Invitation for a revolutionary May 1st: Paris + Russian Anarchist Solidarity

May Day in Paris: Invitation for a revolutionary May 1st

After the invitation of “Les Paves” to come to Paris on the first of May, we now publish another call to come to Paris.

Here is the full call:

Macron’s power has decided to break the social protests by force, revealing the brutal face of repression under the mask of a smiling modernity.

Military attack against the ZAD, destruction of places of life, expulsions, beating students with batons, isolation of railway workers, disinformation: these maneuvers intended to prove the authority of the state are rather the symptoms of an anxious government, panicked by the growth of a  more and more powerful and multiform movement.

The strike at the SNCF is massively followed, disrupting rail traffic, the blockades and occupations of universities multiply as rarely for more than a decade, networks are growing, alliances are formed, several other sectors join the struggle, the NDDL’s comrades withstand each day with more determination while support committees are active across the country, in short, people everywhere are reappropriating TO BEAT THE RIGHT.

From now on it is a question of turning these different forms of revolt into a single insurrectional wave to bring down this detestable regime. To envisage victory we suppose to have common dates to concentrate our offensive.

While some wish to commemorate May-68 to better keep it at bay, we think that the date of May 1, 2018 is a great opportunity to celebrate in our own way the fiftieth anniversary of the uprising. Given the international resonance on this anniversary, it is not unlikely that comrades from neighboring countries have the idea to join the festivities.

We invite the railway workers and all partss of the current movement to come in numbers on May 1st to form a revolutionary, determined and fighting demo. Because if repression falls on everyone, our response must be common and united.

Against Macron and his world, let’s take the street together to bring to life to the convergence of anger and hope. Let’s get ready, let’s equip ourselves, let’s organize, TO BREAK THEM

We meet at Tuesday May 1, 02:30pm (14:30) at Place de la Bastille, 75011 Paris, France.

Facebook event page:

by Génération Ingouvernable und Mouvement Inter Luttes Indépendant Facebook event page. Translated by Enough is Enough.


Show solidarity with Russian anarchists on May Day

Dear comrades all over the world! We appreciate your support and solidarity and are very proud of it. Spreading the information, collecting money for legal expenses and, most important of all, the solidarity and protest demonstrations that united hundreds of people in dozens of cities around the world on March 18 as well as on other days — all this is extremely important and helpful in our collective fight against state oppression.However, the situation remains critical. Russian special services’ atrocities are not subsiding. Despite direct evidence, state authorities are still denying the fact that our comrades accused of “terrorism” are being tortured. State media are broadcasting false reports on the case. And finally, there is now a new accused in the case: our comrade, Yulian Boyarshinov. All the comrades are still in prison under false accusations. And this means our collective campaign of solidarity needs to get on and get stronger.
The May Day is approaching, the global day of resistance for revolutionary and progressive forces. We call all of you: libertarian, revolutionary and progessive groups and communities to be with us on this day. At your May Day demonstrations, protests and events, raise your voice about the struggle and the repressions in Russia: on your banners, in your speeches, in your discussions, with any means you have.
More than 100 years ago our fellows in Chicago paid the highest price in the fight for justice. Today, anarchists are still being persecuted for their beliefs and their fight by the same forces as in the past. We believe that together we can make our voice heard by many people and force the Russian state to stop this orgy of tyranny and sadism.
The FSB is the terrorist!
Your tortures will not kill our ideas!
Freedom to Russian anarchists and antifascists!

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