‘Left and Right Are the Same old Shite’.. bollox to ballot boxes

Anarchists, against the electoral farce, let’s learn from History. No jails, no ballot boxes.

by the Anarchist Black Cross (Cruz Negra Anarquista)

We leave you material to put up stickers and decorate.

DON’T VOTE…The Fight is in the Streets not in the Parliament…CNT/AIT

‘Left and Right Are the Same  old Shite’, history proves it, the system established at the end of the 19th century in the Spanish state (taking turns in power), by the political scum, the monarchy and the caciques, and reinstated by the same mob after the death of terrorist criminal Franco, continues to deceive us, the masses.

‘Vote what you will, the Banks will Win’. And if the elections could change the system, they would be illegal. It’s just the same to them to proclaim a Guaidó president in a square, it does not matter to them to assassinate, to establish dictatorships, to imprison puppeteers , to judge  rappers, and in general, to condemn us to misery,  repression..  the GAL and NATO..

‘Whoever wins..You Lose… Neither Government nor Governed’

Catch on to how they deceive us, realize what electoral marketing is, and refuse to be part of a theater that is just an Art of Deception.

Let’s build a world where there cannot be parasites that live by deception, who are the puppets of economic power and who do not stand for elections, because they have already won.

Union, action, self-management … but let’s do it for real, so that their political decisions swallow them up, so that their prisons consume them, and so that they leave humanity, the animals and the land in peace.

Let’s not give them any more blank checks, they already have everything. Let’s put an end to parliamentarism, the state,  capital … and all authority. Until all of us who want to be are really free. And until all these are not just words.

‘Our Dreams won’t Fit in your Ballot Boxes’

History also shows us the value of direct action, boycott, sabotage, mutual support, self-management, training, self-organization and coherence.

We do not give them any truce, we do not give them votes, Let’s recover our lives and our time … but now !!!

ABC abs.


original en castellano

L@s anarquistas, contra la farsa electoral, la historia está para algo. Ni cárceles, ni urnas.

by C.N.A. on abril 9th, 2019


Os dejamos material para sacar pegatinas y decorar. Derecha e izquierda son la misma mierda, la historia lo demuestra, el sistema instaurado a finales del siglo XIX en el estado español (el turnismo), por la escoria política, la monarquía y l@s caciques, y reinstaurado por la misma gentuza tras la muerte del criminal terrorista Franco, sigue engañando a las masas.

Votes lo que votes, la banca gana. Y si las elecciones pudieran cambiar el sistema, serían ilegales. Les da igual proclamar a un Guaidó en una plaza, les da igual asesinar, instaurar dictaduras, encarcelar titiriteros, juzgar raperos, y en general, condenarnos a la miseria y a la represión. El GAL y la OTAN no los trajo la derecha, que obviamente no sufrió por ello. Daos cuenta de cómo os engañan, de lo que es el marketing electoral, y no forméis parte de un teatro que es un arte del engaño.

Construyamos un mundo donde no puedan existir parásitos que viven del engaño, y que son las marionetas del poder económico, que no se presenta a elecciones, porque ya ha ganado.

Unión, acción, autogestión… pero de verdad, para que sus decisiones políticas se las traguen, para que las prisiones se las coman, y para que dejen a la humanidad, los animales y la tierra en paz.

No les déis más cheques en blanco, ya lo tienen todo. Acabemos con el parlamentarismo, el estado y el capital… y con toda autoridad. Hasta que tod@s l@s que queramos ser libres, lo seamos. Y que todo esto no sean palabras.

La historia también nos demuestra el valor de la acción directa, el boicot, el sabotaje, el apoyo mutuo, la autogestión, la formación, la autoorganización y la coherencia. No les demos tregua, no les demos votos, recuperemos nuestras vidas, nuestro tiempo… pero ya!!!

ABC abs.


Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets on the Streets of Southern France

  An eye-witness report from Act 16 of the ongoing Yellow Vest uprising against neoliberalism, by Paul Cudenec of Shoal Collective

We had just positioned ourselves downwind from the teargas canisters that had been fired towards us from the ranks of riot police protecting the Sous-Préfecture, the French state’s HQ in Alès, southern France.

Then suddenly we were coming under attack from the opposite direction. A squadron of cops was lurking, unseen, on the other side of the modern pedestrianised square and had started firing tear gas from behind us.

Choking and with streaming eyes, we fled down a little side street which, ironically enough, turned out to be dedicated to the “martyrs of the resistance”.

Passers-by, women with young children, stood gawping in the direction of the clouds of chemical warfare following us down the road. Continue reading “Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets on the Streets of Southern France”

#France: “Topple the System or it will Crush Us!”

#France on the brink: “Either we topple the system or it will crush us!” Translated statement from French radicals

      Lundi matin,

Try FairCoin CoOp Cryptocurrency: Buy and Sell without Banks

Sam Dallyn reports on a digital currency setting up new, cooperative alternatives to currency systems which hand over power to unelected central bankers.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have earned a deserved reputation as a murky world of bubbles, wasteful energy consumption, pump and dump schemes, and volatile price rises and drops.

Yet the possibility that a cryptocurrency could offer opportunities to create radical alternative finance outside of capitalism and central banks has gained real credence. One cryptocurrency that could present a genuine exception to the story of cryptocurrencies as tools for financial speculation: FairCoin and FairCoop, the international cooperative movement that supports it.

