Swindled, evicted and denounced as ‘The New Nazi of Spain’


escraches-politicos-del-pp-van-aumentando-seg-L-XXoRQZfrom Wolf Richter   www.testosteronepit.com


On Saturday, Popular Party Secretary-General María Dolores de Cospedal, number two of the governing party in Spain, said that she knew she was going to get criticized, “but this is pure Nazism.” On Sunday, rather than resigning, she repeated it. For more precision, she added that going to a politician’s house to “harass” him “is a totalitarian attitude comparable to what occurred in the thirties in a European country.” A reference to Nazis marking the homes of Jews.


But these “Nazis” are folks who are standing up to the banks and draconian mortgage laws that the government is hell-bent on protecting. Continue reading “Swindled, evicted and denounced as ‘The New Nazi of Spain’”

‘Spanish Democracy built over pits of Corpses’

Spanish death pits never investigated as heirs of killers still enjoy stolen wealth.

Campaign for Truth Commision begins

Thousands of people applauded Baltasar Garzon in the Puerta del Sol in an event organized to demand a Truth Commission which drew historical memory associations, relatives of victims, politicians, trade unionists, lawyers and people who wanted to vindicate the need not to forget the history of recovering hundreds of thousands of reprisals by the Franco regime that still remain missing in pits and ditches throughout the national territory. Continue reading “‘Spanish Democracy built over pits of Corpses’”

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