Fracking genocide in Donbass – A Corrupt reason for NATO war in Ukraine/ Biden’s son was a Director

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via The Wall Will Fall by Vanessa Beeley / 16 may ’22Source:PIKinform
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Joe Biden & Son exposed in massive Ukraine fracking corruption scandal …

Coal Miners of Donbas –

context note: Donbass is a mainly ethnic Russian area along the Russian border in eastern Ukraine, traditionally inhabited by working class coal miners. After the 2014pro western coup in Kyiv two small republics, Donetsk and Lugansk, were declared in a rebellion in Donbass and resisted military attacks. In spite of the Minsk Peace Process Agreement and Zelensky’s initial opposition the attacks continued. Nearly 14,000 people were killed, often by shelling by pro-nazi battalions of the Ukrainian army dug in along the front line, and preparing a massive attack. by 2022 .. Finally in Feb 2022 Russia intervened to ‘protect the rebel republics’ and ‘increase their size to all…

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