Because there’s no other solution .. recipe for Social Revolution!

‘The police are actually a tiny minority’ Greece 2011

Statement by members of The Alternative – Alternative Red and Green in La Mancha … July 27, 2012

The crisis not only continues but deepens, it becomes worse every day. And there is no escape from capitalism, because this system is in terminal crisis. Just look how governments (all, then and now) do not know what to do, how they lie every day saying that in a few months or years we will see how the cycle changes . But all we’ve seen is sinking living conditions, and the consequences paid by the vast majority. Our lives deteriorate and we lose the social gains that cost us so many struggles. And which we paid for with our work and our taxes, because power has given us nothing.

More and more of us struggle all over the planet, and here also in La Mancha we feel the effects of the crisis. But the Power does not and will not listen to the majority . They are servants of capital, the “board of the bourgeoisie,” . Therefore it is necessary that our social movements introduce in our speeches, in our proposals and in our practice, the Social Revolution as an immediate and unavoidable objective.

Capitalism is in terminal crisis, which leads us directly to the Barbarism. So we have to choose, as our ancestors did, clearly and strongly expressed in the classic liberation slogan: Socialism or Barbarism!

Globalization is just the end of the expansion of capitalism on the entire planet and all societies and pre-capitalist social groups: the creation of a “single great capitalist world economy” as  Rosa Luxembourg said a century ago . And that system can not survive without expansion. So now it “eats itself”  as well as the female and male workers and the Ecosystem. That is what lies behind measures to increase productivity (sales, salaries, labor reforms, relocation to countries with cheaper labor, …), as well as the unprecedented increase in the exploitation of the vast majority (the working class) and the earth’s resources.

In this process the Public Services play a key role. Because they are the most necessary and important to people, what they spend and spend their last resources. So what was “unproductive” for big business (health, education, …) and had to be maintained by workers and the states, now is the juiciest fruit for all investment funds and transnational fighting. That’s what’s behind the privatization of everything public. A process that cuts are essential. And the deficit, debt and crisis are the excuses.

But what is this Barbarism to which the economic and political powers are taking us? Barbarism would be another social system as different from capitalism as this one is of feudalism and other ancient social systems. Mass production for mass consumption would break down completely. We can see it already in an incipient way through the recession and depression,

Take the streets. Spain 2011

destruction of productive forces (closures, layoffs, …). But the bottom line for most is that in Barbarism the majority of us would be superfluous. For years, social scientists have used the concept of “surplus population” in this analysis. And they point to the growing masses of people everywhere who are excluded and abandoned to their fate, condemned to succumb to a miserable life.

We all have to take note because this is a the mirror reflecting our future, the future than has been prepared for us by capitalism. If we are not able to do something to prevent it..  destroy capitalism and build a radical alternative. What is traditionally called socialism (for the socialization of all means of production), Communism (to take away everything in common and antagonistic class divisions of society) and Anarchism (by the disappearance of all oppressive power of any State the service of the ruling class).

These “old” ideas are now more relevant than ever. And they confront capitalism and its servile organizations (PP, PSOE, …) as well as the arguments of reformist organizations (in our case IU EQUO, and “majority” unions, …) that say they are being “realistic” when what they propose is truly impossible. Because capitalism works in a very determined way, not as the reformers of the day they would like. Many have taught us this for a century and a half, but these reformists have not learned anything.

Among the reformist arguments, the most absurd one states that you can “go back” to what they call “the path of growth ” and “the welfare state.”  History never goes backwards. But in addition, it was that growth is that led us here, because it was growth for a few,  at the expense of the majority, that growth was very good for a few but most of us were left  with the crumbs and we paid for their party . For instance, the purchasing power of most did not grow in those years. Quite the contrary.

So we need not dream of getting back to where we were. It is impossible, and for many it would still be a nightmare. What we

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need is to distribute existing wealth, there is more than enough, equally and in accordance with people’s real needs. And that means a total and radical change (from the root) of the system, not going back. Another example: in the Spanish state there are 5 million empty homes (20% of the total). Do we need to build more?

What do we have to put first in the struggle against the crisis? First, without a doubt, what has been the motto of many protests since the outbreak: THE CRISIS OF THE CAPITALISTS MUST BE PAID BY THEM . How? By imposing a social program that includes at least the following:

  Do not pay any debt, because all debt is odious. Debt securities are papers in which exploitation is valued the most.
    Division of labor and wealth, to achieve full employment and meeting the needs of people. We must end the lies of power, which tells us that to make employment workers should be fired! To end unemployment all you have to do is reduce working hours  In Spain alone there are nearly 6 million unemployed, so if you give out the work not only also would all have work  but we’d have to work less (not more as those with work have to do now).
    Faced with closures and layoffs,occupations, takeovers and self-management by workers. This was  done in Argentina and in many other places, and here in Spain for years. This is being done in Greece on an ever more massive scale. Because it works, but they won’t tell you that on TV.
    All public services in the hands of the workers and communities that use them. You have to socialize, against privatization and against control by the States, which is what allows them to malfunction, and be privatized for the profit of a few.
    Cancellation of all mortgages and rents. Housing is for the occupants.
    Collectivization and socialization of all land and agribusiness. You have to go far beyond the current model of cooperatives, useless in most cases for a real social emancipation. And we must ensure food for people, not the business of multinationals.
    Social appropriation of energy production, boosting renewable (whose development in private hands has been subsidized by all, so there is nothing to compensate) and promoting self-sufficiency and self-production locally.
    Gratuity and socialization of public transport, with priority over the private. So you have to defend, solidarity and support workers RENFE and ADIF LVEF, and their strike and demonstrations that take place on August 3.
    Investment, controlled entirely by local communities with social movements, in training and jobs for the Conservation of Ecosystems and the Environment. As well as repairing the damage we have caused to these ecosystems. This would create many jobs and ensure a future for us all. If instead of cutting fire prevention services we were doing this, half of Spain would not be burning.
    Ownership by the people and social movements of all the media today at the service of power.
    In short, a model based on the real needs of people and not capital.

Social movements should be raising these and all global issues. International Solidarity should develop from the bottom up. Because the crisis is global and what is global is made manifest, though in different ways, in all parts of the planet. So the output, the social revolution, must also develop worldwide.

Here in ‘The Alternative –  Red and Green’ in La Mancha we are trying to push these measures in the struggles that are taking place here. we will continue to participate, with no desire for prominence (as we have done so far) with all social movements that fight the crisis. We will promote direct forms of struggle, resistance and civil disobedience in the context of the call to take over Congress  on 25 September. And fight for the general strike called in Euskadi and Navarre for September 26 to be extended to this land and throughout the state.


Organize and fight!

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