Victims no longer: Spain’s anti-eviction movement

by Carlos Delclós on December 20, 2013

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The Movement of Mortgage Victims is one of Spain’s strongest movements. Carlos Delclós talks to PAH organizer Elvi Mármol about the key to their success.

The story of Spain’s economic, social and political crisis is one about property, need and value. And at the heart of that story lies a question that is familiar to the point of cliché: what makes a house a home? Continue reading “Victims no longer: Spain’s anti-eviction movement”

Spain: Anti-eviction Activists resist being Criminalised

[# TomaElBancoMalo ] Before the offensive , we turn to action. Fear has changed sides
by lasareb   (en castellano abajo)

father and child await eviction for mortgage default
father and child await eviction for mortgage default

Because the Sareb is publicly owned it’s ours, and their houses too, which legitimizes our occupation protest on 21 March in the Bank at the Paseo de la Castellana .  ( ‘Sareb’ refers to a ‘bad bank’ set up specially to receive and sell off seized homes, properties and toxic debts

We will not allow ourselves to be criminalized for fighting for families who are homeless when it’s YOU WHO ARE TO BLAME, for people who are depressed WHEN YOU ARE TO BLAME , for lives shattered WHEN YOU ARE TO BLAME.

Because yes, you are to blame , and we are in the right and we are showing that YES WE CAN WIN at points all over the Spanish State .

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Update on Jailed Barcelona 5, Los 5 de Facebook.

945615_571044949585014_1377500657_nThe current status of the 5 ‘Sabadell’ anarchist prisoners anarchist on July 31. They are at present dispersed  in two Spanish provinces (Avila and Madrid) and 5 different prisons under the (anti terrorist punishment) ‘FIES3’ prison regime, more than 1000km from their homes. They have finally lifted the ‘incommunicado’ isolation rule on all of them but they continue with the other restrictions of the ‘FIES’ regime. Continue reading “Update on Jailed Barcelona 5, Los 5 de Facebook.”

Nazi terrorist freed while no bail for 5 ‘Facebook anarchists’

In Sabadell just to be an anarchist has led to prison for terrorism. But a nazi blogger with 100 weapons has been sent home free ‘with minor charges’ (en castellano abajo)nonazis
1. Statement by the Federation of the “Anarchist Black Cross”: Continue reading “Nazi terrorist freed while no bail for 5 ‘Facebook anarchists’”

Bandera Negra (Black Flag) statements on anarchist Arrests


original news here

latest update

Kolectivo Bandera Negra: No bail for 5 anarchist ‘Facebook Terrorists’


.Supporting terrorism?  On the arrest of anarchists in Sabadell and media terrorism,

5 Black Flag anarchists seized in Catalonia Police Raids + update

 update. Statement from Black Flag says only one of theirs arrested

latest update

Kolectivo Bandera Negra: No bail for 5 anarchist ‘Facebook Terrorists’


.breaking news… more later… 5  Black Flag’ anarchists detained in dawn raids on the anarchist and CNT center in Sabadell near Barcelona. accused of belonging to terrorist group.. by anarca 15 May 2013. translation thefreeonline The Mossos’ Catalan police have arrested five presumed members of the anarchist group Black Flag (Bandera Negra) in an operation of the National Court directed by judge Santiago Pedraz. According to a note of the hearing, they are  accused of encouraging terrorism and terrorist groups. Continue reading “5 Black Flag anarchists seized in Catalonia Police Raids + update”

Ocupan para familias desalojados/ We Occupy for evicted families


Ocupan un edificio en Sabadell para alojar a familias desahuciada

Building Occupied in Sabadell to accommodate evicted families evicted

The action, in which 200 people participated, was organized by the Platform or the Affected by Mortgage Crisis and (PAHC).

La acción, en que han participado unas 200 personas, ha sido convocada por la Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca y la Crisis (PAHC).

Al grito de “no se entiende, gente sin casa y casa sin gente” un grupo formado por unas 200 personas ha ocupado un edificio deshabitado en Sabadell Sud. La acción, que se ha producido hacia las 12.15 horas, ha sido promovida por la Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca y la Crisis (PAHC). La finca en cuestión está situada en la calle de Sant Vicenç Paül, es de obra nueva y propiedad de Catalunya Caixa. La plataforma quiere que en el edificio puedan vivir familias que han sido desahuciadas de sus

Shouting ” its crazy homes without people and people without homes” a group of 200 people has occupied an unoccupied building in Sabadell Sud The action, which occurred at 12.15 pm, has been promoted by the Platform Affected by the Mortgage and the Crisis (PAHC). The property in question is located across the street from San Vicente de Paul, is new construction and owned by Caixa Catalunya Bank. The platform wants to live in the building families who have been evicted from their homes.

Según informa un testimonio de los hechos, tres coches de los Mossos d’Esquadra han presenciado la ocupación, aunque no han llegado a intervenir para impedirla. De momento se desconoce si la policía enviará refuerzos para desalojar el bloque. Las personas que han participado en la acción, en que también se ha leído un manifiesto, han cortado la calle para protestar por la situación de desamparo en que se encuentran muchas de las familias que han perdido su casa o están en peligro de perderla como consecuencia de la crisis económica.

As reported by a witness of events, three cars of the Catalan police have witnessed the occupation, but have failed to intervene to prevent it. It was unclear if the police sent reinforcements to dislodge the block. People who have participated in the action, which also have read a manifesto, have cut the street to protest the lack of protection that are many families who have lost their homes or are in jeopardy as a result of the economic crisis.

frm  ..gracias y traduccion de Gooogle

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