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Georgia won’t invade Abkhazia, S. Ossetia, wage war with Russia on Ukraine’s orders: ruling party


The United National Movement was founded by now imprisoned former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili, a citizen of Ukraine and former leading official in the Zelensky administration. Saakashvili’s trial began today.*

March 28, 2022

Ruling party head: Georgia “remains committed” to peaceful de-occupation

The Georgian Government remains committed to the policy of peaceful de-occupation and will resist “all provocations” aimed at escalating a new military confrontation with “our Abkhaz and Ossetian brothers and sisters,” Irakli Kobakhidze, the head of the ruling Georgian Dream party, said on Monday.

Kobakhidze was commenting on the matter following a statement last week by Oleksiy Danilov, the Secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council, that said Georgia would “greatly help” Ukraine in its defence from the ongoing Russian invasion by opening fronts against Russia to forcefully regain control over the occupied Georgian regions of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali (South Ossetia).

Kobakhidze stressed any war…

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We’re Out Here for Them: Uprising Support Website Update

via thefreeonline May 19, 22 photo: Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash— from itsgoingdown.org/ shared with thanks


An update on George Floyd uprising defendants and a call for people to get involved in supporting long-term prisoners.

It’s been nearly two years since the George Floyd uprisings spread across the country, confronting the structures of white supremacy and police violence in ways not seen for at least a generation.

It’s also been seven months since we launched UprisingSupport.org to collect and share information about people imprisoned or facing imprisonment for their participation in the uprisings.

The website currently has info for over 20 people who are in jail or prison for their alleged activities during the uprisings. Half a dozen other people who were previously in custody and listed on the website have been released since we launched.

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Ireland, Scotland, Austria REFUSE membership of NATO terrorists.. Swedish Greens oppose Nuclear Bombs

by TheFreeOnline. shared with thanks

Ireland rejects EU states’ call to join NATO – ‘It would backfire …

https://www.express.co.uk › news › world › 1595893 › Ireland-news-nato-eu-Finland-Sweden-Russia-Ukraine-war-latest

Ireland’s European Affairs Minister Thomas Byrne said there are no plans for Dublin to join NATO. He said: “The polls are not showing an appetite by the Irish public for NATO membership ..

Greens oppose Nato membership for Scotland and ‘evil’ nuclear weapons

The National By Angus Cochrane@_Anguscchrn, Multimedia Journalist 18 May 22,  NUCLEAR weapons are “simply evil”, the Scottish Greens have said as they detailed their reasons for opposing Nato membership for an independent Scotland.

The nuclear lies of Jens Stoltenberg

West Scotland MSP Ross Greer said it would be “morally wrong” for Scotland to join Nato if it were to become independent. It comes after Nicola Sturgeon reaffirmed her party’s support for joining the military alliance in the event of a Yes vote.


May 9, 2022 by almacubanita… The Austrian Government ruled out its possible entry into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a position that distances it from Sweden and Finland. Those last two countries presented their official request to join the military alliance on Wednesday. We take note of this decision, which constitutes a “radical change” in the security policy of these states, but the situation is a little different here, said Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg.

Sweden’s Green Party demands nuclear weapons ban.

 Sweden’s Green Party has called on the parliament to bring in a law outlawing nuclear weapons from Sweden’s territory in both peace and wartime.   https://www.thelocal.se/20220518/swedens-green-party-demands-nuclear-weapons-ban/ 18 May 2022  “We need to keep working towards nuclear disarmament,” the party’s joint leader, Märta Stenevi, said. 

Anti Nato protestors chain themselves under war game tanks, Spain 2016.

Stoltenberg’s propaganda lies IN EVERY SENTENCE.

On May 18, the Swedish and Finnish ambassadors handed over their applications to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

He said, «Thank you for your applications. All countries have the right to decide their own security issues (A LIE.. THE NATO TREATY DECIDES), and I welcome Finland and Sweden as members of NATO» (DISINFORMATION– HE WELCOMES THEM AS NATO MEMBERS, BUT THEY AREN’T YET) This could speed up the process of countries joining NATO.

