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Housing Movements and labor unions call protests today May 21 in Catalonia

The demo will begin at 6:00 p.m. at Plaza Universidad and is promoted by more than 50 social entities and labor unions

May 20, 2022 / By Sindicat de Logateres de Catalunya/ translation thefreeonline shared with thanks

“After almost 2 million evictions in the last 10 years, we cannot allow one more. We must recover the social function of housing, today hijacked by banks, vulture funds and large owners" said Lucía Delgado, spokesperson for the Catalan PAHs, during today's press conference held at the headquarters of the Government Delegation in Catalonia .

The cost of living is becoming unsustainable for many families: the price of food and supplies is rising, precariousness dominates the labor market and access to housing is impossible for the majority of the population.

That is why the social movements have today made an appeal to the Government Delegation in Catalonia to take to the streets of Barcelona next Saturday, May 21 at 6:00 p.m. at the Pl.Universitat de Barcelona under the slogan #AixíNoPodemViure.

In the press conference, Lucia Delgado, from the PAH; Guillem Aragonés, from the Tenants Union; Max Carbonell of the Legal Commission of the I Housing Congress of Catalonia; María Campuzano from the Alliance Against Energy Poverty and Iru Moner from the CGT and Iolanda Segura from the IAC, as representatives of the Trade Union Table of Catalonia.

The choice of place is not accidental: the entities have chosen the seat of the Spanish government at a time when it is dealing with the approval of the Housing Bill, in which the application of mechanisms to stop evictions is at stake, such as the obligation to offer social rent and the extension of guarantees for tenants, such as rent regulation (which was rendered ineffective in Catalonia by a Constitutional Court ruling), the limitation of interannual increases linked to the CPI to 2% or the obligation that the landlords bear the cost of the fees.

“The housing law can be an opportunity to recover price regulation, to puncture the rental bubble and solve the two great precariousness that tenants experience: price increases and non-renewal of contracts” -he points out Guillem Aragonés from the Union of Llogateres of Catalonia.

Max Carbonell, from the Legal Commission of the 1st Housing Congress, has reproached the governments for the increasing repression that social movements have been suffering in Catalonia since 2020: “The housing movement alone has accumulated more than €400,000 in fines over the last few years. three years to defend the homes of the people and the right to a dignified life”.

María Campuzano, from the Alliance Against Energy Poverty, blames the energy lobbies for the wild increase in prices in recent years: “Democratizing energy is essential to lower the prices of basic goods and face the climate crisis ”.

For his part, Iru Moner, of the CGT Catalonia, has emphasized the effects of inflation, which since the end of last year has been achieving records that had not been seen in 30 years: “Wages have stagnated.

Inflation has repercussions on the working class, because it is an issue that makes it difficult to access basic goods”. Iolanda Segura, from the IAC, has also participated, denouncing that housing does not have to be a necessity, but rather a right.

For all these reasons, the entities call for the general mobilization of the entire population. For most of the recent crises we have not come out any better, rather the opposite: each new economic and social shock has served to transfer wealth into the hands of a few.

The Spanish state is the European Union country with the most inequality, according to the European Commission. On the other hand, published studies show that income differences grow more during economic recessions like the current one.

A Conservationist Teaches Geese to Use Safer Migration Routes by Flying With Them Across Europe | Colossal

May 20, 2022 from agogo22 by GRACE EBERT via thefreeonline.com shared with thanks

Back in 1995, Christian Moullec embarked on his first migration alongside a flock of lesser white-fronted geese that he intended to introduce to Sweden.

He flew an adapted delta plane alongside the birds, which were threatened after being overhunted, and protect them on their journey.

This initial mission quickly morphed into a now decades-long project of training avian populations to utilize more secure paths as they travel across Europe, ensuring that the already dwindled species would survive the trek and be able to reproduce.

English YouTuber and educator Tom Scott (previously) joins Moullec on one of the flights above Southern France as they fly in a microlight aircraft just inches from the animals—Scott is so close that he’s able to touch a goose’s tail feathers.

Reaching this level of intimacy takes dedication and immersion in the flock, Moullec shares, saying that he raises the birds, sleeps with them, and even bathes in the pond on his property.[

This establishes trust and is essential as they define their routes, which sometimes traverse thousands of kilometers each day. “I’m not the one who teaches the birds to fly with me,” Moullec shares. “I’ve been flying with birds for 27 years, and they taught me how to fly with them.”

