New Mutual Aid Hotline Blocks dozens of Evictions, Threats and Toxic Capitalism


   Stop evictions..the Raval barrio (Barcelona old city) opens a  mutual support hotline.  .. we’re living a situation of extreme urgency with weekly and often daily evictions, harassment and bullying, an exponential increase of speculative practices, and price rises that are covert expulsions of the population;   In short,  organized real estate violence, which is not new but has been getting much more serious for two years. We have seen investors buy whole buildings and send thugs with “offers” to tenants to leave, we have seen properties vacated in record time, we have seen the proliferation of ‘Desokupa style companies’ (companies which provide heavies to evict people) specialized in bullying and intimidation, and companies cashing in on  alarms, armored doors, video surveillance, doing an  kind of business with the expulsion of families. Continue reading “New Mutual Aid Hotline Blocks dozens of Evictions, Threats and Toxic Capitalism”

‘Occupy the Banks’!.. Mortgage Victims Strike Back

Occupations of BBVA banks continue in Barcelona

by JuanJo  (explanations in brackets () added)

'there will be revolution'
‘there will be revolution’

This morning we have released a video that accuses the BBVA bank of cheating, fraud and stripping the people of their homes. (see below)

PAH is the Movement  of Mortgage Victims is many local assembly-run groups which combat criminal practices of banks and politicians with joy and originality. (Famously the new mayoress of Barcelona is an ex militant leader of the PAH,controlling the city police but not the Catalan cops).

Today we have accompanied the release of the video with the occupation of a branch office of BBVA in the center of Barcelona, located at number 84 Paseo de Gracia.

After a day of pressure, BBVA has been in contact with PAH. Again, BBVA assured us of its intent to resolve eight specific cases of affected families for whom we have been campaigning with daily occupations of BBVA banks.

Against this declaration of intent, we have demanded results. The 8 cases of which we speak have been battling for a solution for more than three years.

Their demands are minimal: dation in payment (ie. to stop the abuse in Spain that on default you lose your house but have to keep on paying the mortgage debt for decades), a social rent  (ie. not impossibly high due to market speculation) , and  IPRH annulment (IRPH is one of many bankers scams:  clients were persuaded to sign mortgage agreements by which you pay 200 to 300 euros a month more than with the standard Eurobor interest rate fixing system).42

Until the BBVA undertakes to solve the eight cases, we continue with our pressure campaign. At the moment, we are still holding out today in the Barcelona office against a possible eviction by the Mossos d’Esquadra, Catalan police. We will continue campaigning against BBVA till  we get solutions for the affected families.

Yes We Can DO IT!

#PAHrap    # RíndeteBBVA

 Half a million evicted.. and counting

When the property bubble burst and Spain was ”bailed out” it was on condition it be written into the constitution that these new mega debts must have their interest paid before anything else ,(like health, pensions education) the total for all banks is over 100 billion!

The sacred Constitution (“impossible to alter’ when it comes to a demanded referendum in Catalonia)  was changed in one day flat to protect the  dirty scams of the corrupt elite

So Spain, like Greece,  is a financial colony, a reliable a ‘cash cow’ being milked forever by international banks and funds. The PAH activists point out that the banks were gifted with billions in public tax money.

Also that Bankia, Sareb, etc were set up or bailed out  by the public so their assets of evicted houses should belong to the people, and should not be sold off dirt cheap to international property sharks and corporations.  (by Thefreeonline)


Continúa la ocupación del BBVA en Barcelona

Aquest matí realitzem el llançament d’un videoclip que senyalitza al BBVA com un banc que enganya, estafa i tira a la gent de la seva casa. Pràctiques criminals que la PAH combat amb alegria i originalitat: avui mateix hem acompanyat el llançament del videoclip amb l’ocupació d’una oficina del BBVA al centre de Barcelona, situada en el Passeig de Gràcia número 84.

Després de tot un dia de pressió, el BBVA s’ha posat en contacte amb la PAH. De nou, el BBVA assegurava tenir voluntat de resoldre 8 casos de famílies afectades per les quals hem estat ocupant diàriament oficines del BBVA.

Enfront de la seva declaració d’intencions, nosaltres hem exigit resultats. Els 8 casos dels quals parlem porten batallant per una solució desde fa més de tres anys. Les seves demandes són de mínims: dacions en pagament, lloguers socials, quitacions i la nul·litat del IPRH.71

Fins que el BBVA es comprometi a donar solució als 8 casos, pensem continuar amb la nostra campanya de pressió. De moment, ens quedem avui en l’oficina de Barcelona sota un possible desallotjament per part dels Mossos d’Esquadra. Continuarem senyalitzant al BBVA fins a aconseguir solucions per a les famílies afectades.

Sí Es Pot!

#PAHrap        #RíndeteBBVA

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Radical Solidarity fails to stop Madrid family Eviction

Radical Solidarity fails to stop Madrid family Eviction

vallekas eviction

The owner of the property, Bankia, was set up when various small corrupt banks went bankrupt due to the property bubble collapse. It was ‘recapitalised’ with 22,424 million euros of borrowed public money, and it was written into the constitution that these new mega debts must have their interest paid before anything else ,(like health, pensions education) the total for all banks is over 100 billion!

So Spain, like Greece,  is really a ‘cash cow’ being milked forever by international banks and funds. The PAH activists argue that as Bankia, Sareb, etc were set up or bailed out with billions in public tax money their assets of evicted houses belong to the people, and should not be sold off dirt cheap to international property sharks.

In Madrid the new left City Council had promised relief to the countless evicted for mortgage arrears or guaranteeing mortgage victims, but now seems to be rapidly changing its tune.


