Feminists face 18 months jail for Abortion Rights Demo in Church

absolution-accusede-pro-abortionb-demo”This is a continuous struggle…. the struggle for the right to abortion, is a continuation of the defence of the freedoms and rights of women. Our struggle, the feminist struggle today is a continuation of the last ten, fifteen, twenty or thirty years. It is completely linked”.

The attempt by the far right PP government to abolish abortion rights in Spain in 2014 ran into enormous women’s resistance. Feminist groups and networks sprang up like mushrooms with all kinds of  noisy and original resistance tactics.

As happened in Poland in Oct 2016 the government was forced to back down, and the interior minister, the notoriously arrogant and sexist Gallardón was forced to resign. In both cases the Catholic Church was behind the unpopular legislation. In Spain the church retains key political power (several ministers at the time were leaders of the Opus Dei sect), tax free status, huge subsidies and immense and growing property wealth.07f40e6e69fbe4704c949045e0f1de41e4fd4bdc

But the church has dwindling attendance among youth, perhaps due to the continuing pedophile scandals, as well as a long boycott by many adults who still remember the  impunity of Church collaboration in Francoist fascist atrocities and mass stealing and selling of babies.

In Spain, as in Poland and Ireland, the Catholic Church, as an out of touch, male-only ruled body, was defeated in enforcing their control over women’s bodies. This is an amazing hard won victory and a step forward (especially small but important in Poland).

But the Catholic Church will go on resisting every step of the way. This case in Majorca is a good example.  The Church demanded up to six years each for holding up a pro choice banner during a Mass, during the mobilizations in 2014 against the anti abortion law.

Finally the Roman Catholic Diocese of Majorca has cut the demanded penalty to a year and a half each for the feminists. The trial is now over and they await sentencing on October 20th.
Five of the six admitted taking part in the demo while a sixth was picked up in error and denies ever going to the Church of San Miguel on February 9, 2014, though she supports the demo..


The defense called for the acquittal claiming the demo  was a  legitimate act protected by freedom of expression and had not resulted in any injury to religious freedom

The lawyer José Luís, legal representative of feminists facing trial, said, “My defendants have said they did not know that at that time they were celebrating Mass.” and asked for an acquittal with fines, equivalent to 270 euros or alternatively to 22 days in prison.

Thus, it has been proven that five of the six facing trial participated in a protest that sought to denounce the moral role of the church in the controversial “Gallardón law.”

 On 20 October we will know whether organized feminism will win another battle in defense of the right of women to control our own bodies or, conversely,  the Catholic Church will reinforce their aims, which even in the XXI century, remain untouchable.

We will publish the result as an update HERE:


més info en Català

El Bisbat de Mallorca rebaixa a un any i mig la petició de presó per a les feministes encausades

És una lluita contínua. La lluita que seguim reivindicant en relació a un avortament lliure i gratuït és una lluita contínua del moviment feminista de tota la història. Ja sigui amb la llei de divorci de la segona república, com ara, en el segle XXI, les lluites a favor del dret a l’avortament, són una continuació en defensa de les llibertats i drets de les dones.

La nostra lluita, la lluita feminista d’avui en dia, és una continuació de la de fa deu, quinze, vint o trenta anys. Està completament lligada. Si no fos gràcies a les dones dels anys 80 o d’abans, del segle XX o XIX, avui nosaltres no seríem aquí tampoc. Si no s’hagués aconseguit tot el que s’ha aconseguit fins ara, nosaltres no podríem continuar demanant més reconeixement als drets de les dones.

Cinc de les sis feministes encausades han acceptat haver participat dels fets, mentre que una última ha negat que acudís a l’Església de Sant Miquel aquell 9 de febrer de 2014     per SERGI FRAU

Les declaracions de les sis encausades

Durant la primera jornada de la vista oral, que tingué lloc aquest dijous i coincidí –irònicament o no– amb la celebració de Sant Miquel (sant que dóna nom a l’església on van posar els fets jutjats), van declarar les sis joves encausades.feminists

Totes elles varen contestar a les preguntes del seu advocat, Josep de Luís, i a les del tribunal, presidit per la magistrada Carmen González –coneguda per haver presidit el tribunal del mediàtic judici del cas Noós– i es van negar a contestar a les preguntes tant de la Fiscalia, representada per Rosa García, com de l’acusació particular, representada per l’advocat del Bisbat de Mallorca.

