5 Black Flag anarchists seized in Catalonia Police Raids + update

 update. Statement from Black Flag says only one of theirs arrested  https://thefreeonline.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/bandera-negra-black-flag-statements-on-anarchist-arrests/

latest update

Kolectivo Bandera Negra: No bail for 5 anarchist ‘Facebook Terrorists’


.breaking news… more later… 5  Black Flag’ anarchists detained in dawn raids on the anarchist and CNT center in Sabadell near Barcelona. accused of belonging to terrorist group.. by anarca 15 May 2013. translation thefreeonline The Mossos’ Catalan police have arrested five presumed members of the anarchist group Black Flag (Bandera Negra) in an operation of the National Court directed by judge Santiago Pedraz. According to a note of the hearing, they are  accused of encouraging terrorism and terrorist groups.The Police Force broke into and searched the Anarchist Workers Center (Atemeo Libertari) in Sabadell (Vallès Occidental County, near Barcelona) in operations directed by the number 1 Court of the Audiencia Nacional. The operation included another raid and search in Sabadell and two more in other Municipalities in Catalonia, one of them in Avignon (Bages County).A center  Material including a compouter was apparently stolen. ”Thirty mercenary police thugs are now inside trhe anarchist center in Sabadell, after smashing the door before 9.00 am”according to a member of the CNT  anarcho-syndicalist union that occupies part of the premises with Bandera Negra (Black Flag).

Other citizens  organizations of the city, including the 15M ‘Take The Streets’ movement, mother of Occupy, make use of the same building. the raids and arrests, on the anniversary of the start of 15M, have caused a furore and a series of demonstratoins already.  

   The arrested  (kidnapped)should appear this Friday, in principle, before the  Audiencia Nacional Court. These charges come under laws to suppress the Bsque separatist movement, which can lead to many years imprisonment for ‘thought crimes’.

google translation of Kaos article...

      ”The Police are searching house by order of the Spanish National Court has not yet given any explanation of why the action · Solidarity with the Ateneo are concentrating on the Plaza Marcet.
Register Libertarian Ateneo fraudulent Sabadell

May 15

The same day that the very honorable body of the Autonomous police evicted the  Can  Piella ‘Land and Libertyy’ squat center on Wednesday May 15, 2013, they did not have anything better to do than go without a warrant to local Anarchist Workers Center in nearby Sabadell.

No one yet knows the motives of this illegal search, only told that the order is dictated by the Audiencia Nacional Court in Madrid.2013_5_15_ihBfbfL7d22ORnmwhjvLK

The local Libertarian Ateneo de Sabadell, the CNT property of the town, is a space open to all working people of Sabadell, where many groups and people from Sabadell and elsewhere have made tasks recreational, cultural and social years. The same group of Athenian assembly Libertarian, Local 15M people, Amazighité or local coordinators, and many others, have made use of this space. Therefore, we do not understand these bodies seeking this open space use in a city so devoid of spaces as it turns out Sabadell, known for alleged affairs corrupt former Mayor Manuel Bustos, traders reactionary (as those who have opened the Central Market in episodes of general strikes), and certain patina “carcatòlica” in certain areas. Metaphorically, to one side of the City Hall of Sabadell we found a historic headquarters of Banco Sabadell, in the other a rather large church,

Sabadell anarchist movement, from its origins in the nineteenth century to the present day, has always stood for the struggle for a better world, something that is still valid today, especially in times of social cuts and casualization of our lives. What unemployed youth with no future, conscious workers, migrants, idealistic or pragmatic and other people organize and fight for their ideals is no reason for a record. The underlying reason for these people under orders from Madrid is simply to terrorize the people involved and dedicates part of his time to say NO to all these abuses we suffer as a class, those disinherited of the material benefits of the Capitalist System , and also, in modern times, we have years of suffering the consequences of a crisis caused by the psychopathic vanity of a system, such as liberal democracy, based on profit and economic predation.

The start of recording is started without warning to any person from the property of the building, there was no court order as a first person has approached the scene to request information and documentation, then have proceeded to seal the premises of the Ateneo Libertari of  Sabadell. For now, therefore, and considering the long history of the Mossos (beatings in police stations for alleged lost eyes by rubber bullets, pardoned by ill-treatment, etc.), anything can be expected from this post, under my view, not quite legal …terrorists

    Right now a group of caring people are concentrated in the vicinity of local Ricetti Edgardo Passage, waiting for the presence of a court clerk and a search warrant …

An eyewitness of the events CNT member of Sabadell

Information naiz.info

Police operation against militant anarchists in Sabadell

Under the orders of the National Court judge Santiago Pedraz Spanish, the Catalan police have recorded the Llibertari Ateneo de Sabadell and, according to news reports citing police sources, have arrested five people, which is accused of “praising terrorism “.class war
@ Zalduariz | Barcelona | 2013/05/15

Detinguts 5 anarquistes a Catalunya per pertinença a grup terrorista

15 May 2013


latest update. Statement from Black Flag  (Madrid) says only  one arrested  https://thefreeonline.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/bandera-negra-black-flag-statements-on-anarchist-arrests/

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