‘Spanish Democracy built over pits of Corpses’

Spanish death pits never investigated as heirs of killers still enjoy stolen wealth.

Campaign for Truth Commision begins

Thousands of people applauded Baltasar Garzon in the Puerta del Sol in an event organized to demand a Truth Commission which drew historical memory associations, relatives of victims, politicians, trade unionists, lawyers and people who wanted to vindicate the need not to forget the history of recovering hundreds of thousands of reprisals by the Franco regime that still remain missing in pits and ditches throughout the national territory.

“The dignity of the victims on trial”
Garzon finally spoke, interrupted by applause continued. “I appreciate being here in recognition of the victims. I see many that went through my trial for my pride. I learned from them the suffering of those who for years have been unable to have the support of the Spanish democratic state. Some of his testimony could only be heard in the trial against me. Only heard the victims because the judge wanted to investigate the crimes of Francoism

Memorial demo for 13 women shot by fascists in Spain

summoned. He was one of the few moments of dignity of that judgment. “

Unjustifiable police charges”
“I was sorry to see the police charges on ‘Surround the Congress’. I do not agree that those with the right of manifestation have broken the law. How can they say that attacked the Congress? Did they disrupt parliamentary sessions? Deputies leaned out the windows to see what was happening. Let’s be serious. Criminalizing protests is to behind at what the Govt. want…. “

Garzon said: “The victims have taught me that you can not build the future on hundreds of thousands of corpses. It is embarrassing to be in this square asking for a Truth Commission, because they should be the Congress and the Senate who do it. We will continue demanding justice, truth and reparation. “

Historical debt
A banner behind the podium claimed “by a truth commission of the crimes of Francoism.” Cristina Almeida, a lawyer, took the floor to welcome the present: “We see the faces all of us, people who are not willing to forget, because who forgets the memory, forget history. I have called to tell you that starts the creation of a truth commission. … “.

100’s of 1000’s of anti fascists slaughtered, with US and British connivance for profit.

The actress Pilar Bardem took the floor to “add my voice to you for everything that happens in this country is unacceptable. We sell it as a real crisis and a scam. Democracy has not resolved the historical debt to the victims of Franco, nor justice either. …

Villarejo: “Hay que crear la Comisión de la verdad para dar carpetazo a los crímenes del franquismo”

while Argentina, Sth Africa,Cambodia etc have tried to make peace with the past, the stink from the Spanish death pits still seeps out..

Baltasar Garzón intervendrá en un acto en homenaje a las víctimas del franquismo y por la creación de una comisión de la Verdad

The Government  has eliminated the budget for ‘Historical Memory’ from next year

   In 2011, the last year of the term of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the budget for ‘historical reparation’ had been 6.2 million, so it was already down 59.67 percent. Government sources then explained to Europa Press that this money is dedicated exclusively to the exhumation of victims of the Civil War and the dictatorship and not to other types of projects related to the Law of Historical Memory. Now with the far right in power the budget has been eliminated completely.

translations by thefreeonline.. read related posts:

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