Great new edition of ‘The Free’.. classic anarcha-feminist novel.

The new updated ‘pocketbook’ edition of ‘The Free’ is Out Now!

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Also it’s being reviewed in a 26 page essay by an eminent critic.

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A few more commentaries on the book.

The Free is a story with a serious message, and the real joy of it is how author M.Gilliland disguises that within a very good story. Almost every other “message” book I’ve ever read has been a bit ham-handed and clunky, but The Free is, well, Free of all that.

Based on the somewhat disjointed pitch, I was expecting a fairly wacky tale, but The Free has many serious moments that could give literary fiction tales a run for their money. Dialog is spot on perfect and it’s easy to emphasize with the main character as either Linda or Maxie. In fact, in a lot of ways, Linda/Maxie and to some extent Macker are the normal ones, the straight-man role for the crazy world Gilliland has created.

It’s also interesting to note that The Free is quite a timely tale given what is happening in the world. We’re killing our climate and our economy is going down with it, making The Free an admirable anecdote to represent our somewhat lost generation.

John Breeden II     Old Number Seven

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I am fascinated by the short, succint narrative passages. I am engaged by the structure of the work, the amusing characters, a plot that reminds me of Ulysses (the Joyce version). Well done and best wishes.      Mercutio


‘’This is the most detailed fictional treatment of the movement from a world recognizably like our own to an anarchist society that I have read. More importantly, it is imagined strongly enough to allow readers to believe that events could happen this way. That is to say, it gives plausible answers to the two most important questions regarding such a transformation: under what preconditions is it likely to occur, and once it starts what factors most contribute to its success?……”  Dan Jaekle

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This reads like “A Confederacy of Dunces” by John Kennedy Toole and Alan Moore’s “V For Vendetta”. You have that skewed look at mass rebellion from a protagonist a little out of the mainstream idealistic vision of a revolutionary. This is at it’s core taking a non-plausible hero or unlikely band of heroes that you have made conventional. It’s the literary equivalent of taking Humpty Dumpty and making him Che Guevera.  Brillant writing executed with precise subtlety.–JL “The Devil Of Black Bayou:”


Reading this was so energising. I love the MC and her humour and her struggle to make sense of everything. Very, very good writing. Refreshingly different. It feels as though you had enormous pleasure writing it and that shines through. Nothing to criticize. Thanks for an interesting and uplifting read. Made my day!    Fontaine



Strong believable, compelling situation. “Like a bee in a jar” is lovely.
“I had the idea that my father was great. It’s true he did shout and roar and get drunk. But I was his own big girl.” This is beautiful writing, we feel how torn she is between the emotional and the rational view of her father.
Similarly in,“But I still believed by dada was the best. For me he’d always been the bee’s knees. And I didn’t dare doubt it.”
“It was groaning brutal” is magnificent!
Nothing is simple here, it is life with all its hidden complexity, I liked, “I’m still not sure sure that I didn’t vomit on her on purpose” and “They always have their hooks inside your head” The world you’ve created is dark and rich.
“My feet went crunch crunch down the gravelled drive, like a zombie late for lunch.” Brilliant and funny, as is, “I’d like to say I couldn’t care two drops of diarrhea what he done. But that would be a sinful lie.” and I loved,
“because the sun and the moon and all the stars shone out of his arsehole” it is gloriously strong and earthy.

Sharda D.

The Solidarity Revolution

The Solidarity Economy as a Strategy for Revolution

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money free revolution

There are three roads to revolution. Some focus on seizing state power, others on revolutionary expropriation. The third strategy is to think seriously about how we would actually like to organise our lives and then to start putting these ideas into practice, constructing the new world directly, as a parallel alternative to capitalism.

Let’s be clear that the solidarity economy already exists and people are already fully engaged in the approach that I am describing. I am not messianically opening a new revolutionary pathway; I am merely reporting on a fruitful line of action, introducing it to newcomers, as well as offering some ideas about how it could develop to those who are interested.

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Serial of The Free: Ch 41 Love is all you need/ Ch 42 Back to the City



Act 4 Chapter 41

aALove is All you Need

‘Oh Lulu Lululu.’– Barney gurgled, urgently.’-

Barney narrating

            -‘Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go and find them now!’-

            In less than an hour we had cleaned up Maggie’s Kitchen, prepared our picnics, fed all the animals and were all out the door with our bags on our backs. Leaving the neighbours having an assembly.

            It was a mistake to all rush off, we needed someone at home working with the phone and computer. It was my fault, I was all shook up. I think I was anguished and elated at the same time. Continue reading “Serial of The Free: Ch 41 Love is all you need/ Ch 42 Back to the City”

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This past August BitTorrent Inc. and the Internet Archive teamed up to make the latter’s vast collection of content more accessible to the public, and the result has been staggering.

The Internet Archive, founded in 1996, is a non-profit that was founded to build an Internet library, with the purpose of offering permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format. Continue reading “Internet Archive: 1.8M free books, plus ‘The Free’!”

Because there’s no other solution .. recipe for Social Revolution!

