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Anathema: A Philadelphia Anarchist Periodical. Volume 9 Issue 1

Anarchy in the Sticks!

Volume 9 Issue 1 (PDF for reading 8.5×11)

Volume 9 Issue 1 (PDF for printing 11×17)

In this issue:

  • What Went Down
  • 2023, Baby!
  • A-Space: A Postmortem
  • Tag Yourself
  • The Fatigue of Novelty
  • Powering Down Domination
  • Here Lies a Corpse
  • A Response to: ‘The Forest in the City’
  • Letter from Alfredo Cospito

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The Last Days Of Ukranazistan LXXXV

Raghead The Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist




The joke is on Brutish Unintelligence, actually. Those who have read “All Quiet On The Western Front” will remember that Erich Maria Remarque specifically mentions shovels as highly efficient weapons in close quarter trench combat. But who reads these days?

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10th Week of Israeli protests as Netanyahu becomes nazi Dictator + Israelis massacre Palestinians

Israelis block streets in anti-government ‘Day of Shutdown’Protests have escalated since Netanyahu introduced new laws to cripple Courts and block his Corruption Cases

from thefreeonline on March 24 2023 by Al Jazeera

Israelis have taken to the streets en masse in protest against the government’s proposed changes to the judicial system, blocking roadways across the country and intensifying a months-long campaign decrying the move.

Thousands of people carrying flags and signs marched on a Tel Aviv thoroughfare on Thursday, stopping traffic in the middle of the workday. A small group burned tyres on the street outside a seaport, briefly blocking trucks. Police forced demonstrators from the road in front of a conference centre in central Israel.

The protests have escalated since the start of the year when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s hard-right government introduced new legislation that would limit the authority of the Supreme Court.

Military reservists have joined the protests and senior officials in the finance ministry warned this week of an economic backlash.

Analysis: Israeli protests co-opted by anarchists aimed at destabilizing nation”…https://worldisraelnews.

In Jerusalem, crowds gathered along the walls of the Old City from which they hung a huge replica of the country’s declaration of independence.

“What we are doing here is we are fighting for our lives. We are fighting for our lives as a Jewish people together in the state that we have been building for 75 years,” said Avidan Friedman, who was wearing a prayer shawl over his head.

“We are fighting because we feel like what’s going on now is tearing us apart and we are calling on the government to stop.”

Israeli protesters in thousands stage fresh anti-Netanyahu protest |

Netanyahu in the meantime pushed ahead with the legislation, which includes bills to give the government decisive sway in electing judges and to limit the court’s power to strike down laws.

Netanyahu – on trial for corruption charges he denies – says the judicial modifications are needed to restore the balance between the branches of government. Critics say it will weaken Israel’s democracy and hand uncontrolled powers to the government of the day.

New law ratified

Earlier on Thursday, a law was ratified by a 61-to-47 final vote limiting the circumstances in which a prime minister can be removed, despite worries that it may be meant to shield the incumbent Netanyahu from any fallout from his corruption trials.

The Knesset approved the bill, under which prime ministers can only be deemed unfit and compelled to step aside if the Knesset or three-quarters of cabinet ministers declare them so on physical or psychological grounds.

The amended definition for the “incapacity” of the prime minister is among a number of legislative measures proposed by the religious-nationalist coalition that have tipped Israel into crisis, with the opposition arguing that judicial independence is in peril and the coalition claiming the proposals aim to push back against Supreme Court overreach and restore balance among branches of government.

Reporting from Jerusalem, Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan said people see the law as one that protects Netanyahu.

“The law stops the attorney general from declaring a serving prime minister as being unfit for office. Netanyahu was very keen on pushing this law through because it allows him,despite the Corruption court cases going through, to remain as prime minister,” said Khan.

“That angered the protesters and pushed them out onto the streets. There are thousands,” he explained.

