Monica Caballero.. letter from an anarchist prisoner

Dear All,  


                  At this time, after nearly 10 months  in Spanish  state prisons, I must deliver these words to you, dear companions (female and male) who fight for the abolition of all authority and the integral development of each individual.

Mónica CaballeroMonica Caballero Anarchist Political Prisoner CP Sepulveda Avila

Posted on October 22, 2014 by fesoria
Written by Monica Caballero from prison Avila

“In prisons the individual is crushed in the depths of her/his essence”


Today anarchism is a major concern in terms of security for many Western (and some Eastern) states; in this witch hunt informal antiauthoritarian anything goes, this repressive hysteria is inherent in our quest for total freedom, is as old as the anarchist ideas. So all who attempt to confront or question the prevailing order must expect a momentary or prolonged visit at one of these monuments of human extermination. Continue reading “Monica Caballero.. letter from an anarchist prisoner”

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