‘The police are actually a tiny minority’ Greece 2011

Statement by members of The Alternative – Alternative Red and Green in La Mancha … July 27, 2012

The crisis not only continues but deepens, it becomes worse every day. And there is no escape from capitalism, because this system is in terminal crisis. Just look how governments (all, then and now) do not know what to do, how they lie every day saying that in a few months or years we will see how the cycle changes . But all we’ve seen is sinking living conditions, and the consequences paid by the vast majority. Our lives deteriorate and we lose the social gains that cost us so many struggles. And which we paid for with our work and our taxes, because power has given us nothing. Continue reading “Because there’s no other solution .. recipe for Social Revolution!”

Porque no hay otra solución.. a la Revolución Social !

Porque no hay otra solución, a la Revolución Social

Comunicado del núcleo de militantes de Los Alternativos – Alternativa Roja y Verde en La Mancha… 27 de Julio de 2012

La crisis no sólo continúa, sino que se agrava, se hace cada día peor. Y no hay salida desde el capitalismo, porque este sistema está en crisis terminal. Sólo hay que ver cómo sus gobiernos (todos, los de ahora y los de antes) no saben qué hacer; cómo mienten cada día (desde hace años, ellos y sus medios de desinformación) diciendo que en unos meses o años veremos cómo cambia el ciclo económico. Pero lo único que hemos visto, vemos y veremos es cómo se hunden nuestras condiciones de vida, porque las consecuencias las pagamos la inmensa mayoría. Se deterioran nuestras vidas y perdemos las conquistas sociales que tanto tiempo y tantas luchas nos costaron. Y que hemos pagado con nuestro trabajo y nuestros impuestos, porque el poder no nos ha regalado nada.

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‘The Free’. 462pp. free download

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‘The Free’, an adventure/thriller about teenage runaways, during climate chaos and capitalist collapse.  The E-book has been a Free Download since May 1st.

tags: Social Revolution, anarchist, anti-fascist, climate chaos, collapse of capitalism, adventure, coops, coppice, credit union, deschooling, feminist, gay, lesbian, permaculture, magic,money free, online democracy, rape, riot, revolution, squatters,

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The Free: More comments from writers.

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.Sage Kalmus wrote ].Hi Mike. Had to pause in mid-read because I’m already so moved by how rich and personal this read is.Maxie is a female Holden Caulfield, and you capture her voice with Salinger-like care. Her voice makes for an easy read that flows like a runaway train, carrying the reader breathlessly from one page to the next. She has a deceptively easygoing matter-of-factness to her voice seasoned with an exuberant and precocious self-awareness that makes her a delightful character to tag along with for this wild ride…. at times this book is nevertheless downright laugh-out-loud funny. I haven’t enjoyed a dystopian revolutionary tale this much since Terry Gilliam’s film “Brazil”. In literature, the closest I’ve found is actually one of my favorites “Riddley Walker” by Russell Hoban.  A total roller-coaster ride that I don’t want to get off.

Henry Scott…Mikey – wow! I’ve not read anything like this on before and I love it. A real masterpiece .…Henry (Lord Tom – The Bare Fist Fighter).

The Free by M Gilliland…This is Social Science Fiction not attempted since Survivors on BBC in the Seventies. Are we back there, yet?I love this book. As satire, it works superbly showing up the inevitable consequences of Western Free Market Rapacious Capitalism as well as giving us a taste of Good Old Days English Humour. …I’m loving the central conceit and your ‘back to the land’ theorising where ordinary folk – God I’m writing like a Yokel! – come up with the low tech, non policy solutions. The Free has the potential to be a very, very important book. …The use of differing narrators is also brilliant. Each opens a different perspective, depending on their personalities and prejudices. Popping the self conscious writing bubble beautifully. If only the likes of Martin Amis, Will Self, Rushdie et al could actually define their characters in the simple, no nonsense way you have. Who needs drawn out internal monologues and socio-political rhetoric when you can do this?…Deserving of its place in the TOP 12..Envy is such a difficult emotion to deal with…

DMcGill…What a blast! I never knew I’d enjoy a story such as this. I’m so glad I did! Your writing is brilliant and your characters are so real and….crazy as it sounds, human. Imperfect, lost then found, loving, frustrating – human! ….Donna

AlleJo ..Brilliant. 
Really like your style. Reads so fluidly and the atmosphere of the nuns/school/dad planting a smacking kiss – great. Love Linda Moon. On my list. Best, Louise –
TJONES …I never seen a book laid out like this but I have to tell you I really enjoyed the couple of chapters I read. I got use to the flow of the book really fast and the story kept my attention. The best of luck with you on this book.
Congratulations to this fantastic book!  The story is so tight and in some places I could feel my heart being squeezed, my blood pressure rising … then comes along a funny bit and on and on it goes.  You have a very special and unique voice. All the best! Kara´.

The Free.. get your free copy here!

The Free.   E-book now


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about the book

Adventure/Thriller.. Maxie rebels and runs away, with anarcha feminists, squatters and gays.. Capitalism goes bottoms up. The climate is revolting.. our heroes live the social and permaculture revolution, and the dawn of a money-free world….The E Book will come out on Mayday…. as a FREE download

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