Ongoing prison Strikes: Update info from #prisonstrike media team

Statement regarding the ongoing Prison Strike in the US.

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

New confirmed prison action reports

(full list & details below)

  • Missouri: at least one prisoner on a hunger strike at Leavenworth (USP).

  • New York: strike activity at Coxsackie Correctional Facility, strike activity and boycotts at Eastern Correctional Facility.

  • Ohio: at least one block engaged in a 3 day fast on first days of the strike and a commissary boycott throughout at Ohio State Penitentiary, plus a work stoppage in late July in response to preemptive repression by staff.

  • Texas: More prisoners involved in the hunger strike at Michael Unit.Prison Strike Statement to the Press, August 28, 2018


Statement from prison strike media team

September 9th has passed, but it is up to the people in each prison who are participating in boycotts, hunger strikes, work strikes or sit-ins to determine the right day and time to close out their actions — from the outset, Jailhouse Lawyers Speak and national organizers have endorsed local strikers to set their own end dates, or strike indefinitely. Continue reading “Ongoing prison Strikes: Update info from #prisonstrike media team”

USA: Biggest ever Jailor reboots Private Prison Corporations

The Department Of Justice Just Announced It Will Start Using Private Prisons Again

If the presidency of Donald Trump was a gift to the private prison industry, then today is Christmas morning for for-profit corrections companies:  View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter



BREAKING: Justice Dept. rescinds earlier guidance on private prisons. Bureau of Prisons will keep using them.


The Biggest Prison System in HistoryHow did it come to be that America’s prison population is the largest in the civilized world, and what hope is there of changing the course of this troubling capitalist/fascist trend?oct-2016-prison

The aptly titled new documentary The Biggest Prison System in History, produced as part of the provocative The Empire Files series, examines the origins of this epidemic and boldly points fingers at the institutions and power brokers who profit from the incarceration of more than two million American citizens. Continue reading “USA: Biggest ever Jailor reboots Private Prison Corporations”

Death Threats to -Kinetik Justice- Prison strike organiser. Support needed


On October 21, 2016 Robert Earl Council (aka Kinetik Justice Amun) went on a Hunger Strike based on threats against his life from the Alabama.oct-2016-prison

Department of Corrections (ADOC) administration and staff. He was transferred to a supermax facility, and water was shut off in his cell in an effort to force him out of his hunger strike. His transfers
happened after the media exposed the ADOC during a nationwide prison strike to demand changes to prison conditions and unpaid labor.

As of November 8, 2016, Kinetik Justice is in danger for his life, and
organisers are calling for action.img_5170

Kinetik has been inside for over 22 years and is a co-founder of the
Free Alabama Movement which has organized successful work stoppages to demand basic human rights and has provided education and legal support to hundreds of incarcerated people.10599613_1518395251745511_5416659300835430917_n

CALL WITH DEMANDS TODAY: Call the Alabama Department of Corrections and
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s office demanding 1) that Kinetik
Justice be transferred from Limestone Correctional Facility; and 2) that
Pastor Kenneth Glasgow of The Ordinary People’s Society be allowed to
visit him and assess his condition immediately.

Alabama Department of Corrections
Montgomery, Alabama
(334) 353-3883 [1]

Governor Robert Bentley
600 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36130
(334) 242-7100 [2]

FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE: result for Prison strike organiser Kinetik Justice

Many more Prison Strike Solidarity Actions


Submitted to It’s Going Down

The September 9th national prison strike has forged a new potentially decisive link between the black liberation struggle in the streets and the war against the American plantation system inside the penitentiaries.

Prisoners have now launched themselves to the forefront of the struggle, setting a new bar for those of us outside.

The growing rejection of the American plantation system and the call for abolition is gaining strength.

As the prison strike is about to enter its second month, the censorship of the prison rebellion and suppression of its participants has reached a critical juncture. At least three deaths have occurred and organizers are facing extreme repression. Kinetik Justice, a key organizer in Holman Prison, has gone on a hunger strike after being shipped to a new, even more barbaric unit.

At this moment, outside support becomes vital for bridging the muting division of the prison wall.prison-strike

Prison organizer Keith Malik Washington incisively noted the following about the punishments doled out for participation in the prison strike: “There are elements and individuals within the Texas criminal justice system that don’t want to acknowledge the humanity of prisoners.