NATO Puts 300,000 Troops on High Alert on Russian Border

Great that Erdoğan blackmails NATO! But he invaded, occupied , genocided Afrin! Bombing from a NATO nuclear base! Worse than Ukraine.. with US and Russian permission!

via https://thefreeonline.com/ shared with thanks

Will NATO crack down on the Kurds when millions of them are suffering under the illegal Turkish invasions and occupations of Syria and Iraq, which are the same, or much worse than Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which after all was to protect ethnic Russians in Donbass.

So a NATO country, Turkey’s Erdogan regime, is openly invading, genociding , expelling, dispossessing, Turkifying, torturing, raping and kidnapping the peaceful Kurdish population of Afrin.. and now will be REWARDED with more power to massacre all who oppose it.??

Erdoğan Aims To “Leverage New Advantages” By Vetoing Swedish And Finnish NATO Membership.

Written by Paul Antonopoulos, independent geopolitical analyst

NATO disunity on full display as Turkey halts plans for bloc expansion.

The decisive stance that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has made regarding the Swedish and Finnish accession into NATO, as well as the arguments he makes concerning Turkey’s national and state interests, has raised questions not only about further plans to expand the Alliance but also the credibility and unity of the bloc.

Referring to Greece’s re-entrance into NATO in 1980 after it suspended its membership following the Turkish invasion of northern Cyprus in 1974, Erdoğan said: “You know how Greece behaves in the Alliance towards Turkey. This is another mistake Turkey does not want to make.” Then in reference to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the Gülen movement, the Turkish president added: “Scandinavian countries are a nursery of terrorism, they tend to treat terrorists hospitably, to let them into parliament. Therefore, for the time being, we cannot look at it positively.”

Although Erdoğan attempts to skew Turkish violations of Greek national airspace and complains about Western support for the PKK’s Syrian offshoot, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), this is hardly the first contradiction in NATO. Among many other NATO contradictions in recent times, Turkey has not imposed sanctions on Russia for its military operation in Ukraine and purchased the Russian-made S-400 missile defense system despite clear warnings from Washington.

Much worse than Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.. The US has given Erdogan free rein to flood Rojava with his fast growing mercenary army of jihadi Syrian militias, including many ISIS and Al Qaeda and militias now holed up in occupied Afrin with 75% of the population expelled or killed, bomed from the NATO base in Incirlik as the West applauded. Erdogan is paying the terrorists 500 Turkish dollars a month and offering loot, land and power destroying Rojava. Especially evil is the promise to destroy the unique women’s liberation movement, returning women to semi slavery under medieval jihadi rule and implicitly offering the terrorist mercenaries the right to kidnap, rape and torture the heroic YPJ women’s defense militia,especially in Afrin.

There is undeniably a big difference in the treatment of the Kurdish issue between Turkey and the countries that want to fast track the NATO membership of Sweden and Finland. However, as Ankara fears Kurdish resistance to apartheid and attempted genocide in eastern Turkey, it has a no tolerance policy towards the PKK,making differences with the West irreconcilable as there is an unwillingness to end support for the YPG/YPJ.

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Baiji. These creatures were on this planet for more than ten million years.

by ..Roger Peet.. https://justseeds.org/artist/rogerpeet/

This is the Yangtze river dolphin, known in China as the Baiji. One of the world’s few species of freshwater dolphin, and now one with the snows of yesteryear.

\The Baiji’s habitat was destroyed by the construction of the Three Gorges Dam, its prey species were wiped out as a result of overfishing, and it suffered huge losses to boat traffic, pollution, and probably existential malaise.

What’s so important about this creature? Why should anyone care? These are questions that I pose to myself when making these pieces about extinct animals.

These creatures were on this planet for more than ten million years.

They lived lives of swift elegance in the muddy Yangtze water, curling through the turbidity and chaos of spring floods, snapping up fish with their long, toothy beaks.

