VOODOO ECONOMICS: Fossil Fuels Subsidized At Rate Of $11 Million Per Minute

from RIELPOLITIK and scheerpost.com by By Lee Camp / MintPress News via thefreeonline

  • ‘…A comprehensive study of 191 nations, published by the International Monetary Fund in September 2021, found that globally the fossil fuel industry receives subsidies of $11 million per minute, … fossil fuel companies received $5.9 trillion in subsidies in 2020, with support projected to rise to $6.4 trillion by 2025, according to the IMF report.”
VOODOO ECONOMICS: Fossil Fuels Subsidized At Rate Of $11 Million Per Minute - featured image

$11 Million per Minute

A study by none other than the IMF found that the planet collectively spends $11 million per minute on subsidies for fossil fuels, all while the world barrels towards an impending climate catastrophe.

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Antifascists Successfully Defend Pro-LGBTQ Event at Church From Kelly Neidert Rally with Hitler Saluting Neo-Nazis

Sep 30, 22Screwston Antifascist Committee at itsgoingdown via thefreeonline

Report from Screwston Anti-Fascist Committee and the Space City Anarchist Organization on a recent mobilization to defend a church in Katy, Texas, which was hosting a pro-LGBTQ bingo fundraiser for youth, from a coalition of neo-Nazis, Proud Boys, and Republican groups.

On September 24th, Saturday afternoon, the First Christian Church of Katy held a Drag Bingo fundraiser to buy supplies for transitioning youth.

The event was heavily protested by a wide range of right-wing and white supremacist groups and was successfully defended by antifascists from the Houston and Katy area.

Both sides were heavily attended, and small scuffles broke out throughout the event, primarily between Proud Boys and antifascists.

No serious injuries were sustained by antifascist protesters and the Drag Bingo Fundraiser went on successfully without disruption.

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Detailed Overview HERE itsgoingdown

Destino da Amazônia depende do resultado das eleições brasileiras, dizem especialistas — — Barbara Crane Navarro

Mais destruição sob Bolsonaro pode levar a floresta da Amazônia além de um ponto de inflexão irreversível Um bombeiro combate um incêndio na floresta amazônica em Apuí, Brasil. Fotografia: Michael Dantas/AFP/Getty Images Por Damian Carrigton, editor de Meio Ambiente, para o “The Guardian” O destino da Amazônia depende da eleição nacional do Brasil no domingo, segundo […] […]

Destino da Amazônia depende do resultado das eleições brasileiras, dizem especialistas — — Barbara Crane Navarro

DRP NB 031022: Great Victory of People: MP govt scraps all contracts related to Maheshwar Dam — SANDRP

While congratulating the state government for cancelling the contracts, we would also suggest that the government needs to quickly decide about decommissioning of the dam, so that it does not pose safety risk to the people upstream and downstream and also perpetuates unnecessary adverse social and environment impacts. Earlier the dam is decommissioned, quicker will be the relief from these impacts. Moreover, the MP government should also not let the private company go scot free and all attempts should be made to recover the money spent and also penalise them for breach of the contracts. The private company should also be made to pay for the decommissioning costs.

DRP NB 031022: Great Victory of People: MP govt scraps all contracts related to Maheshwar Dam — SANDRP

Lula Wins but Oligarchy and Corporations, Bots and Churches, plus US PR Campaign Promote Election Buzz for Neo-Lib Criminal Bolsonaro

Lula just won the first round of Presidential Elections by over 6 million votes.

But the MSM buzz is that he’s losing big time and will crash out in the second round. Never mind that the Workers Party swept the board in the poor north east, the largely black coast and nearly all the indigenous Amazon. Never mind that women and blacks support Lula to stop sexist and racist discrimination.

President Bolsonaro ‘jokes at a rally ” We’re going to shoot dead Workers Party supporters” –Bolsonaro avisa em comício: “Vamos fuzilar petistas”

In 2018 Bolsonaro grabbed power with a hysterical media campaign, planned by top US PR agencies, aided by the far right Evangelicals with their 24 hour TV stations plus an army of internet bots, mainly Twitter and WhatsApp.

All it takes is to find a few Lula supporters, among tens of millions, and pay them to admit the worst crimes imaginable and flood the media with their stories 24/7.. and BINGO.. 4 more years on the Gravy Train and a new bonanza to ‘extract’ Brazil’s resources for US corporations, enslave the workers, annihilate the Amazon, and impose forever a fascist militarized political system.

Presidential Election Results

The President is elected based on majority vote through a two-turn system

LulaPT 57,173,187 48.4 %

Jair BolsonaroPL 51,051,226 43.2

Simone TebetMDB 4,913,757 4.2%

Ciro GomesPDT 3,597,503 3.0% etc

These results are based on a total of 118,117,989 valid votes. With 99.89% of vote sections accounted for


Will Brazil Face a Military Coup? US supports Brazil’s March Towards Fascism

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Historic Speech By Stoltenberg … Wait, No … By Putin — Ms. Cat’s Chronicles

Putin hacks NATO/German propaganda spiel with a ‘Truth Bomb’

Stoltenberg … Wait, No … Putin —from Ms. Cat’s Chronicles via thefreeonline

The broadcast of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s speech on the German TV channel Deutsche Welle was interrupted by a picture with a speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Stoltenberg was speaking to reporters at a briefing when the broadcast was interrupted, and then the Russian leader was shown, speaking at a concert rally on […]

Historic Speech By Stoltenberg … Wait, No … By Putin — Ms. Cat’s Chronicles

UN Report on Uighurs: China partly Vindicated but China-Phobia already Rife in USA

Written By Marc Vandepitte 0riginally on GlobalResearch via thefreeonline. illustrations added.

