to Ukraine use tungsten rounds instead of depleted uranium rounds). Depleted uranium rounds are very radioactive and the sites attacked with depleted uranium rounds by Abrams tanks will swarm with radioactivity. Under these circumstances Russia must be in a dilemma whether to use the same type of rounds or not.


Maybe it will take having to live in a radioactive wasteland to make us lose our taste for war.


Untill Russia shows that they mean what they say without delays the collective West will treat all such warnings as a bluff.


So what does he mean exactly ?


Berlin is a wussie; bending over to Biden every time he tells Scholz to. Shame. Time to go Scholz if you cannot stand up to Biden.

Koopa Troopa

Still waiting for Russia to drop at least one of their 20,000lb bombs on one of Ukraine’s airfields. The FOAB (Father of All Bombs)


The west keeps thinking this is Iraq or Libya or Syria. They keep thinking America has their back. Once the nukes starts falling the US will quickly back off saying it’s not their war


Germans never learn. They will only realise their mistake when they see a mushroom cloud over Berlin


Starkest warning yet. President Putin does not bluff. If they want a nuclear ☢️ war then let’s go and see what happens


Think of them as Target Practice…The NATO Psychopath’s are only interested in stealing USA Treasury Money, and feeding the Military Industrial Complex with it. Until 1 USA Military Soldier becomes a Casualty, the War Mongering USA won’t Declare War on Russia…however, the USA is inching ever so close…it takes a lot of daily maintenance to operate an Abrams Tank, and those wide behemoth’s make good target’s…Political War Mongering, against Russia, based, on the True History of Ukraines Overthrow, by the USA funded Banderites, Neo Nazi’s, and, the Obama Biden Clinton Democrat Party, must be presented, to the World Court, and, every Nation’s Newspaper’s, and, in Documentaties, such as Oliver Stones “Ukraine on Fire”…The USA Federal Government, and, its control of School Curriculum, and Media, which dumbs down the public, still blames Oswald, for killing JFK, even as it has been proven, to be a massive Federal Conspiracy, funded, by CIA Personnel, and, involving many other Federal and State Agency Personnel. It is Business as usual, to Ignore, a Full Investigation of Evidence, and Testimonies, by the Absolute Corrupted, USA Federal Government, and, its Controlling Personnel, whose only Collective Concern, is their Lifetime Rank Privilege, and, Guaranteed Income, and, Housing Security, and, Retirement Benefit’s,etc….all pilferred, from its States…

Jordan Thomson

Damn right its true, everybody who is participating in sending arms to Ukraine are truely no different then those who were lining up to go into Russia to fight and kill regular Russian Citizens..
“Unbelievable, but true – we are once again threatened with German Leopard tanks, with crosses on their hull. And once again seeking to battle Russia in Ukraine with the help of Hitler’s followers, the Banderites,”


Putin is playing a game, where the west cannot possibly compete…Russian is on another level… 🍁Rootin for Putin🍁

Michael B

I see fractures in the NATO and EU alliance. Europe does not want it’s fate decided by the policy maker think tanks in Washington. Now with the Ukrainian war many are seeing this firsthand and are rather sick and tired of the last eleven months. Europe does not want to fall victim to USA hegemony and the proxy war involving stockpiles of weapons that they send,only to be drawn into much bigger conflict with Russia. But USA is only pushing them more to the brink with US making huge profits for arms manufacturers and nothing is in it for them.


You have a lot of Amerucans here who want to help Russia defeat that befouled nest they live in. Is there any way Russia will let them volunteer? Everyone has lists of political, judicial, agency criminals they wanted shot dead. Those are worth preserving. A world without a bunch of John Bolton’s, or assorted US politicians, is a better world.

No Hair

What is Putin telling us? Maybe he is saying that killing is not the only way for Russia to make meat. The west’s exceptionally fragile infrastructure will do just splendidly.


No Hair, All he has to do is get Trump elected again. Trump will take America down for him.


Every Mushroom Cloud – has a Radioactive Silver lining


Let’s hope no mushroom clouds but the Neocon west is acting like a drug deprived pyscho


Every day now I look to the horizon and wonder when I will be seeing a mushroom cloud.


citris1, It’s the one you don’t see that kills you


God be with Russia!


ToniaB, This is a meaningless statement.


HEY WEST! …………… Listen!…………………. Putin DONT BLUFF!


Most ppl I know are fiercely against this war.. It’s those d@mned politicians in ‘the west’ again that are war mongering and power playing with NATO, EU, USA, UK leading that pack. Politicians are NOT bearing the brunt of the consequences of this prolonged war. Once Putin gets really mad, I do hope he’ll take that into account and limit the ‘collateral damage’ on innocent citizens, please Mr. President.

Comment has been deleted


Everybody seems to think that Putin was threatening the use of nuclear weapons. But, he may be thinking far worse! He could get Trump elected again. That’s his ultimate nuclear option. U.S. democracy could not survive another 4 years.


Peace101, Mata Hillary is that you!

Hans Brix

Putin isn’t warning us. Our governments haven’t represented our will in over 100 years.

Vanessa Stone

Hans Brix, It isn’t our government it’s the government

Sun Risings

tomo4321 … BBC is the British state news organization of the extremist country that cant tell the truth to its own people and is also a State Sponsor of Terrorism.


Sun Risings, And you think RT is sponsored by whom? Guardian of Galaxy?

tomo4321, You are projecting!!


The biggest warmonger in Poland is Bydgoszcz city, it is what I heard from my friend who was there.

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