Refugees Welcome!.. Barcelona Migrants Prison Closed Down after Protests


The bad news is that the Migrant Prison was reopened after a court order, under control of national police from Madrid, though there is now a legal battle by the Catalan authorities to close it down.

latest update The Catalan Govt has been taken over by the rightwing Central Spanish Govt and all progressive laws abolished.. including pro-refugees..anti-climate change..anti-bullfighting..anti-fracking..  etc

'NO to Racist persecution' 'Migrating is NOT a Crime'...
‘NO to Racist persecution’ ‘Migrating is NOT a Crime’…

Barcelona City Council  has prohibited the re-opening of the local Foreigners Prison (CIE), which is run by the far-right central government in Madrid, on technical and safety grounds, claiming a victory for Human Rights.

A rare victory against the abuse and criminalisation of migrants in Europe..!!!
18 June demo for closure of Barcelona Foreigners Prison
The Platform of organisations campaigning for the closure of the Detention Center were celebrating the victory last night, which comes after a long series of pickets and growing demonstrations, which culminated in winning a vote in the Catalan Parliament demanding the closure of the CIE prison.

In Spain there are 8 Foreigners Prisons (CIE’s) which are controlled by central government. The campaigners emphasize the need to close them all, especially those in Madrid and Valencia..

Entrance to the CIE Foreigners Prison in Barcelona... NOW CLOSED DOWN
Entrance to the CIE Foreigners Prison in Barcelona… NOW CLOSED DOWN
 The prison in Barcelona had been shut down for repairs and was due to reopen in May 2016 but Ada Colau, mayor of the City Council led by ‘Barcelona En Comú’  (Barcelona In Common) said she is  implementing ‘all possible measures’ to stop the reopening. The Council has its own police force which could seal the prison for health and safety infractions.
The Central Government (provisional) has not made the necessary appeals and orders, perhaps due to the elections, so the Barcelona CIE will remain closed.image_content_3498058_20150816180342
A rare victory against the abuse and criminalisation of migrants in Europe..!!!

Children without Papers Jailed and Deported
Valencia, 20 May 2016.-The Campaign for the closure of the CIE presented  evidence that at least five possible minors of Algerian origin transferred from Algeciras, after being intercepted at sea have been admitted to the Zapadores Immigrant Prison (CIE) of Valencia . They said they carried their documentation and that at some point in the process they had lost it.  Ana Fornes, spokesman ‘CIEs NO,’ said that is “particularly worrying that minors continue to be detained illegally in the Immigrant Prison indefinitely, and repeated that the only option regarding the CIE is its immediate and unconditional closure…. Other reports suggested undocumented minors have been included in the secret Deportation Flights Program.

Deportation Flights Of Shame

Total Secrecy campaign on Repatriation Flights Of Shame

The Spanish State has agreements with North African countries to  dump often undocumented people there, in exchange for small trade concessions, etc.

The handcuffed migrants are taken from the CIE internment centers or rounded up directly in police raids and flown handcuffed to countries where they may not even know the language.

deported in disguised handcuffs
deported in disguised handcuffs

The Government warns the company that wins the tender for the deportation of illegal aliens must “take adequate measures to ensure the confidentiality of the service”, in particular to avoid at all costs “spreading information to third parties “outside the airline,” unless it is strictly necessary for the service “.

The requirement for stealth reaches the point that the airline itself is prohibited from announcing its participation in the flights, unless authorized to confirm their experience to take part in similar bids for contracts of mass expulsion.

The award of the contracts are hidden under the euphemistic title of “air transport services to transport passengers between various parts of the country from there to other countries.”

Down with Borders..the world belongs to everyone
Down with Borders..the world belongs to everyone

The invitatiuon to bid for contracts reveals very little of the real intentions of the Ministry of Interior in the future policy of deportations. The destinations or number of flights are not listed, only that the administration is willing to pay between 9,000 and 22,000 euros per flight hour, depending on the capacity of the plane (between 75 and more than 200 seats).

Indeed, the secrecy of these flights deportation has triggered a barrage of criticism from organizations defending human rights and the collective of lawyers who have denounced that they only get to know of expulsions when they have already occurred and there is no administrative remedy so to stop the deportation of their clients.

In recent years, the practice of the Interior Ministry has been  chartering flights ‘on the fly’ to countries in Africa and South America to a lesser extent, depending on the specific agreements with the countries of origin. The so-called ‘macro-flights’ in police slang are filled with people of these internal nationalities in the centers for foreigners or are imprisoned days earlier in street raids. (From the diary of Navarre)

Flights of SHAME
Flights of SHAME

‘Vuelo de la vergüenza’ destino Mali y Senegal   22/03/2016 |Global La Campaña Estatal por el Cierre de los CIE (Stop Deportaciones) confirma para hoy martes 22 de marzo un vuelo de deportación con destino Mali y Senegal, que saldrá desde Madrid. …‘Flight of shame’ Mali and Senegal destination 03/22/2016 |The Global State-wide Campaign for the closure of the CIEs (Stop Deportations) confirmed for Tuesday March 22 deportation flights departing to Mali and Senegal, which started from Madrid. …

Vuelos de deportación a Marruecos desde Barcelona      14/01/2014 |    Global Este nuevo informe de la Campaña contra los CIE desmiente a la Defensoría del Pueblo, que aseguró que un vuelo de deportación a Colombia y Ecuador en diciembre se produjo “sin incidentes”. …This new report from the Global Campaign against the CIEs refutes the Ombudsman, which said a deportation flight to Colombia and Ecuador in December occurred “without incident”.

Demo against deportation of street vendors, Barcelona.
Demo against deportation of street vendors, Barcelona.



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