26,000 investigated for insulting Turkish president in 2018

By   TM      A total of 26,115 people were investigated on allegations of insulting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan throughout the year of 2018, indicating a 30 percent increase from the previous year, according to the Birgün daily.

A total of 4,480 of these investigations turned into court cases, and 2,462 of the suspects, including 19 under age, have received various punishments.

On Monday a social media user from Turkey’s Van province was given a 12-year prison sentence for insulting Erdoğan.

Canan Kaftancıoğlu, an official from the main opposition party, was also sentenced to over nine years for allegedly insulting the Turkish president.

Hundreds of people in Turkey, even high school students, face charges of insulting President Erdoğan.

The slightest criticism is considered insult, and there has been a significant rise in the number of cases in which people inform on others claiming that they insulted the president, the government or government officials. Continue reading “26,000 investigated for insulting Turkish president in 2018”

Freedom could be Soon for Mumia Abu-Jamal?!!

Prison Radio | September 16, 2019      Freedom is now in sight. New evidence, recently found, and suppressed for decades could be the key to relief for Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Joe McGill and Ed Rendell, trial prosecutor and DA, respectively, manipulated evidence and framed Mumia Abu-Jamal for first degree murder in 1982.

Six boxes of undisclosed case files labeled “Mumia Abu-Jamal” were found in a furniture closet last December by new DA Larry Krasner. Here is the exculpatory “Brady” evidence that was inside:

  • A letter from a witness demanding his money.
  • Memo after memo to and from Joe McGill tracking the open cases of another key witness.
  • Handwritten notes on original files, closely tracking the race of jurors.

Now we know that for 37 years the District Attorney’s office actively lied. They scrubbed clean every single document production, during multiple appeals, for years. It is cliché and almost predictable: evidence “lost” in a storage closet for 37 years by evil absent-minded hoarders.

Make no mistake- this evidence would have directly challenged the only “witnesses” at trial who identified Mumia Abu-Jamal as the shooter of officer Daniel Faulkner on Dec. 9, 1981.

The testimony of these two witnesses was compromised, something the jury was kept from knowing. One witness had as many as 35 prior convictions and 4-5 open cases. Now we know the DA was monitoring those cases very closely asking to be advised when they were in court. The other witness to the shooting was driving a cab on a suspended license and was on probation for throwing a Molotov cocktail into a school for pay. The jury never heard this.

This information certainly would have challenged prosecutor Joe McGill’s statement to the jury that they had nothing to gain from lying. Remember this is a jury who asked for re-instruction on the charges and were wavering on a finding of 1stDegree Murder. Remember Albert “I am going to help them they fry the nigger” Sabo, was the judge. And Alfonso “I retired with full pay and was indicted” Giordano, a commander, was the highest ranking officer on the scene that night.

On July 3rd, 1982, this was not an open and shut case. The petition to the Superior Court also raises the reinstated appeal issues from the Castille decision handed down by Judge Tucker. These include claims of improper jury selection (Batson Claims), ineffective assistance of counsel, and errors of law made by the court in previous appeals.

Every time you see Joe McGill in the courtroom or at an FOP event, or you see Ed Rendell at a party or a campaign event, remember this- they were stepping on the scales of justice from the beginning.

Mumia came within 10 days of being executed because of this misconduct. I was there. I got that call from the strip cell. Mumia had nothing but an orange jump suit, a half a sheet of paper and the cartridge of a pen (so he could send another prisoner as a proxy to the law library). Before and after his two death warrants he was held in solitary confinement on death row for decades!

“Because Mumia has for thirty years been subjected to torture on death row and because he is innocent, justice for Mumia will not be served by life imprisonment, but by his release from prison.”