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VOODOO ECONOMICS: Silicon Valley Bank was Safe and Sensible! If it was Insolvent, So Is Everyone Else!

nomy was doing well in 2006 and 2007, banks earned record profits from their toxic assets. But when economic conditions started to worsen in 2008, those toxic assets plunged in value… and dozens of banks got wiped out. Now here we go again. Fifteen years later… after countless investigations, hearings, […]

thefreeonlineon 24th March 2023 by Simon Black at VOODOO ECONOMICS

  • “…When the economy was doing well in 2006 and 2007, banks earned record profits from their toxic assets. But when economic conditions started to worsen in 2008, those toxic assets plunged in value… and dozens of banks got wiped out. Now here we go again. Fifteen years later… after countless investigations, hearings, “stress test” rules, and new banking regulations to prevent another financial meltdown, we have just witnessed two large banks collapse in the United States of America– Signature Bank, and Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).“

If Silicon Valley Bank is Insolvent, So is Everyone Else

On Sunday afternoon, September 14, 2008, hundreds of employees of the financial giant Lehman Brothers walked into the bank’s headquarters at 745 Seventh Avenue in New York City to clear out their offices and desks.

Lehman was hours away from declaring bankruptcy. And its collapse the next day triggered the worst economic and financial devastation since the Great Depression.

The S&P 500 fell by roughly 50%. Unemployment soared. And more than 100 other banks failed over the subsequent 12 months. It was a total disaster.

These bank, it turned out, had been using their depositors’ money to buy up special mortgage bonds. But these bonds were so risky that they eventually became known as “toxic securities” or “toxic assets”.

These toxic assets were bundles of risky, no-money-down mortgages given to sub-prime “NINJAs”, i.e. borrowers with No Income, No Job, no Assets who had a history of NOT paying their bills.

When the economy was doing well in 2006 and 2007, banks earned record profits from their toxic assets.

But when economic conditions started to worsen in 2008, those toxic assets plunged in value… and dozens of banks got wiped out.

Now here we go again.

Fifteen years later… after countless investigations, hearings, “stress test” rules, and new banking regulations to prevent another financial meltdown, we have just witnessed two large banks collapse in the United States of America– Signature Bank, and Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).

Now, banks do fail from time to time. But these circumstances are eerily similar to 2008… though the reality is much worse. I’ll explain:

1) US government bonds are the new “toxic security”

Silicon Valley Bank was no Lehman Brothers. Whereas Lehman bet almost ALL of its balance sheet on those risky mortgage bonds, SVB actually had a surprisingly conservative balance sheet.

According to the bank’s annual financial statements from December 31 of last year, SVB had $173 billion in customer deposits, yet “only” $74 billion in loans.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but banks typically loan out MOST of their depositors’ money. Wells Fargo, for example, recently reported $1.38 trillion in deposits. $955 billion of that is loaned out.

That means Wells Fargo has made loans with nearly 70% of its customer’s money, while SVB had a more conservative “loan-to-deposit ratio” of roughly 42%.

Point is, SVB did not fail because they were making a bunch of high-risk NINJA loans. Far from it.

SVB failed because they parked the majority of their depositors’ money ($119.9 billion) in US GOVERNMENT BONDS.

This is the really extraordinary part of this drama.

Source – internationalman.com “…When a bank fails, the FDIC pays depositors up to $250,000. The FDIC has a reserve of around $126 billion for this purpose. Now, $126 billion is a lot of money. But, considering there are around $9.8 trillion in insured deposits in the US, $126 billion is just a drop in the […]

DAS KAPITAL: ‘A Mile-High House Of Cards’, Three Ways To Protect Yourself Before Your Bank Collapses /disregard if you are broke!~ – By Nick Giambruno

US government bonds are supposed to be the safest, most ‘risk free’ asset in the world. But that’s totally untrue, because even government bonds can lose value. And that’s exactly what happened.

In principle the US can still ‘Stem the Tsunami’ by just Printing Money.. What’s a few TRILLION more if you Already Owe 20! ..The question is whether the World will continue to ‘Buy the Debt’ from a Terrorist Warmongering Sanctioner – now being EXPOSED as a ‘Paper Tiger’.

Most of SVB’s portfolio was in long-term government bonds, like 10-year Treasury notes. And these have been extremely volatile.

