Demos in Spanish State for Womens’ Reproductive Rights

With all the excitement of the attacks on  Occupy Congress and the monster response demos lets not forget Saturday was also the Global Action Day for free abortion, safe and free..

Some cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona, ​​turned violet to demand the decriminalization of abortion.
Feminist platforms throughout Spain have held today, for the first time in the country, the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion. The festival, which began in Latin America in the 90s, gained special importance on this side of the pond due to the announcement of the Minister of Justice, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, of the anti abortion legislation.

The minister, who intends to introduce a law even more restrictive than that of 1985, that pre-existing 2010 – was the target of rage in demonstrations  held Saturday in several Spanish cities, in response to the solicitation issued by the State Platform in Defense of Sexual and Reproductive Rights. Madrid and Barcelona brought together the more numerous violet tides, with about one 1500 people, respectively.

In Madrid, despite the heavy rain, the demonstrators marched for two hours, from the Puerta de Toledo to the Plaza de Sol. On this occasion, members of the Commission of 15-M ‘Feminisms’, convener of the protest platform, were carrying a vagina which they worshiped as a deity, intoning historical proclamations like “rosaries out of our ovaries” or “Sexuality is not maternity “.

“Freedom to Decide; abortion OUT of the Criminal Code,” was the slogan of the demonstration in Madrid

However, many of the voices were concentrated in the minister of justice. Besides the header banner (Decide us free; outside the abortion of the Criminal Code), the attendees also shouted “Less Gallardones , more condoms”, “We do not want laws against women” or “It is not the crisis, is patriarchy “.

“The Government also added this question to he political and economic context they have created in answer to the ideological interests of ultraconservative parties and movements. They want  us to go back to the role of supervised women, but we tell them we are subjects capable to decide on our life, “said Luisi Acevedo, spokeswoman for the group convener. “Abortion is not a crime, it is a right and must be outside the Penal Code and within the public health system,” she added.

The event, was mostly women, but some men also attended, like Jesus Gonzalez, 32, an actor who advocates that men join the feminist movement. “Men also have to support this, we can not go back. Abortion is a woman’s decision, but we have to support the struggle of women to end this patriarchal and sexist society we have,” he said.

Some protesters said the possible international repercussions that the new legislation………….

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