Kinetik Justice of @FreeAlaMovement, a leader, goes on hunger strike as advocate decries human torture 

Photo published for Incarcerated Alabama prison strike leader goes on hunger strike as advocate decries 'human torture'

Incarcerated Alabama prison strike leader goes on hunger strike as advocate decries ‘human torture’

Alabama prisoner Robert Earl Council – known by many as Kinetic Justice – has launched a hunger strike less than two months after he gained a level of fame as a public face of the national movement…

Many of us in NYC Anarchist Action see this period as a vital situation in a chain of activities necessary for revolutionary momentum in the United States.

The slave plantation mentality is deeply embedded in the hearts and minds of the oppressor and the oppressed.” Continue reading “Many more Prison Strike Solidarity Actions”

Call for renewed Worldwide Actions in Solidarity with Prison Strike, Oct 15-22

o1522-sqIt hardly seems necessary to summarize what has gone down inside U.S. prisons since September 9th. Hunger strikes, work stoppages, and riots have spread throughout the country on a scale that we likely aren’t even fully aware of yet.

Some uprisings appeared took us by surprise, such as in several Florida prisons, while others presumably grew from recent organizing endeavors on the inside, such as at Kinross in Michigan or Holman in Alabama. By rough estimates, over 20,000 prisoners were involved in some way. That’s huge.Sept 9 Prison Strike 2016

On the outside, solidarity burned so brightly all over the world. Banner drops, graffiti slogans, noise demonstrations and more showed that we had the backs of all who would partake in the strike. It is worth noting however that the vast majority of this took place the first weekend of the strike. Continue reading “Call for renewed Worldwide Actions in Solidarity with Prison Strike, Oct 15-22”

 Llamado a la Solidaridad Anarquista Internacional con la Huelga de Presos desde Sept 9 en EEUU



Support prison Strike from 9th Sept 2016

Esta primavera, los IWW (los legendarios anarquistas ‘wobblies’) y grupos comunitarios aliados organizaron huelgas en las carceles de miles de trabajadores encarcelados en Alabama, Wisconsin, Texas, Mississippi y Ohio, todos exigiendo el derecho a formar un sindicato. El Comision Organizador de Trabajadores Encarcelados del IWW ha llamado a una huelga nacional de las/los presos desde el 9 de septiembre 2016 con motivo del 45 aniversario del levantamiento de la prisión de Attica y afirma que tiene el apoyo de miles de prisioneros en los Estados Unidos.

de  traducido y compartido por The Free

El 9 de septiembre, los presos en los Estados Unidos comenzarán una huelga que será un paro general contra la esclavitud en la carcel. En resumen, los presos se niegan a trabajar;  se niegan a mantener las prisiones que se cuidan por sus propios esfuerzos.US Prisoners Strike Sept 19 2016

Los presos se luchan, no sólo por mejores condiciones o cambios en las reglas de libertad condicional, pero en contra de la esclavitud en  la prisión. Los presos afirman que la Enmienda 13, que abolió la esclavitud racial, al mismo tiempo permitió que los seres humanos pueden ser forzados a trabajar de forma gratuita o casi nada, siempre y cuando fueran prisioneros.

El actual sistema de la esclavitud en la prisión es una continuación de la esclavitud racial, que es un sistema que genera miles de millones de dólares en ganancias cada año por las grandes empresas en las industrias clave, como los combustibles fósiles, comida rápida, bancos, y los militares de EE.UU. . Continue reading ” Llamado a la Solidaridad Anarquista Internacional con la Huelga de Presos desde Sept 9 en EEUU”

Call for World Anarchist Solidarity with US Prison Strike


This spring, the IWW and allied community groups organized prison labor strikes of thousands of incarcerated workers in Alabama, Wisconsin, Texas, Mississippi, and Ohio—all demanding the right to form a union. The IWW Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee has called for a nationwide prison strike from September 9 to mark the 45th anniversary of the Attica prison uprising and claims it has the support of thousands of prisoners throughout the United States.

On September 9th, prisoners across the United States will begin a strike that will be a general work stoppage against prison slavery. In short, prisoners will refuse to work; they will refuse to keep the prisons running by their own labors.

Prisoners are striking not just for better conditions or changes in parole rules, but against prison slavery. Prisoners state that under the 13th Amendment which abolished racial slavery, at the same time it allowed human beings to be worked for free or next to nothing as long as they were prisoners.sept 9 2016 prisoners strike

Prisoners see the current system of prison slavery to thus be a continuation of racial slavery, which is a system that generates billions of dollars in profits each year for major corporations in key industries such as fossil fuels, fast food, banking, and the US military. Continue reading “Call for World Anarchist Solidarity with US Prison Strike”

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