Les declaracions van posar sobre la taula aspectes rellevants com ara: el reconeixement de la participació en els fets de cinc de les sis encausades; la desconeixença que en aquell temple i a aquella hora se celebrava una missa; la manifestació de disculpes als feligresos que es poguessin haver sentit ofesos i destacà, sobretot, la declaració de Maria de Lluc Forteza, que afirmà –amb la confirmació de la resta d’encausades– que ella, tot i compartir les motivacions, no va participar en cap moment de la protesta feminista que tingué lloc aquell 9 de febrer de 2014 a la cèntrica església de la ciutat de Palma……. …

………Així doncs, ha quedat provat que cinc de les sis encausades varen participar en una protesta que pretenia denunciar el paper moral de l’església en la polèmica “Llei Gallardón”. De la mateixa manera, s’ha posat de manifest l’absència de cap tipus de violència.

En conclusió: el tribunal haurà de dirimir si entrar en grup a una església amb una pancarta i reivindicant un avortament lliure i gratuït mentre se celebra una missa constitueix un delicte o no. El 20 d’octubre sabrem si el feminisme organitzat guanya una altra batalla més en defensa del dret al propi cos o si, per contra, la guanya l’Església catòlica, que pretén, en ple segle XXI, seguir sent intocable.

full catalan article HERE https://directa.cat/actualitat/e…..

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Those who suffer pain, loss and heartbreak after learning that their parents are not their parents, who at the time of birth were torn from their mother’s arms, who were sold by doctors, clergyand nuns, who systematically erased their tracks without a trace. The Stolen Babies scandal, one of the most rancid crimes of Nacional Catholicism, continues as part of democracy, forty years after the death of Franco, and still today cries out for justice and reparation.

“Hundreds of thousands of people in Spain, right now, walk the streets without knowing their identity.” says José Luis Gordillo,  journalist and author of Los hombres del saco (the Men of Cloth), a shocking exposé which addresses the mega scandal of the stolen babies. the work was printed by a religious publishing house (part of the Pauline brothers) a decision that was not without criticism within the Church. “It’s a question of justice,” says the editorial director, Octavio Figueredo. “We can not remain silent about the suffering of the people.”

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.... ''Hi I'm looking for my twin brother, we were born at the hospital in Zamacola, after a few hours they told my mother that my brother had died but never let her see the body. I have no birth or death certificate and she was not told where they had buried him. My mother was single. We were born on 02/01/1962. My mother's name was Felisa Ortega......if someone remembers my mother's name or was born in that hospital on that date please get in touch with me''....this is one of over 60 appeals for information in the Comments of the original article in Spanish.
…. ”Hi I’m looking for my twin brother, we were born at the hospital in Zamacola, after a few hours they told my mother that my brother had died but never let her see the body. I have no birth or death certificate and she was not told where they had buried him. My mother was single. We were born on 02/01/1962. My mother’s name was Felisa Ortega……if someone remembers my mother’s name or was born in that hospital on that date please get in touch with me”….this is one of over 60 appeals for information in the Comments of the original article in Spanish.

They did this on a staggering scale, with estimates of up to 300,000 babies, ‘legalizing’ the practice and the changing of names to form one of the biggest conspiracies and still uncovered crimes of modern times. This went on up until 1980, by then mainly for the money.

María Ascensión López Rodríguez
María Ascensión López Rodríguez

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Cardinal Langlois is a wonderful man, and so modest, and the western media have been given free rein to gush over him, this is ‘our boy’ and can be trusted not to rock the boat for ”our” corporations, like Aristide did. (see here Haitians oppressed to be robbed again in gold rush).church predators

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Murdered priests used for propaganda as victims still ignored

When right wing sections of the Spanish military tried to take power from the Republican Government the Catholic Hierarchy came out in their favour even signing a public Pastoral Declaration supporting them which may have swung the war in their favour. 


The support of the all powerful Church helped turn a failed army mutiny into a Crusade against the popular desire for abolishing oppression, portrayed as the evils of anarchism and communism. This resulted in a giant horror, with over 500,000 deaths on all sides and 40 years of fascist/catholic dictatorship, plus the execution of 100,000 republican prisoners, the robbery of 200,000 babies, etc, etc Continue reading “522 Fascist Clergy to get made into Saints”

Catalonia and Spain push Nazionalisms to block Revolution

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Catholic Child Abuse Investigator was Pedophile Himself

Catholic church’s paedophile investigator jailed for possessing thousands of child porn images

This report below is absolutely outrageous – why on earth should this man even have any access to victims of sex abuse? Members of the Catholic Church are regularly convicted of abusing children – so why should they sit on these types of teams? I suppose his job was to keep the Church out of further allegations.

Also the bloke got one year in prison – one year – was the judge a Catholic as well?  .Or a fellow abuser?

Sure he’ll never do a day in jail with appeals.

It’s all so corrupt and these monsters have the nerve to campaign against gay marriage

(Also they oppose any abortion rights and even using condoms to avoid Aids…. Sure other religions are as bad or worse, only it hasn’t come out yet!..admin) Continue reading “Catholic Child Abuse Investigator was Pedophile Himself”

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