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note> unfortunately we still have no video, audiobook or powerpoint versions of ‘The Free’  (July 2019)

download/read …The Free.  2020 edition pdf+Essay … 7.6mb. click  


The Free: video presentation by Jesse Cohn

‘The Free’ is an adventure thriller set in the collapse of capitalism. Maxie escapes her authoritarian religious school, runs from her abusive nuclear family, falls in with the feminists, squatters and gays, and takes part in an anarchist social revolution.The novel is a popular online read and free download here.

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Recently Dr Daniel P,  Jaeckle has written a 24 page review here, analysing the story as a revolutionary example, for an upcoming book on anarchist utopia’s in literature.  Thanks again to Daniel for allowing a preview  on TheFreeOnline

Now Jesse Cohn has recorded a 17 minute video presentation on ‘The Free’ as part of the Anarchist Studies series which he did live on the net via UStream.

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He compares the failed insurrection in the original 1981 version with triumphing fiesta of social revolution in the 2012 edition, You can view a tidied up version of his talk below, and on you tube.

Hope you like it!

The Free,,video

read online here


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