In addition to his conservation-oriented flights, Moullec offers passenger trips for those interested in joining the flock, and you can find more about his work on his site

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Azovstal ‘fully liberated’ – Russian military

The last members of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi ‘Azov’ unit have surrenderred in Mariupol

File Photo: Azov unit fighters, who have surrendered at the Azovstal steel plant, walk on a road in the Russia-controlled port city of Mariupol, Donetsk People’s Republic. © Sputnik/Russian Defence Ministry

The entire territory of the “Azovstal” factory complex in Mariupol has been liberated, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Friday. More than 2,400 people surrounded inside for almost a month, including Ukrainian servicemen and members of the neo-Nazi ‘Azov’ unit, have laid down their arms and surrendered.

“The last group of 531 militants surrendered today,” the Russian military spokesman, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, said in a statement. He added that a total of “2,439 Azov Nazis” and Ukrainian servicemen had laid down their arms since May 16, and that the entire “Azovstal” complex is now under control of Russian armed forces.

Azov and remnants of Ukrainian regular troops retreated into the sprawling steel factory on the coast of Mariupol, where they were completely surrounded on April 21. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the military not to storm the complex but to blockade it “so a fly can’t get inside” and compel the militants to surrender.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu informed Putin on Friday of the successful completion of the operation, Konashenkov said. He also said that Azov commander had to be transported in an armored car for his safety.

The so-called “commander” of the Azov Nazis was taken away from the factory in a special armored car, due to the hatred of Mariupol residents and their desire for revenge against him for numerous atrocities.

In a video released on social media earlier in the day, Azov commander Svyatoslav “Kalyna” Palamar denied he had left the factory and said he was conducting a “certain operation” whose details he could not disclose. Palamar thanked “the world” and Ukraine for support, and signed off with “see you.”

After the first batch of militants surrendered on Monday, the government in Kiev announced the “end of combat operations” in Mariupol and said it had ordered the Azovstal troops to save their lives. President Volodymyr Zelensky personally said on May 18 that the “evacuation mission” from Azovstal was being “supervised by our military and intelligence officers” with the involvement of “the most influential international mediators.”

Both Ukraine and most Western media outlets avoided the word “surrender,” even when the Russian military published videos clearly showing the militants laying down their weapons.

Eurovision winners thank Pope for neo-Nazis ‘evacuation’

Buffalo shooter Copied Ideas of Western-backed Ukrainian Nazis + Azov Nazi gloats over Torture Photos + Natasha’s testimony

17 May, 2022 – by Ian Miles Cheong, from a Western Banned New Agency – via thefreeonline .. shared with thanks

American liberals are quick to cry ‘Nazi’ about a homegrown murderer, while they lionize his fellow Hitler acolytes fighting in Ukraine

Buffalo Shooter Wore Same Nazi Symbol as the Ukrainian Military

Ten people were killed in the recent mass shooting in Buffalo, New York. The actions of the suspect, Payton Gendron, have been identified as being racially motivated both by the police and by himself, citing the so-called ‘Great Replacement’ theory that inspires fear of a multiracial society.

Yet he draws his philosophy from the same well as a group of individuals that the mainstream media has valorized since the onset of the conflict in Ukraine – the Azov Battalion.

The Azov has been a mainstay of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, featuring some of Kiev’s best fighters. However, it is openly anti-Semitic and espouses the views held by Stepan Bandera, a Ukrainian Nazi collaborator responsible for ethnic cleansing during World War II.

The battalion was once accurately maligned in Western media for its Nazi ideology, and even the US government funded outlet Bellingcat detailed in 2019 how Azov has actively recruited American extremists to join its fight against Russia.

However, the tune has changed to almost the opposite during ongoing the Russian military operation in Ukraine, and now the neo-Nazi military group is heralded as being home to defenders of Ukraine’s freedom.

Buffalo Shooter Drew From the Same Ideas As Western-Backed Ukrainian …

For a group of people who pull out the ‘You’re a Nazi’ card every time a conservative opens his mouth, liberals have been unusually silent about the rampant far right ethos within the Ukrainian military.

And no more is this evident than the fact that the Buffalo shooter’s philosophy and worldview are shared by the Azov Battalion. In fact, the first page of his manifesto boldly features the ‘sonnenrad’,or black sun, symbol that features prominently on Azov’s own official insignia.

Following Gendron’s arrest, his manifesto surfaced online – posted by the suspect himself minutes ahead of the shooting, which he live-streamed on Twitch. The long-winded document, which runs to some 180 pages, explains his philosophy and motivation and derives inspiration from another mass shooter, Brenton Tarrant.

Western media clubs together to white-wash Ukrainian Neo-Nazis

Tarrant, who murdered 51 people in several mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, posted his own, 74-page, screed that also prominently featured the ‘sonnenrad’symbol and made the same arguments as Gendron, the Azov Battalion, and other racial extremists.