Like many beautiful lost things, they were eliminated not necessarily by human rapaciousness, but by the byproducts of human industrial development and consumption.

People didn’t kill the Baiji off, but they did make it impossible for them to survive.

Who is responsible? We all are. This is what we do, and we are the losers, if only because only we can be tortured by the knowledge of what we’ve done.


BIGGEST NAZI SURRENDER since WW2 IN MARIUPOL.. ..photos.. Admiral Olson captured?

Two images of the same Nazi. In the first posing with his paraphernalia. In the second, on the way to the hospital and jail

Unconfirmed: The Russians have captured Eric Olson, a US Navy admiral, British Colonel John Bailey and four NATO instructors in Azovstal, but there are still more hiding in the cellars
Admiral Olson is a commando operations specialist and has been decorated several times for actions of war

mpr21.info, [5/18/2022 7:40 AM]
[ Photo ]
The media is being used extensively to hide the surrender of the Nazis in Azovstal. Claiming it is Ukraine that has ‘rescued’ the Nazi troops hidden in the steel millmpr21.info, [5/18/2022 7:50 AM][ Video banned ]

“The Azovstal evacuation mission continues. It is run by our military and intelligence officers,” says Zelensky of the Nazis’ surrender of the Azov Battalion. We witness an absolute denial of reality. There is zero Ukrainian presence, the wounded are ferried in ambulances of the Donetsk republic, the soldiers disarmed by Donetsk and Russians and taken for questioning in local coaches.

The wife of a prominent nazi became a weeping TV star

They take the Ukrainian Nazis to European television to show pity, while they hide what they have been cultivating in Ukraine with the full protection of NATO and the European Union. Just as Nazi as the Ukrainians are those who advertise them on television

One of 10 buses with hundreds of Ukrainian Nazis from the Azov Battalion who have surrendered at the Azovstal steelworks.

New footage of the evacuation of Azov Battalion members who have surrendered in Azovstal

Yesterday the Cannes Festival began and Zelenski intervened in the opening gala.

Ayer comenzó el Festival de Cannes y Zelenski intervino en gala de inauguración. No se pierde una

The shipment of weapons to Ukraine raises concerns about diversion, in a country known to be a key location for the black market, and one of the most corrupt on earth since the western coup.. “There is a very important risk related to the proliferation of weapons in Ukraine, especially light and small caliber,” says the Flemish Peace Institute.

The amount of Western worship of the nazi Azov Battalion online is pretty amazing…from…https://ragheadthefiendlyterrorist.wordpress.com/2022/05/17/rebirth-of-azov/

“On Many Fronts”: Why One Atlanta Resident Is Fighting to Stop Cop City

May 17, 22— It’s Going Down via thefreeonline shared with thanks

On Tuesday, May 17th, Atlanta police, backed by a phalanx of other state and federal law enforcement, including “DeKalb Police, the Georgia State Patrol, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” invaded the Weelaunee forest, also known as the Atlanta forest.

In the face of militant resistance, police cut down trees and destroyed tree-sits set up by land defenders, in an effort to allow contractors to begin development on the $90 million dollar “Cop City” project. On Twitter, the Defend the Atlanta Forest account posted:

Report from OTG: Dozens of forest defenders moving in groups all over the woods throughout raid. No arrests *inside* forest reported so far, only from perimeter at public park. Police seem unwilling to pursue people thru forest.

Accompanied by off-duty police, a bulldozer destroying plants + animals in Intrenchment Creek Park was pushed out of the #Atlanta forest by several dozen land defenders who forced “cops + bosses [to] quickly retreat…back to their cars.” #StopCopCity

During a press conference, Assistant Chief Darin Schierbaum argued that the new facility would improve police training which in turn would generate improved police service.

Ironically, this statement comes as the department is embroiled in a costly lawsuit with an APD Sergent who claims he “was demoted and retaliated against after he filed a complaint accusing a senior officer of racial discrimination” and is in hot water for an “incentive system that encourages Atlanta Police officers to arrest more people.”