A woman and her baby were brutally evicted after police charges in Villa de Vallecas barrio.

The National Police have charged against Vallekas PAH activists, one of them was taken to hospital. by Diagonal.  The PAH ( mortgage victims support group) does not recognize the legitimacy of any government that does not approve its five demands... Continue reading “Radical Solidarity fails to stop Madrid family Eviction”

397,954 evictions: Anti Eviction Movement Demands Government to Quit

The PAH requires the government to resign en bloc by a failure of execution before the evictions

By Platform  of those Affected by Mortgages   PAH  (en Castellano abajo)

Once again, data from the General Council of the Judiciary  show the stark reality: that of the thousands of families subjected to the suffering of the implementation process and mortgage evictions and rent.

..''Carmen and her kids were evicted this morning, I was arrested with 13 oyhers for trying tpo stop it.. her case is that of thousands of people: a sad daily reality in our society..''
..”Carmen and her kids were evicted this morning, I was arrested with 13 others for trying to stop it.. her case is that of thousands of people: a sad daily reality in our society..”

Continue reading “397,954 evictions: Anti Eviction Movement Demands Government to Quit”

watch ‘Pieces of Madrid’: latest Global Uprisings docu

by Global Uprisings on April 21, 2014


The latest short documentary in the Global Uprisings series explores ongoing resistance and self-organization in the midst of the crisis in Spain.

As social conditions continue to deteriorate across Spain, people have been turning to the streets and to each other to find solutions to the crisis. This film tells the story of the massive mobilization that saw millions of people converge on Madrid on March 22, 2014; the story of the proliferation of social centers, community gardens, self-organized food banks; and the story of large-scale housing occupations by and for families that have been evicted. The film pieces together many of the creative ways that people have been coping with crisis and asks what the future may hold for Spain.

Filmed and edited in March/April 2014, it is part of the Global Uprisings documentary series. View more at

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STOP the evictions!.. 55 Banks Occupied today!!!!

Historical occupation of more than 50 BBVA bank offices to demand the withdrawal of the eviction notices
more ‘occupied banks’ news here : se puede.

The head offices have  already been occuped and paralysed for 18 days, with judges sseveral times refusing to sign eviction orders. Then on a Monday morning by surprise no less than 55 banks of BBVA  were occupied and paralysed. This is shaping up to be a mass citizens expropriation of  THE NEAR HALF A MILLION evicted homes now held by the banks and being sold off to speculators


VICTORY. next morning the BBVA bank gave in and promised none of the guarantors  in Sabadell will be evicted to pay odious mortgage debts. Many other cases will follow this precedent. THIS IS HOW TO WIN!!…However news of the victory  was hardly mentioned in the commercial media.

La victoria de la PAH de Sabadell, y la presión ejercida estos días ha provocado también que el banco esté intentando comunicarse con interlocutores otros PAHs para informar sobre la voluntad de resolver otros casos que también estaban muy encallados: la victoria, por tanto, trasciende los casos de la PAH de Sabadell.


Continue reading “STOP the evictions!.. 55 Banks Occupied today!!!!”

Victims no longer: Spain’s anti-eviction movement

by Carlos Delclós on December 20, 2013

Post image for Victims no longer: Spain’s anti-eviction movement

The Movement of Mortgage Victims is one of Spain’s strongest movements. Carlos Delclós talks to PAH organizer Elvi Mármol about the key to their success.

The story of Spain’s economic, social and political crisis is one about property, need and value. And at the heart of that story lies a question that is familiar to the point of cliché: what makes a house a home? Continue reading “Victims no longer: Spain’s anti-eviction movement”

#15M Newsletter nr 42./Youth without Future/Eviction wars/Ribermusic


Hello from Barcelona,

This is the (almost) weekly newsletter about the activities of 15M movement, mainly in Catalonia.


1. WE ARE NOT LEAVING, THEY ARE KICKING US OUT – #NoNosVamosNosEchanjuventud sin futuro


On April 7th, Spanish youngsters living all around the world followed the mobilization call  of the Spanish collective  Juventud sin Futuro  ( Youth without a future see NL#16, 3 ). The main demo was in Madrid, where thousands of people took to the streets. Solidarity demos and concentrations happened in more than 30 cities all around the world  Continue reading “#15M Newsletter nr 42./Youth without Future/Eviction wars/Ribermusic”

Mass Occupation of Toxic Assets: Anti Eviction Movement (PAH)

Update: The ruling PP and controlled media are accusing the anti eviction movementg PAH of belonging to ETA terrorist mileau and subject to anti terrorist laws

with 500 evictions a day activists stop outside houses of Politicians denying a popular law to stop them
with 500 evictions a day activists stop outside houses of Politicians denying a popular law to stop them

The PAH Anti Eviction Platform in the town of Salt has occupied a whole block of new empty flats owned  by Sareb, the newly created ‘bad bank’ set up to hold ‘toxic assets’ from bankrupt creditors. The association will transfer them to families who have been left homeless. 400,000 people have been evicted in the Spanish State due to the banks crisis and evictions are running at over 500 a day. The PAH forced parliament to debate an anti eviction law with a 1 million petition, but the majority PP are against. The EU has declared Spanish law in which you have to keep paying a mortgage after being evicted to be illegal.

The squatted block is a toxic asset. It is also the only speck of life in failed blocks and empty buildings and real estate in the mountain town of Salt (Gironès County, Catalonia). The Platform of People Affected by Mortgages (PAH) on Friday took the block of  brand new unused flats to distribute them free to families evicted . An illegal action  that has received the solidarity of neighbors and social entities. Continue reading “Mass Occupation of Toxic Assets: Anti Eviction Movement (PAH)”

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