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France Protests ‘out of control’ as Revolution against System Brews

Kropotkin’s Kat...Pension Cuts are the final straw. Revolution is brewing since the YellowVests Rebellion -Against the Great Dictator- For Direct Democracy -Against Politicians sold-out to the 1% Elite- Against NATO Wars, Covid Scams….

from thefreeonline on 24 Mar, 2023 by Banned News Agencies

GreatResetWatcher…. Hey fake news! The strikes are not just about pension reform they have been going on well before they are basically about France (Like most countries) being wrecked by the globalists. Also about no more elections, just WEF selections.

Police clashed with over a million demonstrators opposed to President Macron’s pension reform. French unions staged more strikes on Thursday to protest against an increase in the retirement age that was pushed through parliament without a vote.

French authorities struggled on Thursday to suppress the protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform. Over a million demonstrators took to the streets across the country in what some security sources described as an “insurrection” against the government in Paris.

Tens of thousands of workers went on strike and protesters blocked public transportation, schools and oil refineries. Attempting to break up the protests, police used tear gas, water cannons, flash-bangs and batons. Videos making rounds on social media showed heavily armored officers clubbing unarmed demonstrators.

Other videos showed barricades burning in the streets of Paris. The entrance to the city hall in Bordeaux, the regional capital of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, was set ablaze at one point.

At least one unit of firefighters switched sides and joined the protesters. Multiple eyewitnesses described the situation as “out of control.”

“It’s war in Paris, no time to post, take care of yourself,” tweeted one independent media outlet.

Almost 150 police officers and gendarmes have been injured, Interior Minister Garald Darmanin said on Thursday evening, calling this “absolutely unacceptable” and demanding harsh punishment for the attackers.
Darmanin also told reporters that 172 people were detained for questioning about the “looting and arson” in Paris, and that 190 fires had been set in the French capital, 50 of which were still burning as of 10 pm local time.

The interior minister blamed the “extreme left” and “black bloc” anarchists for the worst of the violence.

The police estimated more than a million protesters were in the streets.

The outpouring of popular discontent was triggered by President Macron’s announcement that the retirement age will be raised from 62 to 64, starting next year. Macron insisted that the change was necessary, otherwise the pension system would go bankrupt within the next several years. 

The Elysee Palace imposed the change without consulting lawmakers, who have been trying to deal with the controversial proposal since January. Protesters responded by calling on Macron to resign. 

Appearing on TV on Wednesday, Macron said his only mistake was “failing to convince people” of the decision’s merits, but insisted he would not back down, even if that meant having to “shoulder unpopularity.”

While there is a constitutionally protected right to protest, Macron said, if the malcontents use violence, “then that is no longer democracy.” 

Though heavily criticized due to the harsh coronavirus lockdowns and mandates, Macron easily won re-election in 2022, eventually defeating Marine Le Pen by a 17-point margin. The runoff election saw the lowest turnout since 1969.

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Global water crisis could ‘spiral out of control’ due to overconsumption and climate change, UN report warns — Stigmatis

Rethinking Life

Children in Baidoa, Somalia, which is experiencing a severe drought. Ed Ram/Getty Images/File BySana Noor Haq, CNN The world is facing alooming global water crisisthat threatens to “spiral out of control” as increased demand for water and the intensifying impacts of the climate crisis put huge pressure on water resources, a UNreporthas warned. Water use[…]

Global water crisis could ‘spiral out of control’ due to overconsumption and climate change, UN report warns — Stigmatis

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Turkey ordered new Afrin massacre in ongoing Genocidal Occupation- West OK’s much worse Crime than Ukraine by NATO member

Human Rights Watch confirmed that Turkey is behind the ill-treatment in the occupied Syrian territories, and that the Jandris massacre is a continuation of more than five years of human rights violations.

from thefreeonline on 23 Mar 2023 by Hawar News

, Thu – 13:40 2023-03-23T13:40:00 NEWS DESK

On the eve of the Newroz holiday, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation state killed 4 citizens from one family in Jandris  district of occupied Afrin.

Human Rights Watch said in a report: “Three brothers and the son of one of them were shot dead, while another relative and two others were wounded.”

