1.’Occupy 1000 more Banks’ 2.Can Vies Victory !?? 3.Mutual Aid Space


Can Vies Victory !??

You can't evict 17 years of history
You can’t evict 17 years of history

Evidently the authorities dont dare to risk a community uprising in their Barcelona pot of gold. After a big local demo and a host of community resistance it was announced the eviction of the iconic Can Vies center, occupied now for 17 years, was cancelled. … or was it?? Continue reading “1.’Occupy 1000 more Banks’ 2.Can Vies Victory !?? 3.Mutual Aid Space”

‘Freedom’ for Catalonia.. 400km human chain.. an anarchist viewpoint

Catalans will try to form a human chain, holding hands along the entire 400 km seashore of Catalonia in the Spanish State. The demonstration is called by a non governmental organization the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) with the theme “Catalan way to independence” on Wed. September 11, the Catalan national day. The event aims to both challenge Madrid and make the Catalans’ voice heard in the world.    ... continued below CGT article

Bumper stickers in Barcelona celebrate the Catalan Donkey instead of the Spanish Bull
Bumper stickers in Barcelona celebrate the Catalan Donkey instead of the Spanish Bull

Right to decide : For the determination and self-management

Permanent Secretariat of the CGT Catalonia for September 11 , 2013.

en català sota

All people were born to be free . Given that all people live in society , the desire for individual freedom also becomes a right to collective freedom . Hence the whole community recognized as such, as a group , as a people , as a nation , and of course , as a class , have the inalienable right to decide their future. As expected this September 11th the people of Catalonia will again take the streets to demand something that is obvious and logical : the right to be free to decide as a people on all aspects of our future . Continue reading “‘Freedom’ for Catalonia.. 400km human chain.. an anarchist viewpoint”

Catalonia and Spain push Nazionalisms to block Revolution

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691_2902Attitudes Harden in Spain as Catalonian Referendum Looms (someday,maybe..)

“I hate Catalonia and I can’t stand the Catalans.” These blunt words rolled off the sharp tongue of an habitually sweet-tempered 15-year old Spanish girl called Aina. Aina is from Spain’s north-eastern province of Aragon and she is among a score of Spanish teenagers attending a two-week summer language course I’m helping to organize in the UK. Continue reading “Catalonia and Spain push Nazionalisms to block Revolution”

Friends of the Anarchist 5 / Amig*s de l*s 5 Anarquistas de Facebook +UPDATE

UPDATE:  In a blatant attack on dissent the neo-fascist Madrid government still keeps 5 young people, including a mother of 2 small kids, without bail in anti terrorist punishment cells. Their only crime.. sharing anti state images with friends in accounts already deleted by Facebook.!!

libertad 5 de FacebookUPDATE de los 5 de Barcelona

Pedimos por favor que NO MANDÉIS CARTAS a los compañeros, es peligroso para ellos y para vosotros mientras estén en FIES3.  Aprovecho para puntualizar que estamos llevando a cabo un duro trabajo, pero que lo que podemos publicar es mínimo, nuestro trabajo es desde 
apoyo a los presos, la familia y contactar con decenas de 
organizaciones. Pedimos por favor que nadie actué por su parte, haciéndolo  con
 la mejor de las intenciones puede convertir su acción en un problema 
grave para nuestros compañeros. Los que pedís como ayudar, podéis 
preparar acciones de recogida de dinero (bolos, cafetas etc...) ya que 
en breve tendremos lista la cuenta para el apoyo económico, también 
organizar concentraciones solidarias todo y que nosotros no 
organizaremos nada mientras eso no pueda ayudar a nuestros compañeros. 
 Salud y gracias por la compresión....See MoreYou, Ricardo Mauriz, Ste Blacknoise, Abel Garcia and 91 others like this.View 12 more comments
  • Los 5 de Barcelona Sentimos mucho la confusión, esto nos viene de nuevo, no tenemos experiencia con estos temas y eso nos dificulta el trabajo. Después de hablar con abogados y distintos colectivos con mas experiencia lleguemos a la conclusión de no publicar esa información como nos recomendó todo aquel que tenia experiencia en el tema, perdón por la confusión.
  • el blog de Los 5 encarcelados:http://freedomforthefive.wordpress.com/

    el Facebook de los 5 de barcelona: https://www.facebook.com/Los5DeBarcelona



If you would like to collaborate  you can contact us at :

On 15th May were arrested at their homes, in the province of Barcelona, Yolanda, Silvia, Juan, Xabier and José by order of the Spanish National Court in a police operation that resulted also in the smashing and seizure of material from Catalan anarchists premises. Continue reading “Friends of the Anarchist 5 / Amig*s de l*s 5 Anarquistas de Facebook +UPDATE”

Bandera Negra (Black Flag) statements on anarchist Arrests


original news here  https://thefreeonline.wordpress.com/2013/05/15/5-black-flag-anarchists-seized-in-catalonia-police-raids/

latest update

Kolectivo Bandera Negra: No bail for 5 anarchist ‘Facebook Terrorists’


.Supporting terrorism?  On the arrest of anarchists in Sabadell and media terrorism,

Integral Revolution Coop takes off in Barcelona

translation  by The Free. From free paper ’20 Minutes’  and reprinted in ‘Rojo y Negro’ of the CGT union.

At least 1,200 Catalans manage themselves with their own ”money”, education and health , they do not use the euro but  ecos, a “free money” that can be exchanged for hours of work or products..cooperativa integral

They have organized a network of health care, education and access to housing, based on trust among  members.
They are expanding to the rest of the peninsula. in France and Italy similar experiences have been initiated.
They have a currency of its own, a self-managed health care system, an educational network and housing office. They are self-managed cooperatives and self-organization, groups of people living outside the system,  and make decisions in open assemblies based on trust organization. In Catalonia, there are already 1,200 citizens who have chosen this way of life and the implementation of these communities is spreading. The crisis and the 15M indignados movement has given it wings. Continue reading “Integral Revolution Coop takes off in Barcelona”

Robin Hood: anarchist on the Run.. update

     Update. 15th Feb ’13. Enric Duran, the ‘anarchist Robin Hood’ is now on the run, after the Spanish State declared him an outlaw and ordered his immediate ‘Search and Capture’. Enric is charged with ‘stealing’ 492,000 euros which he borrowed from gullible banks and donated to revolutionary and social causes.
LATEST UPDATE. despite the news in this and many other papers it has emerged that the arrest warrant was never officially sent and the trial remains blocked! Great News for Enric!

Enric Duran in the Integral Coop
Enric Duran in the Integral Coop
Enric refused to attend his trial on Tuesday after all his witnesses had been banned by the judge  (even some bank managers who were to testify for him), and because the trial was brought forward by surprise.
     He had planned to use the trial to expose and reject the banks and capitalist system:   ‘While banks’ and institutions’ credibility is almost zero, hundreds of senior politicians and bankers are being impeached and almost all of them getting away with everything. While all of this happens, the attorney’s office and 14 banks request 8 years of prison for Enric Duran. Continue reading “Robin Hood: anarchist on the Run.. update”
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