“Anarchy Explained For Children” read and /or download here

A gorgeous re-visioning of a 1931 pamphlet, “Anarchy Explained For Children”!


La Anarquía explicada a las niñosREAD NOW

La Anarquía explicada a las niños

Re-versión ilustrada del texto de José Antonio Emmanuel, España 1931. Con trabajos de Pablo Delcielo, Tiro Loko, Juani Andino, Juani Navarro, Yael Mudokon, Manus Devito, Matt S. Holze, Max Vadala, NN, Federico Vazquez, Villy Villian, Elias Taño y El Bruno. Textos de Juan Casanovas y Dekadencia G.

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Zapatista Freedom School goes Worldwide

EscuelitaZapatistaMore than 1500 invited students are in the Lacandonan Jungle taking part in the Zapatista Freedom school this week. The school has also gone online with registered studemts participating by teleconference around the world. Due to demand new courses are planned for Dec and Jan. Ask for invite or register for teleconference here:   See videos below.

Day 1: Zapatistas in their first class on Autonomy

The Zapatista Freedom School online got started this Monday! The first session was on autonomy…. Continue reading “Zapatista Freedom School goes Worldwide”

British ban squatting to pamper the 1% :Resistance Actions.

Squatting in empty properties is now a criminal offence, but homeless people say they are being unfairly criminalised.

The ministry of justice estimates up to 2,000 people could be prosecuted each year [Al Jazeera/Simon Hooper ]
London, UK – “Todd” was 18 when he came to the United Kingdom from Lithuania in 2005 in search of a better life. But things didn’t work out. By 2009, with the British economy ravaged by recession, he had lost his job and had nowhere to live.

“I had really bad depression so I couldn’t hold a job. I ended up sleeping rough on the streets. My mental health was deteriorating… I had suicidal thoughts,” he recalls.

Todd – an adopted Anglicisation of his Lithuanian name – ended up in Brighton, a town on England’s south coast with a reputation for tolerance, a vibrant arts scene and a homelessness problem. It was there that he began to rebuild his life, finding a vital support network among those squatting in the town’s ample stock of empty and neglected buildings and sometimes opening them up as impromptu galleries and cultural spaces.

“I call myself houseless, not homeless. We are a community and we help each other out,” he explains. “There is a lot of support and there is always somebody to talk to. Living like this, you’re always in control of your own life. You don’t have the money to support yourself food-wise, maybe, but you can go and get it from skips. It’s still the same food.” Continue reading “British ban squatting to pamper the 1% :Resistance Actions.”

Serial of The Free, Ch 10. Horny, Bossy and Wild

wildAct One

Chapter ten..

Horny, Bossy and Wild..

Shaking out the feathers of my giant snowy wings.

Maxie narrating

Maggie’s ‘getting pregnant party’ was wild, but short, because she went home early to tell them all at the Assembly meeting at her house. Barney soon ushered everyone out. Delighted to be a dad-to-be. Ecstatic but exhausted.

‘You done quite well Barney.’– I said, matronizingly, Continue reading “Serial of The Free, Ch 10. Horny, Bossy and Wild”

‘The Free’..how capitalism fell..ebook here.

Can you help distribute ‘The Free’..repost please!

Hi there.. I see on Farcebook we are now more than 2000 Friends of ‘The Free’ the new novel set in an Occupy style social revolution, during the COLLAPSE of capitalism due to Climate Chaos. If you haven’t seen it yet you can read online or free download, or even order a paper edition  HERE: thefreeonline.wordpress.com

In reality only a tiny handful of those who’d like it have even heard of ‘The Free’..It has no commercial distribution for one thing, and most folks are put off by words like REVOLUTION..

Can you help please..? by re-posting, sharing, or re-blogging this letter, or asking your bookshop or library to stock it.

Best wishes and LOTS of luck………mikegilli

‘Free University’ squat evicted for 4th time

May 9, 2012  7.00an…
they are evicting the Rimaia Lliure University .. + + + … by surprise, for the fourth time!

The eviction is a brutal provocation just 3 days before the big 12M mobilizations, and with the anarchist Laura Gomez still held for no crime.

 From 6:45 o’clock in the morning two units of the Mobile Brigade of the Catalan police (fourteen vans) are evacuating the building of the University Lliure The Rimaia in 12 Ronda Sant Pau in Barcelona. The agents have come by balconies with ladders and have burst the door of the building to the surprise of the people living there, because the trial court ordered 22 of Barcelona’s criminal case file two years ago it was understood an abandoned building for two decades and, therefore, was not committing any criminal offense against property developer Camat, owner of the property. (the trial had been archived) Continue reading “‘Free University’ squat evicted for 4th time”

La Rimaia desalojado.. por 4 vez..Free Uni Squat evicted

Están desalojando la Universitat Lliure la Rimaia.. …+++por cuarta vez!

Desde las 6:45h de la mañana dos unidades de la Brigada Móvil de los Mossos d’Esquadra (catorce furgonetas) están desalojando el edificio de la Universitat Lliure La Rimaia, en la ronda de Sant Pau 12, en Barcelona. Los agentes han entrado con escaleras por los balcones y han reventado la puerta del edificio ante la sorpresa de la gente que vive allí, ya que el juzgado de instrucción 22 de Barcelona ordenó el archivo de la causa penal hace dos años entendiendo que se trataba de un edificio abandonado desde hace dos décadas y, por tanto, no estaba cometiendo ningún delito penal contra la promotora inmobiliaria Camat, titular de la finca. Continue reading “La Rimaia desalojado.. por 4 vez..Free Uni Squat evicted”

Global Revolution Live Streaming videos



Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com

Global Revolution brings you live stream video coverage from independent journalists on the ground at nonviolent protests around the world. The channel officially started on September 17, 2011 with occupation of Liberty Square in downtown Manhattan, NYC and was the first livestream channel to cover occupy wall street protests. Since then the global revolution tv collective helped start countless of live streaming channels in all the
occupations worldwide with technical livestreaming assistance, rebroadcas

Live video coverage of worldwide revolution for equality. from #tahrir to #15m to #ows Join us live & support our work bringing live resistance video from the streets to the entire worldspreading around the world.


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