#SeaWatch: Hundreds more Drown as Rescue Boats deliberately Blocked. #RacistEurope

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#SeaWatch: The obstruction of rescue services leads to another boat accident – death rate at record high

Anyone who obstructs rescue services is liable to prosecution, nobody would intentionally block an ambulance – but that is exactly what is happening: rescue ships are being blocked, with deadly consequences.

According to UNHCR, another boat accident occurred yesterday, 114 people are missing. It is already the third since rescue ships have been blocked in Malta, on Sunday at least 63 people drowned, Friday there were over 100 including 3 babies.

The weeks before, several hundred people had already drowned. According to the IOM, this June is with 629 the deadliest in 5 years, although only half as many people have arrived in Italy. Mortality in June is at record levels and is directly related to the prevention of sea rescue. Continue reading “#SeaWatch: Hundreds more Drown as Rescue Boats deliberately Blocked. #RacistEurope”

New Levellers single seeks Solidarity for Millions of Forgotten Refugees

Police attack refugees in Macedonia[/caption]

A new Levellers single perfectly sums up the plight of millions of forgotten refugees [VIDEOS]

  by  Tom Coburg     A video preview of a new Levellers single reminds us all of the perils faced by millions of refugees. And of our responsibility to assist them. It also coincides with news that Australia is reportedly attempting to permanently separate the families of refugees, held illegally.

The single, “The Shame”, includes the lyrics:

Did you sleep well in bed, safe, warm and cosy. Do you hope someone finds a solution overnight?… Ah, you’d like to help, but sadly you haven’t the time.

An example of Australian racism from Nauru

Computer engineer Arash Shirmohamadi is one of several refugees who, reportedly, are subject to this cruel practice by Australia. In 2013, after fleeing persecution in Iran because of his Baha’i faith, he was forced by Australia to go to the tiny Pacific island of Nauru. Since then he has attempted suicide, and suffers seizures and paralysis.

Arash Shirmohamadi, an Iranian refugee held on Nauru for four years, has never seen or held his infant daughter. Continue reading “New Levellers single seeks Solidarity for Millions of Forgotten Refugees”

Amsterdam: Support ‘We Are Here’ against Eviction Fri 17th

Solidarity with We Are Here.

The residents of the Nienoord 2 (squatted since April 17th 2017) received the police letter announcing their eviction: Friday morning 17 November 9:00, their property must be “left empty”. The general meeting of Sunday November 12th has permanently decided: The inhabitants will not leave the house voluntarily.

Continue reading “Amsterdam: Support ‘We Are Here’ against Eviction Fri 17th”

Seven women killed in ‘On the Spot’ deportation by Spanish Military Police

[Migratory Genocide] Melilla: Seven women killed in a  covered up ‘hot-pursuit’ Deportation by the Guardia Civil. Woman who revealed tragedy got a death threat and is being sued by Military Police

By Kaos. (en castellano abajo)    According to the NGO Walking the Frontiers (Caminando Fronteras ) , due to the Civil Guard blockade, the Navy towed the boat in a “precarious” way to return it to Morocco and at that moment the boat overturned and the seven women died.

One of the still unnamed victims of the ‘on the spot’ deportation.

According to the Moroccan Human Rights Association, the total death toll is 14.

Seven women were killed last Thursday in a ‘hot-pursuit’deportation by the Guardia Civil when they tried to reach Melilla by boat, according to the NGO Walking in Borders ( Caminando Fronteras ). The accident happened when a boat full of 45 people, arrived at Spanish waters and the Civil Guard blocked the passage to them.  continues below…

Helena Maleno Garzón @HelenaMaleno | Siete mujeres muertas en la ‘devolución en caliente’ ejecutada por la Guardia Civil en la costa de Melilla hace dos días 13:13 – 2 set. 2017 · Melilla, Spain         332 332 respostes 7.773 7.773 retweets    2.217 likes

Helena Maleno Garzón  GETS DEATH THREATS..

Just 2 weeks before breaking the news Helena received a death threat, with the words –you are upsetting the authorities (see below in Spanish)– as part of a violent campaign against her and other Human Rights defenders. After denouncing the intimidation HERE they received written support from over 500 associations HERE!

After a short time the Moroccan Navy arrived at the place where the boat was and some people decided to jump into the water and swim to the beach so as not to be returned to their origin.

One of the still unnamed victims of the ‘on the spot’ deportation.

