Robin Hood: anarchist on the Run.. update

     Update. 15th Feb ’13. Enric Duran, the ‘anarchist Robin Hood’ is now on the run, after the Spanish State declared him an outlaw and ordered his immediate ‘Search and Capture’. Enric is charged with ‘stealing’ 492,000 euros which he borrowed from gullible banks and donated to revolutionary and social causes.
LATEST UPDATE. despite the news in this and many other papers it has emerged that the arrest warrant was never officially sent and the trial remains blocked! Great News for Enric!

Enric Duran in the Integral Coop
Enric Duran in the Integral Coop
Enric refused to attend his trial on Tuesday after all his witnesses had been banned by the judge  (even some bank managers who were to testify for him), and because the trial was brought forward by surprise.
     He had planned to use the trial to expose and reject the banks and capitalist system:   ‘While banks’ and institutions’ credibility is almost zero, hundreds of senior politicians and bankers are being impeached and almost all of them getting away with everything. While all of this happens, the attorney’s office and 14 banks request 8 years of prison for Enric Duran.Enric Duran went public in 2008 and announced that he had asked for bank credits from 39 bank organisations. He collected 492.000 Euros that he is not going to give back. It has been certified that banks rob us and condemn millions of people to misery. Speculation and greed dominate society, consumerism guides lives, all because of the banks.This activist participates in another form of life building and he wants to explain it. This trial was to be an opportunity to show this contrast: spoiled institutions losing their meaning amid the rise of alternative societies where dignity is built from below”. In an attempt to explain all of this, Enric Duran has a new blog: Here, he explains in detail his motivations  (in Catalan and Spanish.)fotonoticia_20121004133829_500His supporters read out a statement/manifesto at the court in which he condemned the court and banks and called for a horizontal ‘coop revolution’.

    It is unclear whether Enric will be immediately found or arrested. The police are very busy of course, carrying out over 500 evictions a day and repressing countless demos and strikes, as the economy sinks, unemployment passes 30% and the entire ruling PP party, especially the president Rajoy and the Royal Family, are being accused of generalised corruption.
     Just in the last few days there have been 5 more horrific  ‘eviction suicides’ and government have had to back down on a law exempting politicians from corruption probes, and on a popular law being promoted to stop evictions for mortgage non payment.
    They did however go ahead with a new law that will force the Catalans to re-introduce bullfighting, such is ‘divide and rule’!Indignados, manifa 16J contra Bankia - 15M

Self confessed 492,ooo euro fraudster from 39 Banks to finance Social Movements to use trial to ridicule Banking Sector (below in Spanish)

Protagonista confeso de un desfalco de 492.000 euros a 39 entidades bancarias para financiar movimientos sociales y, de paso, ridiculizar al sector, Duran, que se enfrentaba a una petición de ocho años de prisión, ha optado por la “desobediencia” para, según asegura, defender sus derechos.

El activista anticapitalista había solicitado en dos ocasiones el aplazamiento del juicio por pérdida de confianza en su abogado y por considerar su derecho a la defensa vulnerado. La Audiencia había desoído ambas peticiones de Duran, la última realizada en la víspera de la sesión de hoy.

Los magistrados de la sala Segunda de la Audiencia Provincial deben decidir ahora si atienden la petición de “búsqueda, captura e ingreso en prisión” realizada por la Fiscalía y por los representantes de la acusación (seis de las 39 entidades financieras estafadas). Duran ya había pasado dos meses en la cárcel, en 2009, tras confesar su estafa y después de que algunas de las entidades afectadas presentaran denuncia contra él.

En un comunicado leído por uno de sus seguidores ante las puertas del juzgado, Duran ha justificado su incomparecencia: “Entiendo que si participo en el juicio de hoy puedo estar afectado de una acción judicial ilegítima y puede que delictiva”. “Ante un tribunal que, por pasiva y por activa, me ha demostrado que está dispuesto a pasar por encima de mis derechos fundamentales, ¿qué habría de hacer yo?”, concluye el Robin Hood de los bancos.

El abogado de Duran ha reprobado la estrategia de su defendido y ha reconocido no sentirse a gusto defendiéndole. Pero ha coincidido con su cliente en solicitar la suspensión del proceso por considerar que Duran no cuenta con las garantías mínimas.119

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