600 Womens marches Reject Trump..twitter feed

  1. This is just a copy of some minutes of the live feed ….#WomensMarch on twitter

    1. WATCH LIVE: Continuing coverage on the in Washington — and around the country

    2. Imogen Tyler Retweeted Marika Shaub

      The scale of these protests is incredible moving

      Imogen Tyler added,

    3. Another favorite sign.

    4. Heather & Jessica Retweeted Piers Morgan

      It’s not a zero-sum game, dink. has nada to do w your balls. What exactly do you think you lose here?-H

      Heather & Jessica added,

    5. I stand with the bc.. Sexual assault shouldn’t be normalized Misogyny shouldn’t be normalized Trump shouldn’t be normalized


    7. Women’s March Retweeted Kerry Jo Green

      So many people standing in solidarity today!

      Women’s March added,

    8. Men of Quality Don’t Fear Equality.

    9. my activist faves

    10. I can’t be at a today but I stand in complete solidarity with everything they/we are fighting for.

    11. Because my unborn daughter needs to know she’ll always have a voice.

    12. Because equality is for ALL ❤️

    13. speaker says: • there are over 600 sister marches worldwide • 3M people marching around globe MORE:

    14. How beautiful is this around the world all united as one

    15. We, The People of the world, have a clear message for you, Donald Trump. WE WILL LIKE NO ONE’S RESISTED BEFORE!

    16. Hey – you voted for a candidate whose campaign was funded by a country that still stones women to death

    17. The in downtown St. Louis! This is what democracy looks like.

    18. : Washington leads global anti-Trump rallies

    19. All ages, all for equality, all for love!

    20. THAT!!

    Thousands converging for in DC

  2. PeopleView all


    On January 21, 2017 we will unite in Washington, D.C. for the Women’s March on Washington. For inquiries…


    Gloria Steinem, author and feminist activist.

  3. HUGE crowd in Chicago

  4. Rosalind Franklin the often overlooked discoverer of DNA and X-Ray diffraction trailblazer

  5. Fuck there are so many people here everyone is struggling not to be squashed- I can’t see a thing

  6. This is the result of 8 years of disrespect for Law and Order!

  7. Donald Trump’s election brought forth an era of the fiercest, smartest, toughest generation of women, America has ever seen.

  8. Good humor is going to be essential in the long fight.

  9. my activist faves

  10. Ming-Na Wen Retweeted CBS News

    Proud of all my sisters (& brothers) marching today! I’ll be at the LA ! 👊👏👍

    Ming-Na Wen added,

  11. Myself and will be reporting on the Toronto , more to come!

  12. I’m convinced that only women will save us from ourselves. Thank u to all the women marching today! ❤

  13. Estimate is that 500,000 are in attendance at !!!!! ❤🇺🇸

  14. People at : don’t get too close to stage. Crowd is dangerously packed & people crushed by metal barricades. Stay safe

  15. . discusses enthusiasm for vs. turnout of many women voters in

    Watch more on MSNBC.com
  16. To all of you marching in the today, do your thing, you badass beautiful people. Show the world what you’re made of.

  17. Because everyone should be able to make their own choices about their bodies and ESPECIALLY about their own uterus!

  18. Thank you to all the DUDES participating in , Thank you for respecting your moms, daughters, nieces and just women in general

  19. The level of rage from Trumpers in my @’s is making me feel GLORIOUS. Don’t tell me is going unnoticed. Keep it up fuzzballs.

  20. shoutout to everyone at the the pics/videos are incredible. women, y’all are amazing and you don’t hear it nearly enough

  21. Because equality is for ALL ❤️

  22. How beautiful is this around the world all united as one

  23. We, The People of the world, have a clear message for you, Donald Trump. WE WILL LIKE NO ONE’S RESISTED BEFORE!

  24. The in downtown St. Louis! This is what democracy looks like.

  25. : Washington leads global anti-Trump rallies

  26. THAT!!

  27. Sending my love and support to everyone marching today, wishing I could be there with you. Be safe.

  28. Gloria Steinem at : “If you force Muslims to register, we will all register as Muslims.”

    Gloria Steinem on Muslim registry
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  29. The required a thousand more busses than the entire inauguration, Gloria Steinem says

  30. finally standing up for women being sexually assaulted by migrants. Oh wait, they’re protesting against a democratic election.

  31. BREAKING: reports more people on National Mall for than yesterday at this time for inauguration.

  32. Read live updates on the on Washington

  33. Breathtaking! The in downtown St. Louis! via

  34. finally standing up to the primary threat to womens’ rights worldwide – Islam. Oh wait, they’re protesting against mean words.

  35. Liberal women are trying to create a on fake narratives. Nobody’s trying to hurt them or take anything away

  36. “Sometimes we must put our bodies where our beliefs are. Sometimes pressing send is not enough.”

  37. If you’re complaining about women marching then you’re the reason it’s necessary we march.

  38. Dear protesters. Women in the west have never had it better. Go and protest against honor killings, you utter morons.

  39. “The president is not America…we are America” — speaks at the

    See more at cnn.com


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