Following the shooting in Buffalo on Saturday, liberals have taken it upon themselves to attack the right for “indoctrinating” easily impressionable white men such as the suspect.

In an effort to deplatform Tucker Carlson at Fox News, liberals and Democrat operatives seized on the tragedy to lay the shooting at his feet – all the while erasing any connection that the shooter’s motives and philosophy share with the Ukrainian militants.

While the left praises this development, it accuses those afraid of the loss of their demographic strength of being conspiracy theorists – while simultaneously marginalizing their concerns and dismissing their fears as base racism.

Manifestos written by shooters such as Tarrant and Gendron then become a rallying cry for neo-Nazis worldwide.

Tarrant’s outlook even circled back to Ukraine where an individual was arrested under suspicion of spreading the translated document, as detailed by Newsweek.

There’s a certain irony to the left’s creation of Nazi boogeymen while actively supporting their allies in Ukraine with billions of dollars – all while whitewashing their beliefs and ideology.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and it’s necessary to identify evil for what it is and regardless of who commits it, be it on a battlefield in Ukraine or on American streets.

Azov commander boasts about gruesome photos of executed civilians

Ukrainian neo-Nazi gloats over brutally killed opposition activists, wishes their fate on all “traitors”

Azov commander boasts about gruesome photos of executed civilians

File photo: Militants in Kiev carry a banner with the Wolfsangel, a SS symbol embraced by the “Azov” regiment. © AFP PHOTO/ SERGEI SUPINSKY

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The Fight for Abortion Rights is a Fight Against Racism, Sexism and Capitalism

Capitalism can’t live without racism. We can’t live with it.

by Karyn Pomerantz , 5-20-2022 on The Multiracial Unity Blog via thefreeonline.com shared with thanks

Overturning a woman’s right to abortion is the latest effort to keep women powerless, providing free domestic labor in the home and under the control of the male-dominated state.

Demonstration to keep abortion legal

It is not the first attack. Seventeenth century witch hunts stigmatized and murdered outspoken women.

Slavery turned black women into child and wealth generators for plantation owners. Throughout capitalist history, women have been demeaned and impoverished, especially black, indigenous, and Latinx women, in order to make extra profits.

This article documents how capitalism oppresses women and argues that abortion supporters must broaden their demands to address the broader role of sexism under capitalism.

How Capitalism Exploits Women


Under capitalism, a small class of wealthy owners of corporations and financial institutions reap huge profits from the working class.

While capitalists pay all workers less than the value of what they produce (exploitation), they pay women even less than men overall with black and Latinas paid even lower wages than white women.

For example, Latinas earn 35 cents for every dollar a white man makes. In addition, women are often concentrated in service, healthcare, retail, and hospitality jobs that pay poorly, have inconsistent hours, little job security, and offer little chance for advancement.

It is now considered progress to pay some “essential” workers $15 an hour, while others continue to earn much less!

Capitalism has always wanted to control our bodies

Extreme unemployment and poverty push some women into trading sex for a place to live or enough money to live on, some from a very young age.

Some women and girls are trafficked and forced into lives of prostitution. These transactional relationships have led to high rates of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases among women. (strive.lshtm.ac.uk/resources/transactional-sex-what-it-and-why-it-matters).

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Wild Harvesting Wild Seed

From Plant Abundance by Nikki Brighton on

via thefreeonline.com

local food edible weeds Eat Local Forage free food

Wild Harvesting Wild Seed - featured image

I have long been an admirer of Vandana Shiva. Her work seeks to restore connections, tell the stories of the seeds, and, in the process of saving seeds, save humanity – and much other biodiversity – is inspiring.

Vandana Shiva is the keynote speaker at this year’s Slow Seed Summit, sponsored by Slow Food USA. I was invited to participate in this global, virtual conference where people from across the globe gathered, to listen and discuss the regeneration of our world’s foodways to advance good, clean and fair food for all.

I participated in the panel discussing Seeds in the Wild – Responsible Harvesting as part of the Seed Preservation and Food Security sessions. Fellow panelists were:

Anna Maria Rumińska from Poland – who is a chef forager & reenactor, culinary consultant, gardener,  ethnologist, cultural & food anthropologist, architect, designer, educator, founder of the @Chwastozercy brand, convivium leader of Slow Food Dolny Śląsk, member of Polish Ethnological Association, placemaker, architectural educator, universal design consultant, native to Wrocław.

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The COVID Vaccine ‘Narrative’ Has Sunk! The Powers That Be are Giving up Trying To Hide it

thefreeonline.com May 19, 2022 .. By Meryl Nass M.D. at The Pulse via desultoryheroics iullustrations added .. shared with thanks

There has been so much bad news about the vaccines in the last few months, it even leaked into the mainstream media.  I think the cabal’s plan, at least in the US but probably everywhere, is to stop propping the ludicrous vaccine claims up and allow them to die a natural death. I explain why below.