This is to say nothing about the continuing anger over ongoing police killings in the area and horrific conditions at the Dekalb jail, which in 2020 exploded into another front in the George Floyd rebellion, after the police murder of Rayshard Brooks.

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La Justicia belga vuelve a rechazar la extradición del rapero Valtònyc a España

Posted on mayo 17, 2022 by ELCOMUNISTA.NET in ESPAÑA, LO MÁS VALORADO // 0 Comments

El rapero mallorquín huyó a Bélgica en 2018 tras ser condenado por injurias a la corona y enaltecimiento del terrorismo.

El Tribunal de Apelación de Gante (Bélgica) ha rechazado este martes que el rapero balear Josep Miquel Arenas, más conocido como Valtònyc, sea entregado a las autoridades españolas por un delito de injurias a la corona, en un fallo que reproduce la decisión ya fallada en un primer juicio pero que el Tribunal de Casación belga obligó a repetir.

«El tribunal de Apelación ha establecido por segunda vez que los insultos al monarca de España no son un delito en Bélgica. La decisión de no extraditar se ha vuelto a confirmar en Gante, pese al fallo de Casación de Bruselas», ha informado el abogado del cantante, Simon Bekaert, tras una vista que ha durado solo unos minutos y en la que el tribunal ha comunicado su sentencia.

Con una nueva composición, el tribunal analizó si la ley belga es aplicable al delito de injurias a la Corona, como ordenó Casación, que no estimó el recurso sobre rechazar la entrega por el delito de amenazas y el enaltecimiento de terrorismo como solicita España.

«Casación no dijo que tuviera que extraditar, sino examinar si los hechos son imputables a un crimen normal de injurias. Ahora el tribunal ha evaluado esto en más detalle y ha decidido que esta hipótesis tampoco es un delito», ha explicado Bekaert a los periodistas congregados en Gante.

La Fiscalía belga ha anunciado que no va a recurrir la sentencia, por lo que la euroorden por la que le reclama España queda definitivamente archivada.

Cerca de terminar el periplo judicial en Bélgica iniciado en 2019

«Hoy era un día duro porque no sabíamos que podía pasar, decidimos venir aquí por un tema de derechos fundamentales y al final, ya está», ha asegurado el cantante, visiblemente emocionado en declaraciones a la prensa.

Tras el fallo de la justicia belga, Valtònyc se ha presentado como un luchador por la libertad de expresión y ha indicado que ahora «es el momento de hacer política». «Es el momento de reivindicar que toda la gente que ha sufrido esto en España lo deje de sufrir, que Pablo Hasel salga de la cárcel y seguir haciendo militancia política», ha subrayado.

El rapero huyó en 2018 a Bélgica parar evitar el ingreso en prisión en España, donde fue condenado a tres años y medio de cárcel por enaltecimiento del terrorismo, calumnias e injurias graves a la corona, tras lo que las autoridades españolas dictaron una Orden Europea de Detención y Entrega (OEDE).

El proceso judicial se prolonga desde 2019, cuando la entrega del mallorquín fue rechazada por un juzgado de primera instancia belga, una decisión que el Tribunal de Gante confirmó en diciembre del pasado año.

Sin embargo, en enero de este año el Tribunal de Casación ordenó reexaminar la cuestión de los insultos al monarca, uno de los delitos por los que las autoridades españolas reclamaban la entrega del cantante balear, condenado además en España por amenazas y enaltecimiento del terrorismo.

Valtònyc fue detenido hace una década por el contenido de las letras de algunas de sus canciones y condenado en 2017 por los delitos de enaltecimiento del terrorismo, calumnias e injurias graves a la Corona y amenazas.

En su sentencia, la Audiencia Nacional estimó que algunos de los temas comprendidos en sus discos tienen un «indudable contenido laudatorio» de las organizaciones terroristas ETA y GRAPO, que justifican e incitan a la reiteración de las acciones violentas.

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