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The Free is a book and a blog. .”the most detailed fictional treatment of the movement from a world recognizably like our own to an anarchist society that I have read.. imagined strongly enough to allow readers to believe that events could happen this way.451,225 blog reads so far (2020).

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Is the Collapse of NATO Imminent?

By Sam Parker Behind the News The Demise of Nato Part 1 (of a 2 Part Series) It is often said that the systemic Western European superiority complex, a disease which consists of the self-justified domination and exploitation of the surrounding world, began with the First ‘Crusade’ (1096-1099). […] Like the ‘Pre-Crusades’, the genocidal ‘conquests’ […]

Is the Collapse of NATO Imminent?

La TV pública española fomenta los toros y la caza. Por una @rtve del siglo XXI

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El futuro de la caza deportiva es su prohibición en todos los territorios, para todas las especies. El futuro de la caza deportiva es su prohibición en todos los territorios, para todas las especies.

Muchos españoles no lo creen. RTVE (Radio Televisión Española) mantiene con dinero público programas que fomentan el desprecio a la naturaleza y el maltrato animal.

Tendido cero es un programa creado exclusivamente para fomentar el mundo de la tauromaquia. Su objetivo es que torturar toros sea visto como algo bueno y natural; y no como un vestigio de la España bruta y cazurra. Los conflictos éticos de la tauromaquia son tan evidentes que insulta a la inteligencia el tener que explicarlos a quienes —con evidentes síntomas psicopáticos— no entienden más allá de un placer efímero o de unas ganancias pecuniarias por encima de cualquier sufrimiento.

Por otra parte, tenemos Jara y sedal, un programa y una revista que —también subvencionados con dinero público— tienen como objetivo manipular a sus espectadores…

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French Keep on Protesting Despite Police Brutality

The Most Revolutionary Act

The sign reads,

During the tenth day of protest against the Macron’s pension reform, the spirits of the French continue to burn throughout the country.

On Tuesday, thousands of French citizens continued to stage protests against the pension reform proposal that President Emmanuel Macron persists in imposing by force.

“France is not ruled by sticks… As most people say, this is all madness,” said Senator Jean-Luc Melenchon, who is also the historical leader of the leftist organization “Unsubmissive France.”

He made reference to the refusal of the Macron administration to accept the “mediation” proposed by the leader of the French Democratic Confederation of Labor (CFDT), Laurent Berger, who seeks a dialogue to “find a way out” of the prevailing social crisis.

“Making proposals was useful… However, this government wants nothing except to force its bill,” Melenchon recalled and mentioned Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

“Her attitude leaves us with only one possibility and slogan: ‘Let her go!,’ the…

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CIA advised Human Rights Watch (HRW) hides Ukraine War Crimes of Civilians with Butterfly Mines

The American NGO begrudgingly acknowledges one of Kiev’s war crimes, but not without smearing Russia along the way

from thefreeonline on 28th March 2023 by @evakbartlett

Russian Journalist Killed By ‘Butterfly’ Mine In Donbas – Zenger News

Since Ukraine began dropping thousands of mines on the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) in July 2022, 104 people have fallen victim to the internationally-banned PFM-1 ‘petal’ (otherwise known as ‘butterfly’) devices. Nine of them are children. Of which three died.

Eva Bartlett

Eva Bartlett is a Canadian independent journalist. She has spent years on the ground covering conflict zones in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Palestine (where she lived for nearly four years). 

A PFM-1 anti-personnel land mine is seen in a field, near the town of Artyomovsk (known as Bakhmut in Ukraine), Donetsk People’s Republic ©  Viktor Antonyuk / Sputnik

Among the most recent civilians to be injured, on March 19, were two 60-year-old men. On February 26, a woman in her sixties was wounded in her neighborhood. On February 14, a teenager stepped on a petal mine near a school. These are just a few documented examples from recent weeks.