The long-awaited report on the Uighurs is out. It is sharp on China but contradicts the massive accusations that have been circulating in the West. The report was the subject of much wrangling and it threatens to become a weapon in the great geopolitical game between the West and China.

UN Report on the Uighurs, a Piece on the Geopolitical Chessboard?

The context

It has been a long time coming, but finally the UN Human Rights Committee (OHCHR) report on the Uighurs has been released. The Uighurs are a Muslim population group in Xinjiang, a province in western China.

There is a great deal of controversy about this population group. Western countries in particular accuse China of “cultural genocide” while countries of the South,[1] including several leading Muslim countries, view it completely differently. For example, at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit in Pakistan in March 2022, China was invited as the ‘guest of honour’.

In the past, a lot of fake news about the Uighurs has been produced. That should come as no surprise. From the West, China is increasingly under fire. The use of human rights à la carte is a tried and tested means of pushing countries into a corner and arousing public opinion.

The report itself has been the subject of much debate. It took three years to get permission to publish it. There was a great deal of pressure from both Western governments and Beijing regarding the content and the date of publication. In such a context of wrangling and struggle for influence, neutrality is a relative term.

The report starts from the fact that the contested Chinese approach towards the Uighurs takes place against the background of “riots” and “violent incidents which the [Chinese] Government has consistently characterised as terrorist in character. In 2009, racist riots led to 197 deaths, mostly Han Chinese.

In Pictures: The Uyghurs of Xinjiang | | Al Jazeera

An estimated 300 terrorist attacks followed, resulting in dozens of deaths. During the civil war in Syria, thousands of Uighur Muslim extremists were active there, and sooner or later they would return to their homeland. According to the renowned American trade magazine Foreign Policy, it became increasingly clear that China had become a new target of the Jihad.

In response to these serious terrorist attacks, Beijing has embarked on a vigorous anti-terrorism policy.

US Uighur residents past on bikes in Hotan in western China's Xinjiang region, China, Friday, Nov. 3, 2017. The accusation of genocide by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo against China touches on a hot-button human rights issue between China and the West. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)
Uyghur residents on bikes in Hotan in western China’s Xinjiang region, 2020. Poverty has been nearly eliminated in Xinjiang and support for the ETIM terrorists is invisible.

The OHCHR released simultaneously with its report a 121-page report from China, which states that the state’s fight against terrorism in the region is “necessary and just,” takes place within “the rule of law,” and “fully respects and safeguards human rights”. However, OHCHR precisely considers China’s counterterrorism approach to be “highly problematic” in terms of respect for human rights.

The report

The UN report is based on the one hand on forty in-depth interviews of witnesses, and on the other hand on a number of official Chinese documents[2] which the report says are “highly likely to be authentic”. In both cases, however, it is not clear whether they are separate individual cases or a pattern of behaviour by the Chinese government. Either way, every individual is entitled to respect for his or her human rights.

For the many allegations in its report, OHCHR generally does not provide hard evidence. In addition to individual testimonies, the UN body draws conclusions or estimates based on certain indicators. Therefore, the report often expresses itself in the conditional mood.

We list the main conclusions of the report:

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A Weaver, weaving notes into songs for all who care to listen…

Watch a Weaver Bird build a nest in a single day – YouTubeThe masked weaver bird is a skilled nest builder. Did you know he uses his beak and feet to weave the grasses together? While camped outside of Pretoria, Sou…

Rethinking Life

Village Weaver, Bird, Animal, Snovač

Photo:  Pixabay

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«Las mujeres viven libremente» (jin jyan azadi)

por Ateneu llibertari de Gràcia 10.02.22 via thefreeonline

Ni Déu. Ni Estat. Ni Pàtria. Ni patró. Ni Partit. Ni Marit. (Neither God, Nor Homeland, Nor bosses, Nor Party, Nor husband.)

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20.04.2020 – CORO-NOTICIES V5 i CORO-no-AGENDA de l’ATENEU del 13 de Març al 10 de Maig.

Mail: agracia@riseup.net Blog: https://ateneullibertarigracia.wordpress.com/ Twitter: @ALLibGracia Las personas que forman parte del Ateneu seguimos estando “bien”… bueno, ya algunos y algunas están pasando episodios de ansiedad, agobio, insomnio…. a parte de las situaciones económicas… Si teneís alguna necesidad no dudeís en contactar y ya veremos que podemos hacer. Saludos a…22 abril, 2020

15.04.2020 – CORO-NOTICIES V4 i CORO-no-AGENDA de l’ATENEU del 31 de Març al 26 d’Abril

La no editorial del ateneu: Edicions Malcriàs d’Agràcia

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