There was just too much bad news, too few getting boosted, too much resistance from parents. Getting 8 or 10 doses into everyone was not going to happen.  The terrified obedient masses were becoming fewer and fewer.

There was plenty of happy talk that the afflicted politicians in DC had only mild COVID cases. Good for them. But, if vaccinations caused them to become asymptomatic spreaders instead of spreaders with symptoms, who would know to stay home while sick, the vaccines could actually be doing more harm than good in terms of transmission. They could be causing more COVID cases, not less.

For example, here is one story that got lots of traction:  ABC News covered the fact that “At least 72 COVID cases in the fully vaccinated resulted from the Gridiron dinner.”  Not only did Nancy Pelosi test positive, but several members of Biden’s Cabinet and many other Beltway glitterati did too.  All of whom had to have been vaccinated in order to attend.

By now, it has to be apparent to everyone who walks by a newsstand or turns on the TV that the media are begging much too hard for more shots.

It must be obvious to all that the shots do not prevent spread and therefore there is no logical way you can mandate them.  Because if my shot does not protect you (and only with lots of fairy dust will it protect me) why would you have any interest in whether or not I am vaccinated?

Once you stop caring about my vaccination status, the cabal’s nexus of control starts to fall apart. That was their ace in the hole. Time for them to move on to something else.

Pfizer Shot Is Far Less Effective in 5- to 11-Year-Olds Than in Older Kids, New Data Show – The New York Times

The kicker for childhood vaccines: the New York state Department of Health study of vaccine efficacy in children.  After 2 months, efficacy in the 5-11 year olds had fallen to 12%.  In other words, 7 out of 8 vaccinated kids derived no benefit after 2 months, only risk.  The data were derived from 365,000 children, and apparently there was no way CDC could spin them, or 12% was the best spin they could put on the data. This report is a huge obstacle to universal child vaccinations. They cabal cannot surmount it.

It is important to mention again–because we keep forgetting–that while the vaccines are nominally licensed for adults, in fact you can only find the EUA (unlicensed) product in the US, and legally an EUA is experimental–and therefore forcing someone to be vaccinated is a Nuremberg violation and a violation of federal law.  

The imposition of mandates for these experimental gene therapy products is therefore a crime, being committed by states, federal government and certain companies and other institutions.  It seems that because US law was not designed for situations in which the government is the criminal, it has been very difficult to use the judicial system to change what is happening.  But surely if this persisted much longer an honest judge somewhere would finally rule that the vaccines are experimental and the COVID mandate house of cards would then collapse.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put COVID mandates together again

Epidemic: German and Austrian Mayors Under 60 Are’Suddenly and Unexpectedly’ Dropping Dead – RAIR

What else has been happening that undermines the vaccine story?  Well, in addition to all the collapsing athletes, there is now a large collection of mayors suddenly dropping dead throughout Germany.

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Georgia won’t invade Abkhazia, S. Ossetia, wage war with Russia on Ukraine’s orders: ruling party


The United National Movement was founded by now imprisoned former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili, a citizen of Ukraine and former leading official in the Zelensky administration. Saakashvili’s trial began today.*

March 28, 2022

Ruling party head: Georgia “remains committed” to peaceful de-occupation

The Georgian Government remains committed to the policy of peaceful de-occupation and will resist “all provocations” aimed at escalating a new military confrontation with “our Abkhaz and Ossetian brothers and sisters,” Irakli Kobakhidze, the head of the ruling Georgian Dream party, said on Monday.

Kobakhidze was commenting on the matter following a statement last week by Oleksiy Danilov, the Secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council, that said Georgia would “greatly help” Ukraine in its defence from the ongoing Russian invasion by opening fronts against Russia to forcefully regain control over the occupied Georgian regions of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali (South Ossetia).

Kobakhidze stressed any war…

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We’re Out Here for Them: Uprising Support Website Update

via thefreeonline May 19, 22 photo: Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash— from itsgoingdown.org/ shared with thanks


An update on George Floyd uprising defendants and a call for people to get involved in supporting long-term prisoners.

It’s been nearly two years since the George Floyd uprisings spread across the country, confronting the structures of white supremacy and police violence in ways not seen for at least a generation.

It’s also been seven months since we launched UprisingSupport.org to collect and share information about people imprisoned or facing imprisonment for their participation in the uprisings.

The website currently has info for over 20 people who are in jail or prison for their alleged activities during the uprisings. Half a dozen other people who were previously in custody and listed on the website have been released since we launched.

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