Fast forward to 2017: Common Pleas Court Judge Leon Tucker admonishes the District Attorney to produce all of the requested material from their files. Finally, having no faith in their review, he demands that they deliver all of their files to his chambers. There he found documents revealing the bias of PA Supreme Court Judge Castille that the DA had somehow “missed”  – or willfully suppressed. After all that, in 2018, newly elected DA Larry Krasner* comes across six boxes of original trial material labeled “Mumia Abu-Jamal” in a storage closet. A week later they find hundreds of more boxes in that “storage cavern” […]

“Because Mumia has for thirty years been subjected to torture on death row and because he is innocent, justice for Mumia will not be served by life imprisonment, but by his release from prison.”


*[In April 2019 Krasner withdrew his objection to Mumia’s appeal to the Pennsylvania supreme court: see The Intercept]

via Freedom in Sight for Mumia Abu-Jamal?

I Choose Anarchism: Comrade Keith Malik Washington

Published August 7, 2019 http://revolutionaryabolition.org/

I Choose Anarchism - Comrade Keith Malik Washington

I’m not going to wait for the Apocalypse to come before I fully embrace Anarchism. I don’t need to see anymore young children forced to sleep on dirty concrete floors in South-West Texas in squalid conditions, eating bologna sandwiches and separated from their parents! No! I’m not going to wait.

I don’t need to wait for the next wild fire, earthquake, hurricane, flood or cyclone to come. I’m not going to wait until I have a stroke or a heart attack and then while I lay on my death bed I’m wishing that I would have chose anarchy when I was a healthy persyn at my full strength. I’m choosing anarchism today when I am at my best!

I’m not going to wait and see if the US Supreme Court votes on another issue like Citizens United or gerrymandering and then tell us that they are fair and unbiased. They are full of shit!

The authority that I have been respecting and following for five decades, following blindly at times, is illegitimate. These people in charge do not give a damn about humyn lives or our planet or morales or even values. I am not going to wait for our planet to be destroyed before my eyes or for the police and the military to lock up our leaders and freedom fighters or kill our young wimmin and young men– choking them to death or shooting them to death on national tv.

It is time for some action! Down with fascism and down with imperialism! Fellow workers unite! Today as I begin to turn 51 years old I choose anarchism! I choose horizontal organizing as opposed to top down leadership. I choose collective direct action, mutual aid, and solidarity. I choose phone zaps! Protests! Monkey wrenching and tree sitting! I choose freedom! Freedom to say what I want to say and how I want to say it! Continue reading “I Choose Anarchism: Comrade Keith Malik Washington”

Último Mensaje del anarquista Willem, Matado por Policia al Atacar una Carcel de Inmigrantes

from CRIMETHINC. shared with thanks

Sobre la acción de Willem van Spronsen en contra del Centro de Detención del Noroeste en Tacoma

Incluyendo el texto completo de su declaración final

El 13 de julio, Willem Van Spronsen fue asesinado por la policía mientras llevaba a cabo una acción para inutilizar la flota de autobuses del Centro de Detención del Noroeste, una instalación privada para la detención y encarcelamiento de inmigrantes.

Su declaración final, reproducida a continuación, nos transmite que actuó en respuesta a las continuas redadas y deportaciones llevadas a cabo por el Servicio de Inmigración y Control de Aduanas de los Estados Unidos (ICE).

El mismo día se conmemoraba el primer aniversario de una huelga de hambre dentro del mismo Centro de Detención. Puedes leer una lista de otros actos de resistencia que han ocurrido dentro del Centro de Detención del Noroeste aquí.

Entendemos por qué Willem Van Spronsen decidió dar su vida para interrumpir la violencia que se comete contra las personas indocumentadas en los Estados Unidos todos los días.

No es exagerado decir que las redadas de ICE están dirigidas a nuestrxs amigxs y vecinxs, personas que han vivido y trabajado junto a nosotrxs durante años, incluso décadas. La vulnerabilidad de las personas indocumentadas como clase sumamente explotable ha ayudado a multimillonarios como Donald Trump a obtener ganancias incluso más allá de lo que podrían haber obtenido por medios legales.

