Site where new Migrant Prison is Due to be Built Occupied by CGT Anarchist Union

CGT occupies the land of Botafuegos where the Government plans to build a CIE

By RojoyNegro_Digital on, 02/02/2018

Some thirty CGT activists from different parts of the Spanish geography have occupied the Botafuegos site this afternoon, where the Government plans to build a Foreigner Internment Center (CIE).

Members of the union have come from different points of Catalonia, Aragon, Madrid and Andalusia, and have occupied with tents the site loaned by the City of Algeciras to the Ministry of the Interior for the construction of the CIE.

The general secretary of CGT Andalucía, Miguel Montenegro, said that “what we want is to denounce the future construction of the CIE in Algeciras and to shout loud and clear that we do not want more borders, more innocent prisoners and more deaths in invented prisons as happened at Archidona’s CIE at Christmas. “

“This is the first act that we intend to make of public denunciation and as CGT we will continue to use all our means so that the new CIE, these white label prisons, will not continue to be installed in our territory,” said Montenegro.

During the ceremony, a joint manifesto has been read that has expressed the feeling and the objective of the occupation of the lands:

“Today and here we meet again to recognize and publicly express feelings and thoughts of brotherhood, solidarity, deep respect for human rights, for the rights of all people,  born wherever they were born, wherever they come from.

Using the energies of good people to suppress, to reduce others is one of the greatest crimes against humanity. To ask for the confidence of a people, in their name, to mistreat hundreds of thousands is the work of criminals.

Therefore we declare the following:

-We refuse to invest money to deprive people who try to enter Europe because its the only place they can go. Politicians do not create legal channels, where the wealth of hopes and illusions that so many people bring from Africa can enrich the fields of this Europe, which is said to be the cradle of democracies.

-We deny that the public institutions created with the effort of this working people be ujsed against people who only seek to improve their living conditions, this is an immense INSTITUTIONAL VIOLENCE.

-Expressive figures of emigrants are publicly known and the resources required to meet them are meager, the State is investing much more in repression than humanitarian attention. The Head of the  Rescue Coordination Center of Tarifa counted on January 29 in Southern Europe that the number of affected has multiplied by three and resources for maritime rescue have not increased. There is no host network and politicians do not mind leaving them out in the open once they reach these shores after negotiating multiple obstacles, where many have lost their lives.

– The construction business is coming to build 20 thousand square meters to retain people, when these lands await productive initiatives that generate employment and social wealth. 20 million euros that instead of being dedicated to the ruinous purpose of imprisoning should serve to build hope and a decent life for all.

– We do not want Algeciras to be a theme park of deprivation of liberty: With a macro-prison full of delinquents and empty of the corrupt and fraudsters, a center for juvenile offenders (Marchenillas) and a Center for Internment (imprisonment) of Foreigners, while all this territory does not have reception and attention facilities, not only of the so-called foreigners, , but of the residents themselves with clear social needs. It is urgent to build shelters, residences for the elderly, health centers …

-We want to be what any space inhabited by human beings should be: an open, friendly, welcoming city where human dignity prevails over everything.

– We want humanitarian and solidarity actions that materialize in public investments that save lives and allow them to pass with dignity. “

 original en castellano

CGT ocupa los terrenos de Botafuegos donde el Gobierno proyecta construir un CIE

Una treintena de activistas de CGT procedentes de distintos puntos de la geografía española han ocupado esta tarde los terrenos de Botafuegos donde el Gobierno proyecta construir un Centro de Internamiento de Extranjeros (CIE).  …………………….

CGT-Campo de Gibraltar

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