According to the NGO Walking the Borders, due to the blockade of the police, the Navy tied the boat in a “precarious” way to return it to Morocco and at that moment the boat overturned and the seven women died. Continue reading “Seven women killed in ‘On the Spot’ deportation by Spanish Military Police”

54 Saharawis on hunger strike at Madrid airport after Asylum denial

 54 Saharawis are hunger strike at Barajas airport for not receiving asylum. Sahara was the Spanish colony of Western Sahara which they abandoned in 1975. It was illegally taken over by Morocco and has been in dispute ever sinceRelated image

 54 Saharawis started a hunger strike after their asylum applications were rejected by the Spanish authorities./Ph. Eldiario

They had  applied for asylum in Spain ten days ago,  and the hunger strike is inside  Madrid-Barajas airport detention room, a spokesman of those affected told Eldiario Spanish online newspaper.

By Insurgente     The group started the hunger strike following the denial of the asylum request of 41 of the applicants and the return of one of them “by obligation,” the spokesman said.

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“Many of them are students who prefer to be on hunger strike, even if they have a bad time and are arrested in Spain, rather than risking their lives and being returned to Algeria, where most are threatened,” Asman said.

They have been assigned a lawyer, without giving them the option of choosing counsel, and have been a translator of Moroccan origin, who did not specify the individual situations of the majority of asylum seekers.

Upon arrival in Barajas, foreigners not admitted as well as the asylum seekers are transferred to rooms authorized for this purpose that are located at terminals 1 and 4 of the facilities. They are owned by AENA, the airport authority,  and are guarded by the National Police and private security guards.

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«We are 54 Saharawis who have been on hunger strike without food and without water», stated Saad Asman, one of the asylum seekers who raised worries regarding the health of some of people who started feeling dizzy as they suffer from diabetes. Continue reading “54 Saharawis on hunger strike at Madrid airport after Asylum denial”

Migrants injured crossing Razor Fences on Moroccan border with Spain

Image result for Migrants injured crossing Moroccan border with SpainMigrants have been injured crossing the north African border into the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.

High fences and razor wire surround the territory.

Spain says the number of people crossing into the country via enclaves in north Africa has doubled in the last year.

RAZOR WIRE..CUTS YOUR HANDS OFF. these guys have crossed the Sahara, suffered beatings, imprisonment, robbery and some slavery…then stormed a 7 meter high double razor fence at night…  they are brave amazing people and my brothers.

Presentation of a solidarity brigade with Kurdistan in Madrid

 The July 19 Brigade is a project of international solidarity that we started a group of young social activists of Madrid. We are committed to the Kurdish cause and, in general, to the search for peace and social justice in the Middle East.cartel_presentacion

In their web page we can find an article on the peculiar situation of Makhmur, as well as a brief explanation of the project that they want to realize there:

“Once in Makhmur we will work hand in hand with organized civil society. We will provide support work in the refugee camp and carry out institutional work. We can see how the forms of popular organization work and experience democratic self-government in the first person.

In addition, daily we will monitor our activity via web and social networks. Also during the stay we will make interviews and a series of recordings and photo reports that will allow us to make a documentary on our return. Continue reading “Presentation of a solidarity brigade with Kurdistan in Madrid”

UK Activists Block Runway, close Stanstead Airport and Stop Mass Deportation

United Kingdom: Activists Blockade Mass Deportation Flight.. 17  arrests

Police have arrested 17 anti-deportation protesters who locked themselves to an aircraft at Stansted airport, preventing a charter flight due to remove asylum seekers and other migrants from the UK from taking off.

The protesters locked themselves to the wing of a Titan Airways flight and refused to move.  All 17 protesters involved with the action have been arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass and are now in police custody.

Essex police said they had received reports that a group of protesters gained access to Stansted airport’s airside at about 9.30pm on Tuesday night. A spokesman said: “We were contacted by Stansted airport after protesters entered and locked themselves on to an aircraft destined for Nigeria. Officers remain at the scene to carry out further investigations. Inquiries are ongoing.”

Campaigners said the protest was to stop a Home Office “mass deportation charter flight” from the Essex airport to Nigeria and Ghana. They said that deportees on the flight included people who feared for their lives and had claimed asylum…… Continue reading “UK Activists Block Runway, close Stanstead Airport and Stop Mass Deportation”

France: Tower Occupation Victory may win Migrant Workers the Right to Stay

Successful occupation of the Tower could be a precedent in getting Right to Stay

A victory for 105 migrant workers could be on the cards following their two-week occupation of Semmaris Tower in Paris demanding they and 23 other comrades be regularised and given full rights at work.

The sans-papiers (lacking ID papers), who are organised with section 94 of the CGT union (France), have been holed up on the ground floor at Rungis market in the Chevilly-Larue commune since March 13 in protest at the failure of authorities to deal with their claims for legal regularisation. Continue reading “France: Tower Occupation Victory may win Migrant Workers the Right to Stay”

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