Libertad 5 de Barcelona: ‘la droga fue un químico no ilegal’ + 22 comentarios


el blog de Los 5 encarcelados:

el Facebook de los 5 de barcelona:
Apoyamos los 5 de Barcelona!  Han habido manis o concentraciones en Tarragona, Bélgica, Francia, Sevilla …y aquí que pasa!

Porque la policía decían haber encontrado Estasis?, y algún ‘dinosaurio anarquista’ ha dicho que ‘no son anarquistas de verdad’.??

MENTIRA PODRIDO Continue reading “Libertad 5 de Barcelona: ‘la droga fue un químico no ilegal’ + 22 comentarios”

Kolectivo Bandera Negra: No bail for 5 anarchist ‘Facebook Terrorists’

UPDATE HERE. Support Group Statement…   Freedom for the Anarchist 5

from Facebook of Eskupe Metralla , in prison for 'promoting terrorism'
from Facebook of ‘Eskupe Metralla’ , in prison for ‘promoting terrorism’

Update from;

Freedom NOW for the Black Flag ”Facebook Terrorists”

The 5 anarchists arrested Wed 15th  have been imprisoned without bail. They appeared in Madrid court on ‘promoting terrorism’ and other charges, that is, just saying things in favour of ETA separatists on their Facebook identities pages. According to the police on Facebook they are ”Kete Follen, Pakete Bomba, Cadenas Libertarias, Eskupe Metralla and Indio Apache Barcelona”.

Police photo of ''terrorist material'' seized form Kolectivo Bandera Negra
Police photo of ”terrorist material” seized form Kolectivo Bandera Negra

Of these we only found Eskupe Metralla still up, this page seems  like 1000’s of other radical young anarchists,  supporting animal rights, prisoners, punk bands, occupy, anti-fascist action etc… Perhaps thism is another police ‘mistake’. We saw no threats to politicians  or royals in his/her 1370 great photos, some do advocate violence, but were put on her/his wall by others, so the crime would be ‘not deleting a criminal photo  from your Facebook timeline’… Eskupe has not posted since Wednesday when the arrests took place. Continue reading “Kolectivo Bandera Negra: No bail for 5 anarchist ‘Facebook Terrorists’”

5 Black Flag anarchists seized in Catalonia Police Raids + update

 update. Statement from Black Flag says only one of theirs arrested

latest update

Kolectivo Bandera Negra: No bail for 5 anarchist ‘Facebook Terrorists’


.breaking news… more later… 5  Black Flag’ anarchists detained in dawn raids on the anarchist and CNT center in Sabadell near Barcelona. accused of belonging to terrorist group.. by anarca 15 May 2013. translation thefreeonline The Mossos’ Catalan police have arrested five presumed members of the anarchist group Black Flag (Bandera Negra) in an operation of the National Court directed by judge Santiago Pedraz. According to a note of the hearing, they are  accused of encouraging terrorism and terrorist groups. Continue reading “5 Black Flag anarchists seized in Catalonia Police Raids + update”

Sao José evicted Occupy land, Build new village

150 recently evicted familiesASAMBLEA MST have occupied  land owned by the mayor of Sao José (Florianopolis), Djalma Berger, who is accused of rampant corruption. The new neighbourhood has survived all attacks so far due to strong community help.

A new neighbourhood called ‘Ocupaçäo Contestado’ has been born in San Jose! Plank by plank, canvas by canvas, recently evicted community residents in José Nitro are building their homes and their history in a space that bears the name of ‘Ocupaçäo Contestado’. Continue reading “Sao José evicted Occupy land, Build new village”

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