Luego, los mismos capitalistas se dirigen a los otros trabajadores explotados y les dicen que la pobreza y las desgracias que experimentan son culpa de aquellos que son más pobres y más oprimidos que ellos. Es difícil imaginar una estrategia más cínica.

La disparidad de derechos entre documentados e indocumentados es un constructo, así como la disparidad en el valor que los nazis construyeron entre judíos y gentiles. Ambos son meros inventos, no tienen existencia intrínseca, excepto como un medio para que un grupo poderoso justifique la violencia contra un grupo menos poderoso.

Los que justifican la obediencia a la ley como un bien en sí mismo están del lado de los nazis, cuyas leyes condenaron a millones de personas a campos de exterminio, sin mencionar a los racistas que aprobaron la Ley de Esclavos Fugitivos y las leyes de Jim Crow en el sur de Estados Unidos.

Las leyes son simplemente constructos, sin valor en sí mismas. Más todavía, muchas veces sirven para legitimar la injusticia frente a la que las personas se oponen con todos sus medios.

Cuanto más se les permita a los defensores de la violencia racista legitimar conceptos inventados como esclavitud y ciudadanía, más violencia perpetrarán; redadas, campos de concentración y exterminio en masa. Lo hemos visto antes, en la Alemania nazi y en otros lugares, y lo estamos viendo de nuevo hoy en los Estados Unidos. Son miles los asesinatos que ocurren en las zonas fronterizas y miles las asesinadas por la policía.

En este sentido, el pueblo judío que está llevando a cabo bloqueos contra ICE está realizando esfuerzos racionales para evitar que se repitan las mismas injusticias impensables que se cometieron contra sus antepasados. Willem Van Spronsen, quien creció en los primeros días de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, decidió que había llegado el momento de luchar contra el ascenso del fascismo, tal como lo hizo la gente en los años veinte, treinta y cuarenta.

Si más personas hubieran optado por tomar medidas para combatir el aumento del fascismo en Italia y Alemania, la Segunda Guerra Mundial podría haberse evitado, y con ello se habrían salvado millones de vidas. Que nadie diga que es “violento” atacar la infraestructura de ICE y los mercenarios que la mantienen. La verdadera violencia es la complicidad del “Buen Ciudadano” que no hace nada cuando sus vecinos desaparecen, al igual que el “Buen Alemán” que decidió ignorar lo que le estaban haciendo a sus vecinos en la década de 1930.

Todos los días, mercenarios de todo el mundo arriesgan sus vidas al servicio de los ricos y poderosos, obedeciendo órdenes sin pensar, desperdiciando su capacidad de pensar racionalmente, de sentir compasión, de responsabilizarse por sus acciones. Millones de personas matan y mueren cada año simplemente para aumentar la riqueza y el poder de los tiranos que los manipulan. Willem Van Spronsen decidió pensar por sí mismo. Asumió la responsabilidad personal e hizo lo que pudo para poner fin a lo que reconoció como una injusticia. No usó la defensa de Nuremberg para excusar sus acciones de la manera en que lo hacen todos los policías y carceleros.

En ese sentido, lo que hizo fue heroico.

Recomendamos la declaración sobre la acción de Willem Van Spronsen publicada por La Resistencia, un colectivo de base liderado por inmigrantes indocumentados y ciudadanos estadounidenses con sede en Tacoma, Washington.

Quien está decidido a llevar a cabo sus actos no es una persona corajuda. Es simplemente alguien que ha clarificado sus ideas, que se ha dado cuenta de la futilidad de hacer esfuerzos por jugar bien el papel que le ha sido asignado por el capital en la representación. Consciente, ataca con fría determinación. Y al hacerlo se realiza como ser humano. Se realiza a sí mismx en el placer. El reino de la muerte desaparece ante sus ojos.

— Alfredo Maria Bonanno

Palabras finales de Willem Van Spronsen

Existe el mal y existe el bien.
Es momento de actuar contra las fuerzas del mal.

