At least 43 more migrants drown in shipwreck off Tunis, says Red Crescent Eng /Esp

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At least 43 migrants drowned in a shipwreck off Tunis while trying to cross the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy, while 84 others were rescued, the Tunisian Red Crescent told Reuters on Saturday.

The ship had set sail from Zuwara, on Libya’s northwest coast, carrying migrants from Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea and Bangladesh, the humanitarian organization said.

In recent months, there have been several drowning incidents off the coast of Tunisia, with an increase in the frequency of attempts to cross into Europe from Tunisia and Libya into Italy as the weather has improved.

a group of people standing around a table: 43 migrants drown while trying to cross Mediterranean

“The navy rescued 84 migrants and another 43 drowned on a ship that left Zuwara in Libya for Europe,” said Mongi Slim, a Red Crescent official.

Hundreds of thousands of people have made the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean in recent years, many of them fleeing conflict and poverty in Africa and the Middle East.

Arrivals in Italy, one of the main migrant routes to Europe, had declined in recent years, but the numbers rose again in 2021.

Almost 19,800 immigrants have arrived since the beginning of the year compared to just over 6,700 in the same period last year, figures from the Italian Interior Ministry show.

Al menos 43 migrantes se ahogan en un naufragio frente a Túnez, dice la Media Luna Roja

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Al menos 43 migrantes se ahogaron en un naufragio frente a Túnez cuando intentaban cruzar el Mediterráneo desde Libia a Italia, mientras que otros 84 fueron rescatados, dijo el sábado la Media Luna Roja tunecina a Reuters.

El barco había zarpado de Zuwara, en la costa noroeste de Libia, transportando migrantes de Egipto, Sudán, Eritrea y Bangladesh, dijo la organización humanitaria.

En los últimos meses, se han producido varios incidentes de ahogamiento frente a la costa de Túnez, con un aumento en la frecuencia de intentos de cruzar a Europa desde Túnez y Libia hacia Italia a medida que el clima ha mejorado.

«La marina rescató a 84 migrantes y otros 43 se ahogaron en un barco que partió de Zuwara en Libia hacia Europa», dijo Mongi Slim, funcionario de la Media Luna Roja.

A group of Tunisian migrants arrive on a rubber boat after being rescued by the Tunisian coast guard off the coast of Bizerte, Tunisia, on October 12, 2017. REUTERS/Zoubeir Souissi

Cientos de miles de personas han realizado la peligrosa travesía del Mediterráneo en los últimos años, muchas de ellas huyendo de los conflictos y la pobreza en África y Oriente Medio.

Las llegadas a Italia, una de las principales rutas de inmigrantes a Europa, habían disminuido en los últimos años, pero las cifras volvieron a aumentar en 2021.

Casi 19.800 inmigrantes han llegado desde principios de año frente a poco más de 6.700 en el mismo período del año pasado, según muestran las cifras del Ministerio del Interior italiano.


#SeaWatch: Hundreds more Drown as Rescue Boats deliberately Blocked. #RacistEurope

Image result for rescue boats blocked in med

#SeaWatch: The obstruction of rescue services leads to another boat accident – death rate at record high

Anyone who obstructs rescue services is liable to prosecution, nobody would intentionally block an ambulance – but that is exactly what is happening: rescue ships are being blocked, with deadly consequences.

According to UNHCR, another boat accident occurred yesterday, 114 people are missing. It is already the third since rescue ships have been blocked in Malta, on Sunday at least 63 people drowned, Friday there were over 100 including 3 babies.

The weeks before, several hundred people had already drowned. According to the IOM, this June is with 629 the deadliest in 5 years, although only half as many people have arrived in Italy. Mortality in June is at record levels and is directly related to the prevention of sea rescue. Continue reading “#SeaWatch: Hundreds more Drown as Rescue Boats deliberately Blocked. #RacistEurope”

Site where new Migrant Prison is Due to be Built Occupied by CGT Anarchist Union

CGT occupies the land of Botafuegos where the Government plans to build a CIE

By RojoyNegro_Digital on, 02/02/2018

Some thirty CGT activists from different parts of the Spanish geography have occupied the Botafuegos site this afternoon, where the Government plans to build a Foreigner Internment Center (CIE).

Members of the union have come from different points of Catalonia, Aragon, Madrid and Andalusia, and have occupied with tents the site loaned by the City of Algeciras to the Ministry of the Interior for the construction of the CIE.

