STOP the evictions!.. 55 Banks Occupied today!!!!

Historical occupation of more than 50 BBVA bank offices to demand the withdrawal of the eviction notices
more ‘occupied banks’ news here : se puede.

The head offices have  already been occuped and paralysed for 18 days, with judges sseveral times refusing to sign eviction orders. Then on a Monday morning by surprise no less than 55 banks of BBVA  were occupied and paralysed. This is shaping up to be a mass citizens expropriation of  THE NEAR HALF A MILLION evicted homes now held by the banks and being sold off to speculators


VICTORY. next morning the BBVA bank gave in and promised none of the guarantors  in Sabadell will be evicted to pay odious mortgage debts. Many other cases will follow this precedent. THIS IS HOW TO WIN!!…However news of the victory  was hardly mentioned in the commercial media.

La victoria de la PAH de Sabadell, y la presión ejercida estos días ha provocado también que el banco esté intentando comunicarse con interlocutores otros PAHs para informar sobre la voluntad de resolver otros casos que también estaban muy encallados: la victoria, por tanto, trasciende los casos de la PAH de Sabadell.


PAH Sabadell   Monday, March 24, 2014
Today more than 30 local branches  of ‘Platform of Affected by Mortgages’  (PAH ) blocked and occupied 55 offices in Gijon BBVA , Sabadell , Barcelona, ​​Ripollet , Blanes , Manresa, Lliria, Tordera, Barbera , Lanzarote , Badalona , Terrassa , Montcada, Tremp, Badia , Pamplona , La Hoya , Madrid, Osona , Terres de l’ Ebre , Blanes …, Santa Coloma , Mataró , Sant Boi , Madrid …

As we reported in the last statement, all PAH groups are demanding BBVA  Bank withdraw the eviction guaraantees of the 10 families, as demanded by us for weeks including in the continuing 18 days occupation of the bank’s headquarters in Sabadell. Today , tens of PAH organisations across the Spanish state have blocked over fifty BBVA banks all morning. The action could be followed in social networks with the tag # ocupaBBVA .

Given this fact we recall and report that :1. BBVA has released a statement, one of the entities and executes more evicted this morning (the fourth ) which shows that they’re only worried that resolution of these cases set a precedent…. ,,There is no way to resolve this conflict without the support of all the families together in the same . That after 5 years of fighting the BBVA talk of PAH in terms of ” third party ” is between painful and ridiculous. The BBVA , again, puts its company policy before the suffering and anguish of the families affected .Euforia-PAH-Sabadell-BBVA-Franca_EDIIMA20140320_0746_4

Two . The mobilization of all people , determined, massive and determined, is working. This is what they do not want you to know . Today we will sit and decide all families if we authorize the delivery of these reports to the bank. But the bank must know that any agreement will not be made individually with any family….. but signed with a collective solution .

Three . We are tired of the arrogance of BBVA. Tomorrow PROTEST in Sabadell at 19h from the local council .
April . Many thanks to all groups, organizations and all PAH statewide . Today we continued to make history. The struggle we are carrying out is not just for a particular case , is to put the focus on the mafia practices of this bank …. and push for more fair and reasonable solutions for ALL affected .

PAH Sabadell, March 24, 2014

Photos of Todays Actions

Ocupación histórica de más de 50 oficinas del BBVA para exigir la retirada a los avales

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