El mal dice que una vida vale menos que otra.
El mal dice que el flujo de las mercancías es nuestro propósito aquí.
El mal dice que los campos de concentración para personas consideradas menos importantes son necesarios.
La sirvienta del mal dice que los campos de concentración deberían ser más humanos. Cuidado el centrismo.

Tengo el corazón roto de un padre,
Tengo un cuerpo roto,
Y tengo un aborrecimiento inquebrantable por la injusticia.
Eso es lo que me trae aquí.
Esta es mi oportunidad de intentar hacer la diferencia; sería ingrato esperar una invitación más obvia.

Sigo a tres maestros:
Don Pritts, mi guía espiritual. “Amor sin acción es solo una palabra”.
John Brown, mi guía moral. “¡Lo que se necesita es acción!”.
Emma Goldman, mi guía política. “Si no puedo bailar, no quiero ser parte de tu revolución”.

Soy una cabeza soñadora en las nubes, creo en el amor y la redención.
Creo que vamos a ganar.
Soy alegremente revolucionario. (Todes deberíamos haber leído a Emma Goldman en la escuela en lugar de la tontería que nos dieron de comer, pero estoy divagando). (Todes deberíamos estar mirando las fotos de los héroes de las YPG en caso de que vacilamos y pensemos que nuestros sueños son imposibles, pero vuelvo a divagar. Discúlpenme).

En estos días de fanáticos fascistas que se aprovechan de personas vulnerables en nuestras calles, en nombre del estado o apoyados y defendidos por el estado,
En estos días de campos de detención/concentración altamente rentables y de batallas por la semántica,
En estos días de desesperanza, búsqueda vacía y anhelo vacío,

Vivimos en un visible ascenso del fascismo. (Digo visible, porque aquellos que prestaron atención lo vieron sobrevivir y prosperar bajo la protección del estado durante décadas. [Ver “La otra historia de los Estados Unidos”, de Howard Zinn]). Ahora sigue descaradamente su agenda con la cooperación abierta y total del gobierno. De los gobiernos de todo el mundo.

El fascismo satisface las necesidades del estado y satisface las necesidades de los negocios, y todo a costa tuya. ¿Quién se beneficia? Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Betsy de Vos, George Soros, Donald Trump, ¿debo continuar? Permítanme decirlo otra vez: el beneficio es para los ricos, quienes están muy a gusto con el gobierno (con cualquier gobierno, incluidos los gobiernos “comunistas”), porque son estos los que hacen las reglas que hacen a los ricos más ricos.
No lo pienses demasiado.

(Los nacionalistas del fondo, ¿ya están prestando atención?)

Cuando era un niño, en la Holanda de posguerra, más tarde en Francia, mi cabeza estaba llena de historias sobre el ascenso del fascismo en los años treinta. Me prometí a mí mismo que no sería una de las personas que se quedaría inmóvil cuando los vecinos sean arrancados de sus hogares y encarcelados por ser percibidos de alguna manera como personas con menos derechos.
Tampoco tienes porqué quemar al bastardo, ¿pero vas a quedarte sin hacer nada?

Esta es la prueba de nuestra creencia fundamental en la libertad y nuestra responsabilidad colectiva.
Este es un llamado a los patriotas, también, a oponerse a esta parodia contra todo lo que ustedes consideran sagrado. Los conozco. Sé que en sus corazones, ven la deshonra en estos campos. También es hora de que usted hagan frente al dinero que atraviesa las cuerdas de cada maldito títere que pretende representarnos.

Soy un hombre que los ama tanto a todes y a esta bola giratoria que voy a cumplir la promesa de mi infancia de ser noble.

Aquí, en estos campos de concentración corporativos con fines de lucro.
Aquí, en Brown y donde hay personas que no se conforman y cubren sus rostros por temor a la policía/migra/Proud Boys/…
Aquí, en un planeta casi agotado por la codicia del mercado.

Soy un pensador de ideas concretas.
Los campos de detención son una abominación.
No voy a quedarme sin hacer nada.
Realmente no debería tener que argumentar nada más que esto.