The first wave of over 40 victims came within the first few weeks after Ukrainian forces deployed the mines over Donetsk en masse in July 2022, and the number has more than doubled since. Since then I, along with other reporters on the ground, have documented their lingering presence and the civilian victims.

The West is silent as Ukraine targets civilians in Donetsk using banned ...

The West is silent as Ukraine targets civilians in Donetsk using banned …

NGO reports… selectively

After signing the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty in 1999, Kiev was obligated to destroy its stockpile of 6 million PFM-1s. It denies using them, but abundant evidence incriminates Kiev in this particular war crime. While the West has yet to turn its attention to the victims of the  petal mines in the Donbass, reports of Ukraine using them elsewhere have emerged.

In its January 2023 report on banned landmines, the Human Rights Watch NGO notes, “In 2021, Ukraine reported to the UN secretary-general that 3.3 million stockpiled PFM mines still need to be destroyed.” HRW then advised Ukraine to investigate itself for its use of the prohibited mines.

The report is titled “Ukraine: Banned Landmines Harm Civilians. Ukraine Should Investigate Forces’ Apparent Use; Russian Use Continues,” implying that not only is Russia also deploying the petal mines, but that Russia’s use of them is beyond question, while Kiev’s use is open to debate.

Anti-personnel mine injuries to the foot of a patient

Yet, much like in 2020, when the UN accused Russia of war crimes in Syria based on “we say so” and unnamed sources, you won’t find proof of Russia’s use of petal mines in the HRW report. In fact, buried there is a HRW admission that it “has not verified claims of Russian forces using PFM mines in the armed conflict.

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Press release on situation of S., near death after Police Repression of Sainte-Soline anti-Reservoir Demo

from thefreeonline 28th March 2023 by French Revolution

On Saturday March 26, our comrade S. was hit in the head by an explosive grenade during the demonstration against the dams.

Despite his critical condition, the prefecture intentionally prevented emergency services from intervening in the first place and transferring him to a suitable care unit in the second. He is currently in neurosurgical resuscitation. His vital prognosis continues to be compromised.

‘Absolutely criminal’: Protestors hospitalised during anti-reservoir rally in western France

The outbreak of repressive violence suffered by the protesters resulted in hundreds of injuries, several of them with serious physical injuries, as stated in the various available reports. Demonstrators confront armed police during a rally in Sainte-Soline (Deux-Sèvres), March 25, 2023.

Police reportedly detonated more than 4,000 non-lethal dispersion grenades to fend off protesters,…the Associated Press reported. Protest organizers said they also counted some 200 injured demonstrators, and that about 40 of them had deep cuts they said were caused by police projectiles’.

The 30,000 protesters had come with the aim of blocking the construction of the Sainte-Soline mega-dam, a project that aims to monopolize water management in the hands of a minority that benefits from a capitalist system that has nothing to defend except death. . The violence of the armed wing of the democratic State is the clearest expression of this.

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Yesterday, someone commented on my Facebook post about my roughs, telling me to “be careful” because some cartoons could land me in Facebook jail. Seriously? I don’t already know that? I’m the king of being thrown into Facebook and other social media jails. And how am I supposed to be careful with posting my cartoons […]


Anathema: A Philadelphia Anarchist Periodical. Volume 9 Issue 1

Anarchy in the Sticks!

Volume 9 Issue 1 (PDF for reading 8.5×11)

Volume 9 Issue 1 (PDF for printing 11×17)

In this issue:

  • What Went Down
  • 2023, Baby!
  • A-Space: A Postmortem
  • Tag Yourself
  • The Fatigue of Novelty
  • Powering Down Domination
  • Here Lies a Corpse
  • A Response to: ‘The Forest in the City’
  • Letter from Alfredo Cospito

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The Last Days Of Ukranazistan LXXXV

Raghead The Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist




The joke is on Brutish Unintelligence, actually. Those who have read “All Quiet On The Western Front” will remember that Erich Maria Remarque specifically mentions shovels as highly efficient weapons in close quarter trench combat. But who reads these days?

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