AA of Jazera region: Jendrisa massacre took place by orders of Turkish army The Democratic Autonomous Administration of Jazera region confirmed that the Jendrisa massac…

“These killings come after more than five years of human rights abuses,” said Adam Coogle, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch.

In its report, the organization indicated that Turkey allowed these mercenaries to mistreat people living in the areas under their control.

32 political parties and movements: Turkey and Syrian Coalition responsible for Jendris massacre..32 political parties and movements in NE Syria demanded an end to the Turkish occupation, an…

The organization pointed out that Turkey, as an occupying power and supporting mercenaries operating in the areas under its control in northern Syria, is obligated to investigate these killings and ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

The organization also called on Turkey to cut off all support for mercenaries involved in repeated or systematic human rights violations and violations of international humanitarian law.

Occupied Afrin, with its districts and villages, is witnessing demonstrations against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, against the backdrop of a massacre committed by the mercenaries against a family in Jandris  district.

PYD councils: International investigation must be opened to hold Turkey accountable for its crimes Today, the councils of the Democratic Union Party in the cities and districts of NE Syria made a joint statement about the massacre committed by the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries in the Jandris district of occupied Afrin, which claimed the lives of 4 citizens: “Farah al-Din Othman (43 years old) – Ismail Othman ( 38 years old) – Muhammad Ismail Othman (18 years old) – Muhammad Othman (42 years old).

On Wednesday, the Afrin Social Association in the city of Qamishlo made a statement to the world public opinion, condemning the massacre committed by the mercenaries of “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” affiliated with the Turkish occupation on March 20th, against 4 citizens in the Janders district of Afrin canton, for lighting the Newroz flame.

The statement, which was read by the citizen, Jiwan Ahmed, and the citizen, Zuhriban Hussein, was delivered in both languages (English and Arabic) in front of the UNHCR building in the Seyahi neighborhood of Qamishlo, in the presence of dozens of Afrin IDPs, and members of the Afrin Social Association, while banners were raised that read:

” Holding Turkey and its mercenaries accountable”, “Five years of injustice”, “No to the Turkish occupation, no to Brotherhood terrorism”, “No to injustice, yes to freedom”, “Finding a political solution to the Syrian file”, “We condemn and denounce the killing of citizens in Janders”, “Long live the Janders uprising” Janders is not alone.

Israeli Strikes Place Syria’s Aleppo’s Airport Out Of Service For Second Time In Weeks.. + Revenge kills US Agent + US revenge Strikes.

Early on March 22, a series of Israeli terrorist strikes again hit Aleppo International Airport in northern Syria, placing it out of service for the second time in recent weeks.

  from thefreeonline on 23rd March 2023 by South Front

Illustrative image. Source: the Israeli Air Force.

The Syrian Arab News Agency, citing a military source, said that the Israeli fighter jets launched several missiles at the airport from over the Mediterranean sea, causing some material losses. The state-run agency didn’t report any casualties, however.

This is Aleppo

According to a notice sent by Syrian aviation authorities, known as a NOTAM, the runway at the airport was closed after the attack.

In a statement, the Syrian Ministry of Transport said that the airport’s runway and navigation equipment were damaged as a result of the Israeli strikes. All flights scheduled for Aleppo were redirected to the country’s two other international airports in Damascus and Latakia.

Aleppo International Airport was reopened in 2020 after 8 years closed by the War.

Two regional intelligence sources speaking to the Reuters news agency said that the strikes also targeted an underground depot at the adjacent Nairab military airport. The sources said the depot was used to store missile systems which had been delivered by Iranian cargo flights.

The airport is regularly used for Iranian weapons deliveries and the movement of troops, the two unnamed sources claimed.

This was the second confirmed Israeli attack on Aleppo International Airport in recent weeks. On March 7, a series of Israeli terrorist strikes hit the airport, placing it out of service for three days.

Israel launches new air raid on Syria’s airport – Prensa Latina Damascus, Mar 22 (Prensa Latina) Israel has reportedly launched a new air raid on Syria’s Aleppo airport, some … According to sources, three missiles hit the airport’s runways.