Dejo a un lado mi corazón roto y me sano de la única manera que sé, siendo útil.
Compartimento eficientemente mi dolor…
Y alegremente realizo esta acción.

(Para aquellos que están agobiados por mis acciones, espero que hagan con esta carga el mejor uso de ella).

A mis camaradas:
Lamento perderme el resto de la revolución.
Gracias por el honor de permitirme vivir a su lado.

Darme espacio para ser útil, para sentir que estaba cumpliendo mis ideales, ha sido el pináculo espiritual de mi vida.

Hacer lo que pueda para ayudar a defender a mi gente preciosa y maravillosa es una experiencia demasiado rica para describirla.

Mis compañerxs trans me han transformado, solidificando mi convicción de que seremos guiados a un futuro soñado por lxs más marginadxs de esta sociedad. Lo he soñado tan claramente que no me arrepiento de no ver cómo resulta. Gracias por traerme tan lejos.

Soy antifascista. Estoy con lxs compañerxs de todo el mundo que actúan desde el amor de la vida en cada acción. Compañerxs que entienden que la libertad significa libertad real para todxs y una vida que valga la pena vivir.

¡A mantener la fe!
¡Todo el poder al pueblo!
Bella ciao.

Audio manifesto: thesuper8.bandcamp.com

No permitan que sus estúpidas agencias gubernamentales gasten dinero “investigando” este caso. Fui radicalizado en la clase de educación cívica a los 13 años cuando nos enseñaron sobre el colegio electoral. Fue en ese momento que decidí que el statu quo podría ser una casa de naipes. La lectura adicional confirmó mis reflexiones. ¡Recomiendo altamente la lectura!

No estoy afiliado a ninguna organización, me he desconectado de cualquier organización que no esté de acuerdo con mi elección de tácticas.

El arma semiautomática que utilicé fue un fusil AR-15 no registrado y de fabricación casera, con seis cargadores. Recomiendo a lxs compañerxs y nuevxs camaradas que se armen. Ahora somos responsables de defender a las personas del estado depredador. Ignora la ley al armarte si tienes el lujo, yo lo hice.

Love and Power: The Ballad of Oso Blanco Revisited

..By     Anonymous Contributon   … shared via It’s Going Down

“It’s a long way to Nottinghamshire,
Or to Chiapas, Mexico,
But you can’t tell me that Robin Hood ain’t real
Since the Feds caught up with Oso Blanco!”
– The Martyr Index, by “Oso Blanco”

“I hope to inspire people to have courage beyond their daily understanding. As we truly have endless love and power within.”
– Letter from Oso Blanco, 6/4/2019

by Clayton P

Official sources say that Oso Blanco, to whom the State refers by his birth name, Byron Shane Chubbuck, is responsible for about 20 bank robberies from 1998-1999, all undertaken for the express purpose of aiding the EZLN (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional/Zapatista National Liberation Army) in Chiapas. Oso Blanco himself puts the number of “robberies” at closer to 50.

“The bankers got bailed out. Oso Blanco went to prison.”

There’s a satisfying symmetry—I won’t call it poetic justice—in using money from banks to fund revolutionary struggle. Banks are in the business of burying people’s hopes and of destroying their dreams. But the goals of freedom-fighters like the Zapatistas—and like Oso Blanco himself—are to keep hope alive, to nurture the revolutionary dream of a world free from oppression and exploitation. Continue reading “Love and Power: The Ballad of Oso Blanco Revisited”

Anarchist Prisoner Luis Fernando Sotelo to be Released!

Luis Fernando Sotelo, anarchist political prisoner in Mexico City, is set to be released on July 12th after 4 years and eight months in prison.

Luis Fernando Sotelo Zambrano was arrested alongside Sergio Pérez Landero on November 5, 2014, near University City in Mexico City, following the Third Global Day of Action for Ayotzinapa. During the demonstration, a Metrobús station and a Metrobús (a rapid transit bus service) were burned.

