Covida Commedia: tea and ginger biscuits to hand – Olivia and I turned to Covid – “It’s got to be aliens” – off Guardian

by John Griffin at off-guardian via thefreeonline

The following represents over two years of careful research and close logical reasoning, brought to fruition in one middle-of-the-night conversation when, sleepless through worry over the future of civilization – tea and ginger biscuits to hand –

Olivia and I turned to the only subject that never quite goes away: Covid.

“It’s got to be aliens.”

She looks at me. “What on earth are you on about?”

“That’s just it: not on Earth – out there!”

When it comes to the Covid narrative, and the absurdities it has propagated, the alien explanation is merely elementary deduction. By discounting everything it can’t be – à la Sherlock Holmes – what you’re left with, no matter how unlikely it seems, must be true.

First, the faulty premises.


Stupidity is the most charitable explanation for what has transpired. And it will probably be the last resort of the accused at the International Covid Tribunal.

Any single policy decision might be explained by bumbling. Visualize the many foolish decisions of this ‘comedy of errors’, however, and you will also begin to hear the Benny Hill outro tune playing in the background.

Doltishly, the WHO, in 2009, defines ‘pandemic’ as merely the global spread of a new virus to which most people are not immune, and unsurprisingly identifies one in March 2020.

Clownishly, we take notice of people pratfalling in the street in China. Neil Ferguson is clumsily chosen as an authority on SARS-CoV-2 propagation after yet another back-of-a-dogeared-envelope calculation.

Christian Drosten foolishly decides upon a test for coronavirus that isn’t remotely diagnostic (the PCR method is like finding the few atoms of Shakespeare in your tea – it impresses only until you remember you can do this sort of thing because the universe is wondrously interdependent and interrelated. Viruses are not alien invaders, but one facet of the glittering jewel that is Terran life).

Naively, we believe the bog-standard cold virus has suddenly disappeared and been replaced with an ultra-exotic one. Muddleheadedly, we forget all about the efficacy of tried-and-true remedies like hydroxychloroquine.

Obtusely, we believe in asymptomatic spread, and become thoroughly mixed up about the meaning of ‘dying with’ and ‘dying of’ something.

Docilely, we adopt Fauci and Whitty’s ineffective policies to mitigate the impact of Covid, which unintentionally cause the destruction of livelihoods, health services and education.

We watch, insensate, as the frail elderly are bundled into nursing homes and accidentally killed, thuggish police are brought onto the streets to prevent sociable behaviour, and frustration, despair, illness and suicide proliferate.

Vacantly, we overlook vaccine companies’ criminal pasts and opt for a novel therapy that doesn’t produce immunity.

Idiotically, we acquiesce to our children being jabbed because it will help them adjust to the new conditions. Gormlessly, we watch young males begin to keel over…

“I could go on…”

“Don’t,” Olivia said. “I got the picture ages ago. The only stupidity was looking to the ‘experts’ instead of noticing the dearth of bodies in the streets. Let’s face it, most people voluntarily donned the dunce cap; the giveaway was that the average age of a Covid death was the average age of death. Of course the policies weren’t accidental. Look at the Nudge Unit’s machinations, the obsession with universal vaccinations, and the filthy lucre made by Big Pharma. How’s that for deliberation?”


‘Follow the money’, the old saying goes. But a half-hearted quest won’t do. You must be prepared to follow it into hell.

As Plato recognized, the great shortcoming of democracies is their obsession with wealth. Which is why thoroughgoing materialists are not themselves disposed to notice, let alone curb, the excesses of the few; indeed, they seem like the lucky bastards.

But while most of us desire money, we usually apply a judicious approach, recognising that little things – such as the ultimate welfare of our fellow humans – trumps its acquisition ……


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