New International Anti-Fascist Battalion “AIT” in Rojava


by Pablo Heraklio   from.. Rojava Azadî
In the Autonomous Area of Rojava the fighting does not cease while the federative and cooperative advance continues.
Health and strength to those who fight!

Dilsoz Baha, ( first name Kevin Jochim) was killed in clashes with ISIS on July 6th, 2015 during operations around Girê Spî (Til Abyad, Rojava  see also.. )  see also 500 Europeans fighting with YPG Revolution: homage to Kevin Jochim

A new international anti-fascist battalion has been formed in Rojava to combat the Islamic State, the AIT, (Anti-Fascist International Tabur) with volunteers from around the world. The battalion was officially constituted on 12/19/2016 with a press release.

Its symbol, a phoenix, was taken from the revolutionaries who fought Franco’s fascism in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). Continue reading “New International Anti-Fascist Battalion “AIT” in Rojava”

Mother of All Storms Builds Over Catalonia’s Independence

Provocative SHIT on Facebook.. using Catalan Workers flag
Provocative SHIT on Facebook.. using Catalan Workers flag

by  Ugly repercussions far beyond Spanish borders

By Don Quijones, Spain & Mexico, editor at WOLF STREET:

For the last six months, tensions between Madrid and Barcelona seemed to have subsided, as most of the attention of Spanish government, the media, and the public was diverted by the seemingly unstoppable rise of Pablo Iglesias’ anti-austerity party Podemos — a rise that has suddenly stopped.

Now it seems that what first appeared as reduced tensions between Madrid and Spain’s north-eastern province was merely the calm before the mother of all storms. Continue reading “Mother of All Storms Builds Over Catalonia’s Independence”

Autonomy and the Global Revolution..We Are Everywhere! ..a must-read HERE!

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Autonomous_Roots_of_RDM.pdf    240 KB  25 pages


 We Are Everywhere!

The Autonomous Roots of the Real Democracy Movement (RDM)

Jérôme E. Roos and Leonidas Oikonomakis



The years since 2011 have witnessed the (re-)birth of a global cycle of struggles around the issue of democracy. With the representative institutions of liberal democracy in crisis, social movements appear to be increasingly moving away from claims-based and state-oriented contention towards a global project of autonomy. Continue reading “Autonomy and the Global Revolution..We Are Everywhere! ..a must-read HERE!”

Serial of The Free Ch 46. Chained to Wainy


Act Five

Chapter forty six

Chained to Wainy

-´free the child in your head´




  ‘Finally they’re not letting anyone out at all. It’s not just your friend.’- said Bruno to Damo, with a glance and a shrug at Macker’s support group. Continue reading “Serial of The Free Ch 46. Chained to Wainy”

Serial of The Free Ch 45. The Trap

15M take the Streets


Act Five Chapter 45


‘Quick quick disguise me girls. The punky wig, the hat!’-

Barney narrating

           -‘Next stop Riverbank Park. Buses to the center stop here. Passengers for Ragwort Pool, the path across the park is now cleared through the next gate down.’-

This is our stop already. The bus hisses to a halt, next to the dark ruined park. Lucy is worried again, she wants to go into town and pick up Duna and Lila, while I will take the short cut, through the park and across the little river, and be home with Moonbeam in just ten minutes!

Me and Lucy don’t suffer from premonitions, unfortunately. Maybe we are just too newly in love, to worry about falling into a trap. We’d gone all starry eyed and smoochy, giggling under Christy’s sheet in the back of the bus. Continue reading “Serial of The Free Ch 45. The Trap”

Serial of The Free Ch 44. The Ultimatum


  Act Five 

Chapter forty four


The Ultimatum

-‘Have you ever heard of Shari Paba?’-


        -‘Hey, hey Tessa, leave my friend in peace.’- said Duna. -‘You found us finally now just forget it.’-

        -‘Your friend! This useless pile of pus and pigshit!’- She was pointing at the disheveled Damo. -‘How could you choose this for your friend!?’-

        -‘Shut your fat mouth you stupid… .’- Continue reading “Serial of The Free Ch 44. The Ultimatum”

Serial of The Free Ch 43 ‘Clanners Way’

The Free best colour Jan22  2012. _Page_268_Image_0001



Chapter Forty Three

Clanners Way

‘It was snowing red rose petals in Foxford Bridge’

Lucia and Barney narrating

‘Look Lucy look!’-


Me and Barney had lucked out. I never met Christy Peters but I loved his pad, he was Clan Orca, like a lot of mariners, and merchants. They still used money for trade, though not in their personal lives. Continue reading “Serial of The Free Ch 43 ‘Clanners Way’”

Serial of The Free: Ch 41 Love is all you need/ Ch 42 Back to the City



Act 4 Chapter 41

aALove is All you Need

‘Oh Lulu Lululu.’– Barney gurgled, urgently.’-

Barney narrating

            -‘Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go and find them now!’-

            In less than an hour we had cleaned up Maggie’s Kitchen, prepared our picnics, fed all the animals and were all out the door with our bags on our backs. Leaving the neighbours having an assembly.

            It was a mistake to all rush off, we needed someone at home working with the phone and computer. It was my fault, I was all shook up. I think I was anguished and elated at the same time. Continue reading “Serial of The Free: Ch 41 Love is all you need/ Ch 42 Back to the City”

Serial of The Free Ch 40: Maxie phones home


Act Four  Chapter forty

Maxie phones home

-‘Run for your life missus. The monsters are in the village.’-

Barney narrating

            That covered terrace wasn’t the best place for a meeting, they’d closed the shutters up, but the rain was rattling the roof. The lightning had passed however and we’d put the lights back on.

They had the TV on loud and everyone was sucked into the invasion reports, as we all filed in, with Moonie and Josie, and the yunkers still in their towels.

          -‘Oh my god they’re going to kill them!’- Continue reading “Serial of The Free Ch 40: Maxie phones home”

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