FairCoin was created in 2014 as an eco-friendly, post-capitalist cryptocurrency, its ideals and principles emerged largely from the Catalan Integral Cooperative (CIC) in Spain, which is a radically autonomous network of cooperatives and social movements based in Catalonia that uses the social currency, Ecos. Continue reading “Try FairCoin CoOp Cryptocurrency: Buy and Sell without Banks”

Invitation for a revolutionary May 1st: Paris + Russian Anarchist Solidarity

May Day in Paris: Invitation for a revolutionary May 1st

After the invitation of “Les Paves” to come to Paris on the first of May, we now publish another call to come to Paris.

Here is the full call:

Macron’s power has decided to break the social protests by force, revealing the brutal face of repression under the mask of a smiling modernity.

Military attack against the ZAD, destruction of places of life, expulsions, beating students with batons, isolation of railway workers, disinformation: these maneuvers intended to prove the authority of the state are rather the symptoms of an anxious government, panicked by the growth of a  more and more powerful and multiform movement.

The strike at the SNCF is massively followed, disrupting rail traffic, the blockades and occupations of universities multiply as rarely for more than a decade, networks are growing, alliances are formed, several other sectors join the struggle, the NDDL’s comrades withstand each day with more determination while support committees are active across the country, in short, people everywhere are reappropriating TO BEAT THE RIGHT. Continue reading “Invitation for a revolutionary May 1st: Paris + Russian Anarchist Solidarity”

Blockchain: Anti-Capitalist Revolution or Busine$$ as Usual..?


The term “blockchain” describes a type of internet-based decentralized ledger system which can be used to record transactions and store data in a manner potentially more secure than one might find in a centralized database system. Blockchains are managed using peer-to-peer (p2p) sharing methods, very similar to BitTorrent. Information stored on a blockchain can be shared across a network through encryption and cross-authentication.

Blockchain will change many aspects of how economies function and develop more transparency and accountability within governments, as well as further decentralize information among individuals, companies, and institutions. The future of blockchain technology is a vast open-ended arena that will likely expand our collective intelligence far beyond previous technologies.

The potential for blockchain to alter global society has attracted the attention of technologists and developers, cooperatives and venture capitalists, the FBI and people outside the law, and almost every world government and banking institution. Currently many sectors of society are fertile ground for experimentation and testing of blockchain applications.

Continue reading “Blockchain: Anti-Capitalist Revolution or Busine$$ as Usual..?”

Local Activist on Iran protests: Bread. Jobs. Freedom.

Protest in Zanjan, December 30 2017

https://libcom.org/news/     We are publishing this dispatch direct from an activist in Iran, trying to make some sense of the current wave of protests. The situation is moving so quickly, and the protests sufficiently diffuse, that anyone claiming to know what will happen can be disregarded. The contribution we can make is to ask questions, to look at what has happened, is happening; and only from that speculate about what might happen in the future. We hope that more will contribute to this effort in the coming days and weeks.

We have lightly edited this piece for translation issues and to add footnotes.

From Armin Sadeghi, January 4th 2018.

Are we waging a revolution in Iran? Perhaps not. But if we perceive the essence of a revolution as “the abolition of fear”, then everyone has heard (and seen) the Iranian people shouting with no fear that “the emperor has no clothes”.It is hard to anticipate beyond this, since the conflicting social forces have not yet fully unfolded; and it is almost impossible to grasp a revolution as it’s being made. But, we can speculate on the situation, just as Marx wrote to Ruge1: “The internal difficulties seem to be almost greater than the external obstacles. Continue reading “Local Activist on Iran protests: Bread. Jobs. Freedom.”

Time to Pull the Plugs: Only Anti-Capitalism could Save The Planet


Capital will not lead the exit from the fossil economy. Only a movement of movements can amass a social power greater than the enemy’s in the little time that is left.

Andreas Malm             Illustrations by  Zoran Svilar

Our best hope now is an immediate return to the flow. CO2 emissions have to be brought close to zero: some sources of energy that do not produce any emissions bathe the Earth in an untapped glow. The sun strikes the planet with more energy in a single hour than humans consume in a year.

Put differently, the rate at which the Earth intercepts sunlight is nearly 10,000 times greater than the entire energy flux humans currently muster — a purely theoretical potential, of course, but even if unsuitable locations are excluded, there remains a flow of solar energy a thousand times larger than the annual consumption of the stock of fossil fuels.

The flow of wind alone can also power the world. It has nothing like the overwhelming capacity of direct solar radiation, but estimates of the technically available supply range from one to twenty-four times total current energy demand.

Other renewable sources — geothermal, tidal, wave, water — can make significant contributions, but fall short of the promises of solar and wind. If running water constituted the main stream of the flow before the fossil economy, light and air may do so after it. Continue reading “Time to Pull the Plugs: Only Anti-Capitalism could Save The Planet”

The Blue Passport .. Bollocks to British Bigotry and Class Castration

Assuming the UK does not pull back from Brexit, a non-EU passport will be required. A mock-up of this, in what can only be described as ‘Tory Blue’, was published by the Home Office just before Christmas, when most people were half sozzled. Continue reading “The Blue Passport .. Bollocks to British Bigotry and Class Castration”

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