The general secretary of CGT Andalucía, Miguel Montenegro, said that “what we want is to denounce the future construction of the CIE in Algeciras and to shout loud and clear that we do not want more borders, more innocent prisoners and more deaths in invented prisons as happened at Archidona’s CIE at Christmas. “ Continue reading “Site where new Migrant Prison is Due to be Built Occupied by CGT Anarchist Union”

Seven women killed in ‘On the Spot’ deportation by Spanish Military Police

[Migratory Genocide] Melilla: Seven women killed in a  covered up ‘hot-pursuit’ Deportation by the Guardia Civil. Woman who revealed tragedy got a death threat and is being sued by Military Police

By Kaos. (en castellano abajo)    According to the NGO Walking the Frontiers (Caminando Fronteras ) , due to the Civil Guard blockade, the Navy towed the boat in a “precarious” way to return it to Morocco and at that moment the boat overturned and the seven women died.

One of the still unnamed victims of the ‘on the spot’ deportation.

According to the Moroccan Human Rights Association, the total death toll is 14.

Seven women were killed last Thursday in a ‘hot-pursuit’deportation by the Guardia Civil when they tried to reach Melilla by boat, according to the NGO Walking in Borders ( Caminando Fronteras ). The accident happened when a boat full of 45 people, arrived at Spanish waters and the Civil Guard blocked the passage to them.  continues below…

Helena Maleno Garzón @HelenaMaleno | Siete mujeres muertas en la ‘devolución en caliente’ ejecutada por la Guardia Civil en la costa de Melilla hace dos días 13:13 – 2 set. 2017 · Melilla, Spain         332 332 respostes 7.773 7.773 retweets    2.217 likes

Helena Maleno Garzón  GETS DEATH THREATS..

Just 2 weeks before breaking the news Helena received a death threat, with the words –you are upsetting the authorities (see below in Spanish)– as part of a violent campaign against her and other Human Rights defenders. After denouncing the intimidation HERE they received written support from over 500 associations HERE!

After a short time the Moroccan Navy arrived at the place where the boat was and some people decided to jump into the water and swim to the beach so as not to be returned to their origin.

One of the still unnamed victims of the ‘on the spot’ deportation.

According to the NGO Walking the Borders, due to the blockade of the police, the Navy tied the boat in a “precarious” way to return it to Morocco and at that moment the boat overturned and the seven women died. Continue reading “Seven women killed in ‘On the Spot’ deportation by Spanish Military Police”

France: Tower Occupation Victory may win Migrant Workers the Right to Stay

Successful occupation of the Tower could be a precedent in getting Right to Stay

A victory for 105 migrant workers could be on the cards following their two-week occupation of Semmaris Tower in Paris demanding they and 23 other comrades be regularised and given full rights at work.

The sans-papiers (lacking ID papers), who are organised with section 94 of the CGT union (France), have been holed up on the ground floor at Rungis market in the Chevilly-Larue commune since March 13 in protest at the failure of authorities to deal with their claims for legal regularisation. Continue reading “France: Tower Occupation Victory may win Migrant Workers the Right to Stay”

Refugees Welcome!.. Barcelona Migrants Prison Closed Down after Protests



The bad news is that the Migrant Prison was reopened after a court order, under control of national police from Madrid, though there is now a legal battle by the Catalan authorities to close it down.

latest update The Catalan Govt has been taken over by the rightwing Central Spanish Govt and all progressive laws abolished.. including pro-refugees..anti-climate change..anti-bullfighting..anti-fracking..  etc

'NO to Racist persecution' 'Migrating is NOT a Crime'...
‘NO to Racist persecution’ ‘Migrating is NOT a Crime’…

Barcelona City Council  has prohibited the re-opening of the local Foreigners Prison (CIE), which is run by the far-right central government in Madrid, on technical and safety grounds, claiming a victory for Human Rights.

A rare victory against the abuse and criminalisation of migrants in Europe..!!!
18 June demo for closure of Barcelona Foreigners Prison
The Platform of organisations campaigning for the closure of the Detention Center were celebrating the victory last night, which comes after a long series of pickets and growing demonstrations, which culminated in winning a vote in the Catalan Parliament demanding the closure of the CIE prison.

In Spain there are 8 Foreigners Prisons (CIE’s) which are controlled by central government. The campaigners emphasize the need to close them all, especially those in Madrid and Valencia.. Continue reading “Refugees Welcome!.. Barcelona Migrants Prison Closed Down after Protests”

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