The airport has been a major channel for the flow of humanitarian aid into Aleppo since the devastating February 6 Turkish-Syrian earthquake that claimed the lives of more than 50,000 people, including more than 6,000 in Syria.

Israel carried out hundreds of strikes against alleged Iranian weapons storage and personnel deployment positions in Syria over the past decade as a part of a covert military campaign known as “the war between the wars.” Israeli officials have rarely acknowledged responsibility.


US Launches Airstrikes in Syria After Drone Attack Kills US Contractor

President TrumpJoe BidenpropagandaCIAPentagon

The Pentagon announced on Thursday night that it launched airstrikes in Syria after a drone attack killed a US contractor and wounded five US troops near Hasakah in northeast Syria.US Launches Airstrikes in Syria After Drone Attack Kills US Contractor


CIA Agent Killed, Others Wounded in a Bombing of a US Base in Syria

The Pentagon and all of the US military commanders know that every time Israel bombs a site in Syria, their troops will be bombed in retaliation by the Syrian resistance. The bombing of the base of the US Army of oil thieves in Hasakah was in retaliation to Israel’s bombing of Aleppo International Airport the day earlier, political analysts affirm.

US REALLY WANTS You To Know it’s The World’s “Leader”- Caitlin Johnstone + How they can Dictate.-

from thefreeonline by Caitlin Johnstone @caitoz 3,067Likes 978Retweets

In response to questions he received during a press conference on Monday about Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin cementing a “new era” in strategic partnership between China and Russia, the White House National Security Council’s John Kirby made no fewer than seven assertions that the US is the “leader” of the world.

Listen to a reading of this article:

Here are excerpts from his comments:

  • “The two countries have grown closer. But they are both countries that chafe and bristle at U.S. leadership around the world.”
  • “And in China’s case in particular, they certainly would like to challenge U.S. leadership around the world.
  • “But these are not two countries that have, you know, decades-long experience working together and full trust and confidence. It’s a burgeoning of late based on America’s increasing leadership around the world and trying to check that.”
  • “Peter, these are two countries that have long chafed, as I said to Jeff — long chafed at U.S. leadership around the world and the network of alliances and partnerships that we have.”
  • “And we work on those relationships one at a time, because every country on the continent is different, has different needs and different expectations of American leadership.”
  • “That’s the power of American convening leadership. And you don’t see that power out of either Russia or China.”
  • “But one of the reasons why you’re seeing that tightening relationship is because they recognize that they don’t have that strong foundation of international support for what they’re trying to do, which is basically challenge American leadership around the world.”

The illusory truth effect is a cognitive bias which causes people to mistake something they have heard many times for an established fact, because the way the human brain receives and interprets information tends to draw little or no distinction between repetition and truth. Propagandists and empire managers often take advantage of this glitch in our wetware, which is what’s happening when you see them repeating key phrases over and over again that they want people to believe.

We saw another repetition of this line recently at an online conference hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce, in which the US ambassador to China asserted that Beijing must accept the US as the “leader” of the region China happens to occupy. 

US empire managers are of course getting very assertive about the narrative that they are the world’s “leader” because that self-appointed “leadership” is being challenged by China, and the nations which support it with increasing openness like Russia.

US Ambassador To China: “We’re The Leader” Of The Indo-Pacific

Most of the major international news stories of our day are either directly or indirectly related to this dynamic, wherein the US is struggling to secure unipolar planetary domination by thwarting China’s rise and undermining its partners.

The message they’re putting out is, “This is our world. We’re in charge. Anyone who claims otherwise is freakish and abnormal, and must be opposed.”

Why do they say the US is the “leader” of the world instead of its “ruler”, anyway? I’m unclear on the difference as practically applied. Is it meant to give us the impression that the US rules the world by democratic vote? That this is something the rest of the world consented to? Because I sure as hell don’t remember voting for it, and we’ve all seen what happens to governments which don’t comply with US “leadership”.

I’m not one of those who believe a multipolar world will be a wonderful thing, I just recognize that it beats the hell out of the alternative, that being increasingly reckless nuclear brinkmanship to maintain global control.

Infographic: US military presence around the world |

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