Site where new Migrant Prison is Due to be Built Occupied by CGT Anarchist Union

CGT occupies the land of Botafuegos where the Government plans to build a CIE

By RojoyNegro_Digital on, 02/02/2018

Some thirty CGT activists from different parts of the Spanish geography have occupied the Botafuegos site this afternoon, where the Government plans to build a Foreigner Internment Center (CIE).

Members of the union have come from different points of Catalonia, Aragon, Madrid and Andalusia, and have occupied with tents the site loaned by the City of Algeciras to the Ministry of the Interior for the construction of the CIE.

The general secretary of CGT Andalucía, Miguel Montenegro, said that “what we want is to denounce the future construction of the CIE in Algeciras and to shout loud and clear that we do not want more borders, more innocent prisoners and more deaths in invented prisons as happened at Archidona’s CIE at Christmas. “ Continue reading “Site where new Migrant Prison is Due to be Built Occupied by CGT Anarchist Union”

Many more Prison Strike Solidarity Actions


Submitted to It’s Going Down

The September 9th national prison strike has forged a new potentially decisive link between the black liberation struggle in the streets and the war against the American plantation system inside the penitentiaries.

Prisoners have now launched themselves to the forefront of the struggle, setting a new bar for those of us outside.

The growing rejection of the American plantation system and the call for abolition is gaining strength.

As the prison strike is about to enter its second month, the censorship of the prison rebellion and suppression of its participants has reached a critical juncture. At least three deaths have occurred and organizers are facing extreme repression. Kinetik Justice, a key organizer in Holman Prison, has gone on a hunger strike after being shipped to a new, even more barbaric unit.

At this moment, outside support becomes vital for bridging the muting division of the prison wall.prison-strike

Prison organizer Keith Malik Washington incisively noted the following about the punishments doled out for participation in the prison strike: “There are elements and individuals within the Texas criminal justice system that don’t want to acknowledge the humanity of prisoners.

Kinetik Justice of @FreeAlaMovement, a leader, goes on hunger strike as advocate decries human torture 

Photo published for Incarcerated Alabama prison strike leader goes on hunger strike as advocate decries 'human torture'

Incarcerated Alabama prison strike leader goes on hunger strike as advocate decries ‘human torture’

Alabama prisoner Robert Earl Council – known by many as Kinetic Justice – has launched a hunger strike less than two months after he gained a level of fame as a public face of the national movement…

Many of us in NYC Anarchist Action see this period as a vital situation in a chain of activities necessary for revolutionary momentum in the United States.

The slave plantation mentality is deeply embedded in the hearts and minds of the oppressor and the oppressed.” Continue reading “Many more Prison Strike Solidarity Actions”

Monica Caballero.. letter from an anarchist prisoner

Dear All,  


                  At this time, after nearly 10 months  in Spanish  state prisons, I must deliver these words to you, dear companions (female and male) who fight for the abolition of all authority and the integral development of each individual.

Mónica CaballeroMonica Caballero Anarchist Political Prisoner CP Sepulveda Avila

Posted on October 22, 2014 by fesoria
Written by Monica Caballero from prison Avila

“In prisons the individual is crushed in the depths of her/his essence”


Today anarchism is a major concern in terms of security for many Western (and some Eastern) states; in this witch hunt informal antiauthoritarian anything goes, this repressive hysteria is inherent in our quest for total freedom, is as old as the anarchist ideas. So all who attempt to confront or question the prevailing order must expect a momentary or prolonged visit at one of these monuments of human extermination. Continue reading “Monica Caballero.. letter from an anarchist prisoner”

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