The following day, Sergio was released for lack of evidence, while 20-year-old student Luis Fernando was charged with several major crimes and sent to South Prison (Reclusorio Sur) in Mexico City where for a time he was held in solitary confinement.

Luis Fernando was involved in various political projects, including the Ollin Meztli Collective, the ik’ otik Cooperative, the Network Against Repression and for Solidarity, and is an adherent to the Zapatista’s Sixth Declaration.

In 2016, Sotelo and several other prisoners participated in a hunger strike in solidarity with the prison strike underway in the United States against prison slavery and in support of the revolts against the killing of African-Americans by police.

Statement by Campaign for the Freedom of Luis Fernando Sotelo:

To the Zapatista Army of National Liberation

To the National Indigenous Congress, Indigenous Governing Council

To the National and International Sixth

To the Left Independent Popular Organization Francisco Villa

To the Compañerxs in Solidarity

To Our Families

Since November 5th, 2014, for more than four years, we have received solidarity from you all, to accompany the struggle for the freedom of Luis Fernando Sotelo Zambrano. The possibility of having Luis in the streets with us is possible thanks to the effort of the legal-political struggle that we have carried out against state repression.

Since November 5th when Luis was arbitrarily detained, even as the repression beat us again and again, Los Otros Abogadoz and Luis, you all, us, we never gave up. Each time we resisted, with a legal appeal, a protest and/ or the closing of the courthouse. In consequence, his sentence was reduced from long-term confinement that sought to rob him of his entire life, to his upcoming release.

To all of those who were there during these four years and eight months with your expressions of solidarity; the mobilizations, publications, economic donations, letters, music, food, forums that you all organized, coffee, honey, fanzines, psychological support, medical support, opening spaces to us in your community assemblies, “encanto del condón,” from the other side of the Atlantic, with your documentaries, engravings, hunger strikes, paintings, serigraphy, hand crafts, organic products, dance…to you all we thank you infinitely. With what you put together to accompany and sustain this struggle, we learned from your solidarity in practice and not only in words.

To those who were not there but who took the stage, who took the microphone, who waved the flag “our prisoners”, who spoke the name of Luis…to you all we say, thank you because we learned who are and who aren’t our compañerxs.

Today, after all of this, we inform you all that our compañero Luis Fernando Sotelo will be released.


The struggle for freedom does not end with the freedom of Luis. There exists many more imprisoned compañerxs and we are clear that we can only build another world when we are all free!



Campaign for the Freedom of Luis Fernando Sotelo

Line 3 Direct Action stops Tar Pipeline in Minnesota Victory

Direct Action in Minnesota as Line 3 Pipeline Approval Reversed
By Lorenzo Serna,  at Unicorn Riot   shared with thanks
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Resist Line 3 @ResistLine3

Application for permit from Great River Energy to build a transition line to power @Enbridge Line 3 pump station. Work on this site has been shut down for over 4 hours!

See Resist Line 3’s other Tweets

The language in the permits states that the the power lines are for Enbridge’s proposed project that’s part of a replacement project.

“115 kilovolt transmission line that is needed to provide electric power to a new petroleum pump station being proposed by Enbridge Energy. The Enbridge pump station is part of a pipeline replacement project.“

That proposed pump-station is intended to be attached to the new tar sands Line 3 pipeline that as of Monday morning is no longer approved in Minnesota.

While water protectors took action to shut down Line 3 construction, the paper war continued in the state as the Minnesota Court of Appeals agreed with a coalition of tribes, indigenous rights groups and environmental groups with an opinion which stated,

“We agree that the FEIS [Final Environmental Impact Statement] is inadequate because it does not address the potential impact of an oil spill into the Lake Superior watershed. Accordingly, we reverse the commission’s adequacy determination and remand for further proceedings consistent with this decision.“

Enbridge stated their disappointment in a post on their website but also pointed out that the court had sided with them on eight of the nine disputes. Enbridge ended their response post by saying,

“We are in the process of a detailed analysis of the court’s decision and will consult with the MPUC and other state agencies about next steps.“

The courts decision wouldn’t  have stopped the construction the three water protectors took direct action to stop.

A press release from the Ginew collective which describes itself as a, “a grassroots, frontlines effort led by indigenous women to protect Anishinaabe territory from the destruction of Enbridge’s Line 3 tar sands project,” gave statements on why the three water protectors took action.

Frances Weatherall stated,

“Enbridge pretends to follow the process while it is busy bulldozing through our forests and wetlands,”

Frances’ sister, Mollie Weatherall, locked to same machine said,

“This is a years-long plan to send more dirty tar sands through Minnesota, don’t be fooled into thinking they won’t destroy as much as they can while they wait for their final state permits,”

Jonas, the third person who took direct action stated,

“This is a step towards decolonization, Enbridge is carving up the planet and our government doesn’t care. Today it’s my turn to put my body between the planet I want to protect and the attacks against our water, our climate, and Native sovereignty.”

The water protectors who shut down the construction site prepping ground were arrested and released from jail June 4, 2019. A bail fund was organized to support the water protectors with legal fees.

Northfield Against Line 3

about 2 weeks ago

They’re free!! These are the three water protectors who stood up for the planet yesterday by locking themselves to machinery to stop its operation in building line 3. We are so thankful that they are out of jail and back with their friends and comrades. However they still will have legal and court costs in the coming weeks. Please donate to their legal support fund here paypal.me/nfldal3 .

To support more actions like this to stop the black snake Line 3, donate to https://bit.ly/stoppipeline3

https://www.facebook.com/StopLine3 for video/info

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, tree and outdoor

The Ginew collective’s statement also pointed out that this ongoing construction continues despite Enbridge not having water crossing permits,

“Minnesota has not issued the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) or DNR permits required for Line 3 construction across wetlands or water crossings. Minnesota announced the 401 water quality certification process will not be complete until fall 2019.“

These actions and decisions are just the latest in a ongoing resistance in Minnesota against Enbridge’s tar sands oil project. This latest direct action, comes on the heels of years of multifaceted resistance in court rooms and in the forests of Minnesota to #StopLine3.

By Lorenzo Serna,  at Unicorn Riot

Unicorn Riot’s Line 3 Oil Pipeline Coverage:

Greek Anarchist Prisoner Escapes .. Giannis is Free!

Giannis Michailidis, one of the Greek Anarchist Prisoners Escapes from Prison

 Giannis Michalidis “the archer of Syntagma”escaped from prison in Tyrintha on June 7th.   Grecia: L’anarchico Giannis Michailidis è evaso dal carcere di Tyrintha

The anarchist prisoner Giannis Michailidis [sometimes the name is reported as Yannis and the surname as Mihailidis] escaped a few days ago from the so-called rural prison of Tyrintha (Tiryns), in thr Peloponnese.

Mass Hunger Strikes end in Victory over Fascist Terror.. 8 dead

note.. this ‘TheFreeOnline’ blog is now banned in Turkey with Dozens more pro Rojava and anti Fascist sites

reportaje en castellano abajo

After 200 days of incomparable historical resistance, the hunger strikes in Kurdistan, Turkey and Europe have been declared over today

 We send our warmest revolutionary greetings to all comrades who took part in the hunger strike and the many resistance actions and congratulate the free peoples on this victory.

Ocalan in the past has declared long ceasefires with the Turkish State rejecting terrorism and separatism  in favour of ‘municipal anarchist’ communal ideas and feminist emancipation which have swept through the over 15 million Kurdish population.

On November 8, 2018 the Kurdish politician Leyla Güven had started her hunger strike to lift the total isolation against Abdullah Öcalan, the representative of the Kurdish people and philosophical thought leader of the revolution in Northeast Syria. Continue reading “Mass Hunger Strikes end in Victory over Fascist Terror.. 8 dead”

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